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“Behold! I have GIVEN you authority AND power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over ALL the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you.”
Luke 10:19

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus.
Do you know just how beautiful you really are? All of you inside and out—You were created from beauty—so there is nothing else you can be but BEAUTIFUL!

If you are spending a lot of your time on how you appear on the outside—my sisters and brothers, I encourage you to stop seeing yourself through the eyes of people that juge and measure by the worlds standard. Come up Higher and start looking into your heart so you can see that you have a beauty that cannot be taken away. Ask God in the name of Jesus, to help you to stop looking at yourself through the eyes of hatred and start to use the eyes of Love that God has Given to you. This will help you in how you see everyone around you also.

Remember now, You Are Beautiful—More from the inside than what exists on the outside. Amen.

Putting Power to Truth.
P.R. = Personal Responsibility.

Now, this scripture above will only work if you truly believe what Jesus says. Repeating it with shallowness of heart will not provide the impetus needed to put Power to Truth.

Theology is not Faith.
Learning about religions and their belief traditions/patterns--is not Learning about God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.
Theology will not tell you how to daily defeat the devil, our enemy.
Theology will not tell you how to grow in your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Not alone it will not.
It is the study of religious beliefs.

Man’s way of education will not work by itself. You need to Go to God to get the True understanding of Who He Is.

In order to learn about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, you have to go to God and be taught-study what He Is so that you completely know Who you are in Him and Who He IS in you.

God says that He Will reward those that seek Him. He says nothing about us actually finding Him—just that we seek Him-He Will Be right There. Get up early and seek Him. Stay up late and seek Him. He is there waiting on you to start seeking Him. Start by opening up your mouth and calling out to Him for what you need from Him. And watch—He Will Show Up! amen.

Jesus said, “I AM the Way, The Truth and The Life.”
He did not say, I Am the Way to understanding religious beliefs. That is what He came to separate us from. He came to speak to the ones that religious beliefs pushed away from God. Those people out on the margins of society. It’s in the Book. Jesus went to those that were cast down and pushed away. Those that were fakers, full of religiosity challenged Him about what He was doing and He let them have it.

Here is one place (Matt 15:6-14) Here, the all-educated and entitled of the land challenged Him because when He spoke Truth which put Power to it—they were offended and insulted. This revealed them to be the fakers and manipulators that they really are. Hiding behind their titles, their education, their self-appointments, their natural wealth, their religious laws and their manipulations of Who God Is in order to control the people – Jesus Called them out! John the Baptist did also when He called them Vipers! Jesus and John the Baptist Spoke Truth which put power to It. Their complete faith and believing is what gave them the Authority to do so. We each have this same Authority if we only believe. This is some of What Jesus GAVE to us.

Read about it for yourself. First read Psalms 119:130 -“The entrance and unfolding of Your Words give light; their unfolding gives understanding (discernment and comprehension) to the simple”

Pray what the verse says so that you will be opened to and have understanding of what you read. Tell God that you believe the scripture when you speak it and that you receive the results that His Word has been purposed to give you. amen.
Then read about What Jesus came here AND GAVE us.

I know that some of you do not know how to navigate the Bible in order to find the teachings of Jesus. So I will go through my concordance and put together a summary of scriptures that supplies you with this knowledge. It will be in a different post.

Now, I know that I have the ability to understand a lot—but yet I know that I am simple when it comes to having the same ability and understanding with God’s Word and Will. So to God in the name of Jesus, I admit, accept and live by the truth that I need to be humble, willing, and teachable in order to have complete understanding of What He wants me to do and why, when and how.
No pride-No ego. Just Jesus. Boldly going to God and speaking what I need from this relationship that I have with Him and He has with me. And He does not hesistate to begin filling me with all that He knows that I am in need of. Thank You Jesus.

But too many people want to own God.
Their motives are not the same as the motives that Jesus lived by. amen. The Master's Tools Cannot Destroy the Master's house!

