Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The servant of God says, "The Lord God has given Me the tongue of the disciple and of one who is taught, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He wakens Me morning by morning, He wakens My ear to hear as a disciple [as one who is taught]. The Lord God has opened My ear, and I have not been rebellious or turned backward."
Isaiah 50:4-11

In The Name Of Jesus, Greetings to you Children of the Most High God. Aren't you glad that we are to live by the Law of God's Spirit as Jesus taught us to do? I know I am. (Rom 7:6; 8:2)

As a glass cannot drink it's own water, let me pour out to you what you need to drink. Unless I tell the truth in Love then it is not the Whole Truth! So In Love I come to you. amen.

It's a strain to act like something you are not.
So many people claim to follow Jesus to God. They talk about God all the time, they go to church and work on as many committees that they can handle so that they are seen as people of God in the name of Jesus. But they are liars and thieves as they try to steal the anointing of The Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:18-24)

As I continue to work for the Lord, and come across so many people that say they want a closer relationship with God through Jesus, Sometimes I wonder just how many are really following Jesus daily? Many only chase Him when things go wrong and no other human can help them. The time to be fully Convinced and fully Converted is here....Right Now! Making time for Jesus Only when you have a problem or run into closed doors will not help you at that moment if you do not run to Jesus daily--by seeking Him and searching for Him in all things.

I talk to many that want this or that material thing-or- they want to know what God thinks about this or that--they are all off the mark of where they should be in their lives and the truth comes out when I back them up and say look, lets start here=with your heart, your thoughts and speaking-your worship, your praise, your asking Him for forgiveness, your obedience to Him....they loose interest in God and all that He Is.

There are many different types of people that are sent and some come on their own looking to try and steal whatever they think they can. God waters the wheat with the tares and they grow together. He does separate the wheat from the tares on the threshing floor--that is painful and humbling and only the true Children of God that have been called will stay the path that He sets them on. The fakers will fall away quickly!
(John 6:63-66)

I know those that come in truth and integrity with learning and changing on their minds and in their hearts -- I know them because they are sent by God. And even some of these people will listen for a moment but fall away if it takes too long to see what they want to appear. They are not thinking about what they need spiritually--only what they want & need in the natural. They only want a quick fix--like putting a band-aid on a broken arm.
I don't know how long it will take "these sometimes convinced" Children to see the truth--but I do pray it will be sooner than later for the sake of their souls. amen.

You cannot negotiate with God and with what He tells you to do.

You cannot pray that someone will change by the Love of God and sit there and wait on it to happen Especially when God told you to leave! Many people we pray for will eventually turn their lives over to God--but we don't know how long that may take. Many of His Children are yoked in relationships that are uneven. God is not the center of these relationships. And if you examine your motives for being in these uneven relationships - you will not only see the lies that you have believed, but you will see how far down you have sunk-- as now you are becoming even with them and being pulled further away from Jesus.
Now once you examine your motives--you are going to see an opportunity to allow God to correct your life in every area. When you begin to examine your motives you face the lies with His truth and only His truth will have victory in Your life. Glory Be To God.

I also know 'the ones' that will listen to what God has to say to them BUT will not receive- not one part of His teaching and correcting, because that is not what they want. They want God to tell them how to fix this one problem, or these 4 areas of their lives. God does not do a partial re-molding of any person's life--it is all or nothing!
(Matt. 13:1-23 - John 5:37-47)

And, It is not about what anyone wants--it is about what we all need and what God says is best for us. amen.

I see and hear many times over how people are rejecting what God is giving them that they need, as they are on their way to where God is taking them to. They reject it all Because it is not what they want .

They are influenced by their flesh, other's peoples views, lies and the evil that lives in people's hearts. They are blinded by natural things that other people posses and who they think they are suppose to be...Instead of who God Says that they were created to be! Amen. They are not allowing the Influence of The Holy Spirit to guide them and teach them. They are influenced by the natural world and what satisfies the flesh. (and i am not talking about flesh in a sexual way-far from it!).

No matter how much you sow Seed into them, they will not allow The Word Seed to grow in their hearts and change them. (Matt 13:1-23)

So many Children of God are still driving around with their learners permits--they are sad, broke, they are whinners, complainers, doubters, and they walk on fear. They live day to day without joy and happiness, with no real faith and trust in God. Relying on their own power or in serving satan for all they need and want.

They are jealous of the Children of God that passed the tests--the requirements to receive a Full Drivers License. And all the privilages that come with that Drivers License.
There are restrictions on a learners permit that hold back the driver because of age, experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Some of these Children of God- should have LONG Time AGO passed all the tests and moved up to the higher responsible place of having a Drivers License--have not done so.

