Tuesday, August 5, 2008


"But to as many as did receive and welcome Him, He gave the authority (power, privilege, right) to become the children of God, that is, to those who believe in (adhere to, trust in, and rely on) His name-- Who owe their birth neither to bloods nor to the will of the flesh nor to the will of man , but to God. ” (John 1:12-13)
Greetings my friends in the name of Jesus, Welcome.

God is very able, but so many people are unwilling.
I always expect Him in every moment and situation. Whether I am out and about or sitting on the porch watching the birds and animals live their lives. I always Expect Jesus to be there.
Jesus came and gave to us so much freedom to live within.
We owe it all to Him.
We have been raised higher into His presence. The beginning of His New Beginnings is all over those that Expect Him.

He Is All Over Me and He’s Keeping me Alive!
Start saying that to yourself and feel the peace flow through you. Feel the power of your praise to Him. Expect Him and You will see Him!

Many people ask God often to bless them. What I want you to think about is this; if you have a relationship with God through Jesus, your relationship IS the blessing. So, you Are Already Blessed. What you need to do is not ask God to bless you-but to Look for what the blessing of your relationship with Him holds for you. What is God bringing to the table.

What are you getting by being in relationship with Him--God says we receive Everything that He Gave Jesus. Ok, Then you need to read the book of John and let Jesus tell you what God gave Him.

What are you bringing to the table--to give to God in this relationship?
Are you going to try and use Him for just the 'things' that you want and then move one? You know that is how people treat each other.
Are you going to be a friend and confidant with Him also? When He calls you in the middle of the night telling you that someone needs this and that--when you are driving along and God calls to you and says He needs for you to do this for Him turn here and look for this person and give them this......
Are you going to do it without hesitation as He does for us? Or are you going to tell God that you are on your way somewhere and you don't have time right now? Or that you have other plans that are very important--or that You are just too tired to honor His request for your help right now.

You know, this is how people treat each other.

What God Wants us to bring to the table is a willing, teachable, HEART and SPIRIT. That is all. He would like for us to bring whatever we are to the table. It would be good if you are = A trusting, hungry, thirsty, since He knows all about us we should want to know all about Him - outlook and spirit. A Spirit of wanting to learn-Of wanting to strengthen and expand your relationship with Him.

Ask in Jesus' name believing that God is abundantly able to do more than we could ever imagine, then you will receive more than what you asked for. If you have prayed in faith and not in fear=you will receive more than what you asked for. He says so in the scripture above among other places that He tells us this truth. When you receive His truth for your life-you are claiming your freedom.

God speaks to those who once had a Holy fire burning in them. God knows that some of you had a love that was a white hot burning fire in your hearts for Him. He knows that the enemy brought disaster after disaster for you to deal with and while dealing with all these messes and mazes, the seed of His Word has been all but choked out. Because your eye was trained upon the worldly cares and on your struggling just to survive-you did not realize that you have been tricked and manipulated into putting your energy into things not for you to do and in things not of your control. You could not see past your flesh and fears so you made some mistakes along this way and your course was altered. You are stuck in a dead end or either you are circling a 'round-a-bout' looking for the street you need to go down.

God knows that in the depth of your heart there is still a desire and a longing to re-establish the spiritual connection with Him. He wants you to know the He is right here with you! That He loves you! He sees and knows and understands the troubles that are sent to tempt you- to test you- to break you and some are sent to kill you. As you walk through the valley where death casts his shadow, know that a shadow cannot harm you. Know that the evil that casts the shadow does not have enough power to kill you unless you give it permission.

God wants you to know that you have not gone so far away that you cannot return. Stand up right now- Put your effort into your faith and call out His name! JESUS!! Come to me and bring me back under the covering of The Lord God Almighty!
And God will receive you back unto Him.
(Matthew 13:18-23)

The Glory of The Lord Shines Through your Obedience.

When you are in relationship with God through Jesus, and you disobey His directions and commandments, there is no difference in you doing that with Him as you may have done with your own parents. Or you may have children that at times test you and disobey you. Do you let them go any further or do you stop them and correct their actions and behavior? Exactly, that is the same that God does with us. Do you reward your children when they disobey you? Did your parents reward you when you disobeyed them?
Right, that is why you have not been given whatever material thing(s) that you have desire for.

Is it clicking and connecting yet? I know it is-let it flow to its maturity within your heart.

The time is NOW—that you must release The Past. When you truly let go as soon as you cut all the ties that bind you to your past—Then Will God’s doors of opportunities open wide so that you may move forward into the impetus of His spiritual height.