Let me tell you that the devil hates me because I am not a fearful, whinny, bumper sticker wearing, going to church on Sunday Christian.
I live for Jesus and for Jesus I die. I do not wish for anything from God—I work for it. I claim what He says is already mine- I boldly live In Jesus and spread the Good Word about Him to all that want to listen to it and learn from it. I boldly Speak the Truth about The Gospel of Jesus Christ to Who-So-Ever will believe.
Does the devil hate you? Are you a threat to his evil plans and manipulations?

I want to learn everything about God and from God. God says in His Word that He already knows Everything about me. I believe that whole heartily. So I told God that I want to know Everything about Him also. How can my Father who I have a good and growing relationship with hold back anything that I need? He even takes my desires-remolds them –gives them back into my heart-and when I ask for these desires—He gives them to me.
Just as I or my partner will do for our daughters. How could we deny them what they need? We couldn't. We also give them some of their desires when they are able to have Personal Responsibility for them. We have a solid relationship with our daughters. This is the same bottom line for our relationships with God through our relationship with Jesus.

I want to be better today than I was yesterday. I want to grow and mature to the point that when I look back a few days, a few weeks, a few months and a few years- I will see huge steps of elevation and growth in my life.

I am Willing and Teachable—God sees this and He is permitted to fully have all authority over and in my life. He is teaching me because I am willing—I allow Him.

I am telling you all this about myself so that you see that evryone has to do this when in a relationship with God. Everyone that wants that relationship to Grow and mature. Some people can only say they know who God is. I want to be able to say that I know Him very Well.

Humility means that I do what God wants me to do whether I want to or not—that I stay in the situations even when they are uncomfortable or not. When He says to leave—I do—when He says to stay--I do. The brokenness of our lives in the right places can only be done by the Hand of God. The Love of God will mold me and change me into the vessel that I was created to be from His beginning.
Just like a diamond cutter—he has to know the exact place on that diamond to strike his hammer in order to break the diamond-cut the diamond so that it retains its value and most importantly, increases in its value.

That is exactly what God is doing when we are put into vices to hold us still so that He is able to strike His hammer to break us – cut us into more valuable pieces- we are His treasure. And some of the things and people that are growing along side of us need to be cut away. Certain patterns of self-defeating thinking and actions will lessen our value to God. So He breaks us in order to remove these fake pieces that are trying to take us out or keep us from growing in our relationship with God through Jesus. Amen!

And in due time He will move me out of the situation or move the situation. When is due time?
When the situation has completely done what God has willed it to do in your life-then you will be removed from it or it from you.
So don’t fight the situation-allow it to do what God has purposed it to do. If you want to have clarity about the situations you are within, then Go to God and ask Him to reveal to you—to teach you- to help you have a complete understanding of what is going on.
Revelation will help you given by His Holy Spirit.

The trials and storms will not stop coming just because you are a Believer in Jesus Christ. We are not to run away, when storms come. We are to With Authority Speak to the storms; we are to With Authority Step and kill all those snakes and scorpions. We are to Stand in our Authority against the evil work of satan so that he is backing up all the way away from us.
When God says to resist the devil and he will flee—this does not mean we resist the situations or we act like a fool within the trials and troubles.
This means to remain stable in your stance and your faith in God that He is in charge and has everything under control.

To BE Always in a place without fear.

satan is counting on you getting tired–weary and to start complaining and giving up your Stand. That is what he works to do.
God has told us not to grow tired and weary of Doing Good All the Time. For everything satan will try--God has it covered. Just learn about Him and you will know what you need to know-When you need to know it!

Satan will trick you-he sits and wants for us to get tired and looks for a crack to slither through. But remember, the Master's Tools Cannot Destroy the Master's house!

Just because you may not know what God is doing does not give you the right to act like a whinny, complaining child- mad because you cannot have your way or because the situation is uncomfortable. If you do, then you are Not resisting the devil- you are acting exactly like he wants you to.
Humility also means that we are in God’s hands and that we are relying on Him not ourselves or another person. Relying means you are trusting in Him that He is all knowing and knows what is best for your life.

This is what taking Personal Responsibility means for us. Once you know the Word, once you know the Truth that Jesus Gave to us—We have a personal responsibility to USE IT as it has been purposed to be used.
Then will we receive the Results From Being Blessed because of our relationship with God through our relationship with Jesus.