Many of them act like they Have Him--many look like they have Him in their hearts and are fully obeying Him-- sometimes they may even speak like they have Him in their hearts, as they have memorized scritpure just as satan has done. They try to even perform as if the Holy Spirit is actually working through them....but on all points they are still restricted to the limited privilage of a learners permit. And this deters them none as long as other people are watching them, providing attention and are approving them. (Matt 5:23-25; 6:1-5)

And let me tell you this....there is a time limit on those learners permits. They Will Expire!

Think about it for a moment. When you are literally driving your vehicle and you pass other dirvers--it is not posted on the outside of their car if they are driving illegally with only a learners permit or even with no papers at all. You cannot tell if the driver has a full drivers license or not.

That is the same way it is with the Children of God. You cannot tell from how they look. Some are very good pretenders. But When you know the Word of God and all That the Holy Spirit will teach you--you will be able to see the tares when they are mixed in with the wheat. They will tell on themselves soon enough. Their fruit will grow forth in due time and reveal what kind of tree they are. amen.
(Matt 12:33-34)

"Be on your Guard against All kinds of greed." Luke 12:15

So many people think God's people will spend time 'convincing them' that God Is, and that His Word IS truth. That is not correct.

The Word will convince you to be fully converted to follow the Will of God through Jesus. Amen. That is one purpose that God gave His Word-it is Seed. And Nothing God Speaks, comes back to God empty and void! amen.

Jesus never spent one moment trying to convince anyone about Who He is or what God has done and will do through Him.
He fussed at and adomonished the disciples -(and others)- for their disbelief, and how they continued to Need Proof-- but He never tried to convince them to believe in or to convert to God. He simply taught them. (Mark 8:13-21)

**And I tell you, From my work, I understand Why Jesus had to fuss and became frustrated with people's fears and doubts time after time after time AFTER time of Him telling them what they needed to know and do to correct the situaiton--and they would not. So every new problem or situation that arises in their lives they panic and start walking, thinking, speaking, and acting by the power of Fear-instead of the Power of Faith**

Being Fully convinced and converted comes from a Willingness that lives in our spirits. A willingness to please God. When we surrender and humble ourselves to be taught -- a change happens and allows our hearts to be turned to God and To follow and live by The Will of God for our lives. amen.
Again I ask you, isn't it hard to live as what and who you are not?

Being lukewarm is not pleasing to God. So many are partially convinced and not at all converted. Then you have many that are fully convinced that God Is - but not fully converted to live His Will for their lives. Then you have those people that just want what they see God doing for His Children and by no means do they intend to work for The Glory of God in The Name Of Jesus.

They think they can con God--lololo--and that is so funny to me when I meet people like this.

Convinced but Not Converted! Those that witness about the Most High God--but are not being a Witness for The Most High God. There is a difference. 'Do' and 'Be' have different purposes for our lives.

Below, I am going to give you a few places in Scripture where you will read for yourself - how many people were Convinced that 'God Is' The One and True God, But they did not turn and become Converted to following Him. They witnessed with their very own eyes All that God had done--they heard with their very own ears--All that God said and fulfilled! And He is still doing it today! Thank You Jesus! amen.
You may not know how, you may not know when, but God WILL Do It Again!

But many never followed Him to BE a witness--for they thought it too hard and they would lose too much. (that's a different lesson for later).

I Kings 18:5-39 **vs 37-39
Acts 2:36-41
Acts 7:6-24
Acts 8:18-24
Mark 5:41
Mark 7:24-37 *vs 33-35
Mark 8:11-21
1 John 2 = The test of knowing God

***NOW, let me tell you about the word I used for the title of this message. Ephphatha. As I have prayed and given praise to God in the name of Jesus--I have spoken this Word over YOUR life. amen.

In Mark chapter 7 starting with verse 24-37, Jesus had just blessed the greek woman and healed her daughter because of her faith in Him. As He and the disciples walked on their way, a man who was deaf and had trouble speaking clearly was brought to Him.
Jesus took the man aside away from the others standing there and ; "He thrust His fingers into the man's ears and spat and touched his tongue; and looking up to heaven, He sighed deeply in His spirit as He said, EPHPHATHA, which means Be Opened!." And his ears were opened, his tongue was loosed, and he began to speak distinctly and as he should."

Jesus came to help the people that really want to receive help and be changed.
This is a very powerful word =EPHPHATHA.

Speak it to yourself and over yourself, so that your ears will be opened and your tongue will begin to speak clearly and correctly.

This will enable you to become an Active Listener! (topic of next message)

And by doing so, hopefully you will not only be Fully Convinced but Also Fully Converted to Follow The Will of God for Your life through The Way that Is Jesus. amen.
I ask you again, are you rejecting what God says you need as you are on your way to where you are going? Think about it...
Be Opened - Speak the Gospel without shame. Learn Who You Are In God and Who He IS in you.
Speak with Love, in Jesus name amen.