You must allow yourself to be separated from the emotional thinking which gives stress and strain. That which only sucks the life out of you because it is only concerned with controlling you through your feelings = cut it loose. The difficult circumstances that you have endured offer lessons to be learned and used as tools for each step forward that you take.

Only when you use your faith to boldly step will you see the value of your past experiences. The wisdom and insight you will gain from spending the time with God that you need to, will serve you well as new days arrive. This is what is in the blessing of your relationship with Him.

It is all part of His beginning The New Beginnings!
Is He All over you and IS He keeping you alive?

God says it here in Deut 28:12a, That He will open to you His good treasure and that the heavens will give rain to your land in its season and that the work of your hand will be blessed.

Now, I put my name in the place of ‘you’. I know He is speaking to me-His Child. When you read scripture, know that He is speaking to you, His Child and put your name in the place where it goes. We are partakers, joint heirs with Jesus in ALL that God has given to Him—it is also all ours.

My sisters and brothers this is the time of recovery. Rise up- you are being called to Rise UP above all the worldly things and ways into your Kingdom Position and recover all that the enemy has stolen from you. Recover all the things that you gave away that you should not have. What you recover from the hand of God will not be an exact copy of what you lost—It Will Be Better! amen.

So don’t pine away for lost loves that were nothing but part-time broken fake love anyway. Don’t cry for money and things that was small in value when the treasure of your God is being poured into you—a wealth beyond compare.

The growth and maturity a person needs in order to take care of things and positions is PR. Personal Responsibility.

If a person will not take PR concerning their lives and their possessions-their faults, mistakes and disobedience--take PR for their limitations of being human, then small advancements will always be powered by the person and gain will not be made. Permanent gain and advancement forward is what God wants for us-His Children.

RISE UP He is calling You to RISE UP into an altitude that snakes cannot live in. Only those that walk by and through their fears powered by the Love of Jesus will be able to fly above the storm! Amen.
When you Rise Up, all your fears and demons will die—as snakes cannot live in a high altitude-above the storms.

Now is the time to forget all that lay behind as none of it will do any good for you. The past only hinders your forward movement, slowing you down to a crawl and then to a stop.
God has a higher place to take you—to dwell and rest with Him. This IS His Good News! Hallelujha!

He is all over me and He’s keeping me alive!

The Spirit of the Lord will guide you as you sit in His realm, and He Will impart more wisdom and revelation into you. But remember, you cannot be bound to former things. Fear will bind you to your past and Will keep you from your future.
Your future is today.

Allow Him to wash you clean of past disappointments, clean from the defilement, rejection and abuse. Rise Up Jesus says, to know, to understand, and to receive Life-claim your freedom in Jesus.
Your faith Will heal you. Your faith Will please God.
Your obedience Will allow His glory to shine through your life as a witness for all to see and come to Him. Thank You Jesus!

Turn your eyes back upon The Lord God Almighty and worship and praise Him with your whole hearts. Lifts up your hands and with your mouth declare His purposes! That the seed of the Kingdom that was planted in you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb Will be nourished and cultivated, watered and protected by He that created Everything to mature, and bring forth abundant fruit for the harvest.

God is more than able, but so many are unwilling.

Is He all over you and is He keeping you alive?
I pray that you will ask to be put under His covering. We need more workers for the harvest is plenty!
Remember, that your relationship IS your blessing!

"HE'S ALL OVER ME" - Georgia Mass Choir

"JESUS WORK ON ME" - Albertina Walker & Friends

"HOLY SPIRIT" - Dorothy Norwood & Friends

"CHANGED ME"- Albertina Walker & Caravans



Unknown said...

Yes WTM He is all over me and keeping me alive. And what a wonderful inheritance to give to our children. They need parents of faith to give them the foundation needed to live a rich and full life.

That's one of the things I think about when reading your posts...what we leave to the following generations.

This post is a Word....I happily leave the Past to the Past - In the Name of Jesus!

val ann

wisdomteachesme said...

hello valerie ann,
it is good to hear from you again.

Good points about the children. and our Personal Responsibility (PR) to them. And the convenant that I know I have made with God concerning my kids. Keeping my end walking on water.

When He led me to read Psalm 126, and revelation fell upon me,, it all clicked. This was years ago and i knew then that i had nothing to be concerned about regarding my children. He has them and I leave them with Him. I do what i can in the natural and in the spiritual for them and their spiritual lives- and I leave the rest to God.