How do you get to this point you may be thinking….
it’s not by wishing for it I tell you that. It is by spending quality time with God – with Jesus. Talking to Him, giving Him your day in the morning and leaving it with Him no matter what happens throughout the day. Going to Him about everything and receiving His counsel on the matter at hand. And WHATEVER He tells you to do--you do it completely.

You get there by obeying Him when He speaks direction and or correction to you. By allowing Him to change you with His love. By surrendering all to Him in the name of Jesus. When you have relationship with God through Jesus, you are blessed- when you spiritually grow from this relationship then you ARE receiving all that God has brought to the relationship.
The relationship IS the Blessing. amen.

Personal responsibility is mine to have, hold, and grow within. It is my personal responsibility to do what the Word says and to know and believe the Truth of God. Which I do believe.
We all have Personal Responsibility You do also.

Why does the devil hate me? Because I do what God directs me to do. The scripture above has been given to us to use and believe. I learned long ago that I cannot be pitiful and powerful at the same time. I decided to be powerful all the time. To Be happy, full of Joy and love All the time. (and yes there are bumps and hills-nothing that God cannot handle though:)

He hates me because I Stand – no matter What! I Stand! Boldly, in faith putting power to Truth—I Stand. I know that that more anointing and power that God gives me in my life the narrower my path becomes. God expects me to make progress continually. So I expect the same for myself also.

I know satan knows me very well. He knows what buttons to push to try and piss me off—he knows who to come through to try and hurt me and so on. He knows you very well also if you are a threat to him. He knows more about us than we do. He sees the truths about us that many people refuse to face in themselves. They continue to lie to themselves and to others about who they really are and what they really need to change about themselves. But satan knows all of that. And he will use it against each of us that are a threat to what he is trying to do. Take out God! Which will never happen—but please don’t help him slow done and hinder the Will of God for your life!

In order to grow spiritually and in the natural you have got to be committed to God through Jesus and put time into your relationship with Him. There is no other way to Know and Understand God.

The scripture at the top of this message is telling us what Jesus has already GIVEN to us. He did not say that He Will give it to us—He said I Have Given it to you. Jesus is telling us that He knows that satan is like a lion roaming around looking for someone to devour. He is looking. Do not give him any small cracks or opened doors for him to creep through to jack up your life.

Here in Eph 4:26-27 is how many people create cracks that turn into opened doors that allow satan to come in and take us away from the Law of God ‘s Spirit that we are to live by.
“When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down. Leave no [such] room or foothold for the devil [give no opportunity to him].”

He didn’t say not to get mad or angry—He said do not act upon it or hold onto it – rehearsing the situation over and over. Forgive and let it go.

One other place I want to go before I get to the end of this message is in 1 Cor 2:10-11 Paul is telling the people why forgiveness is so important to do.
“If you forgive anyone anything, I too forgive that one; and what I have forgiven, if I have forgiven anything, has been for your sakes in the presence [and with the approval] of Christ ( the Messiah), To Keep satan from getting the advantage over us; for we are not ignorant of his wiles and intentions.”

When we do not forgive people or ourselves, we are tools in the hand of satan. And believe me; he will use you till you are jacked up.

We have to live for Jesus-not for the Religion or just to go to church.

God answers Every prayer prayed with the right heart-We may not like some of the answers that He gives but He does answer them.

Boldly Go Now to God in the name of Jesus and spend some quality time with Him. Get to know Him better. Listen to His directions and corrections for your life and be healed wholly.

We are all given 24 hours in a day—once one second or minute is gone we can never get that back. Use your time wisely by giving more and more to God and you will receive the results of The Blessing.
Because my children have a relationship with me and my partner-they can come to us and ask for whatever they need or want and we Will give it to them.
It’s the same way with God when He is your father and you have a solid relationship with Him in Jesus name - Go ask for what you need from Him- and He Will be right there to answer you. Amen.

Now open your mouth and confess the truth from your heart that you know about God!


"I'm still Here" Albertina Walker


"He Will Do it Again" Shirley Ceasar


"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" Dorothy Norwood


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