Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today i am so humbled and filled with such A Joy from the Lord that tears are just flowing down my face!

Today as everyday of my new life, I have been speaking with the Lord and just thanking Him for things I have no idea in detail what they are, because these prayers and thanksgivings are for you! Prayers of healing! (Jer 32:27)

Thanks giving to our Lord for all He has done--He has answered my prayers concerning YOUR LIFE!! I thank you Jesus- I Praise You Jesus. I am so filled with Your love that I can't keep all of this! I have to give it to those it belongs to! Thank You Jesus..

I am here today to let you know--God has answered my prayers concerning your life and that the orders have been filled! Please go directly to the Lord and receive your answered prayers!
I added my faith with your faith--I added my trust with your trust--I added my love with your love.


My sisters and brothers who followed His light to this place of encouragement, open your ears and eyes and see the Glory of the Lord shinning down on you! See His greatness standing here just for you! He has come to help "Even you" ! GLORY BE TO GOD THROUGH YOUR LIFE!

My friends, I asked the Lord to inspire me. I have been speaking that from my heart as only God would know the exact details of ALL of what my need is. To be inspired directly from His Spirit-how could we go wrong? Right-we can't! amen.

To Inspire me Again- Please Lord. And I humbly thank You Father for the gifts that you have placed inside me, planted by Your loving hand and i thank You for watering me, tending to me, making sure I have everything that I need to grow, sprout, and bloom. Everything that I need to Produce the Fruit that is part of Your Harvest Lord. Thank You Jesus.
You enabled me to make it through the wind storms, the floods, the hot hot sun, making sure that the weeds that came to kill me died before they harmed me in any way--Yes Jesus thank You that you made sure that the insects, and ground animals did not pull me out of the ground and never ate my body for their meals.
I was never given as food to the birds ..HALLELUJAH--THANK YOU GOD-The tears of Joy that are FLOWING ARE WORDS that I do not know yet--I have no way to speak them, so I must let all this happiness out using what i praise, my worship, my obedience, my love, my smile, my heart, my tears, my song and my art.

My Friends, those of you that have listened for the Word of the Lord, that Voice that will always Be Heard-you who have followed the light that He put before you know that this place is one of your stops as you go about your journey....I encourage you to go to God and sit with Him and Jesus will be right there as He is your door.
God is waiting for you to come RIGHTNOW!

He has heard my love for you, He has watched me as I gave up my time to come to Him, bringing all your stuff with me to the Altar of the Lord.....He knows what His Spirit spoke to me to say on your behalf.....mercy, grace, unconditionaLove, forgiveness--
Though I cannot repent for anyone other than myself--I am able to go to God in the name of Jesus on your behalf. amen.
and now....
I have come to tell you to right now, Go To God--
He Wants To Talk To YOU......

I thank the Lord that you followed the light that He casts to help you continue to find your way along the path that He Divinely set forth that you are to walk and as yo go along- you will be helping to build His Kingdom.....there in your heart, in your soul, in your mind and body- a home for your spirit...Here On Earth As It IS In Heaven...

Oh How I Love The Lord!! He heard my cry....and He came down here to see about "Even me" and ...Even you....Even them....and Even those over there.....I Love The Lord...

Be well my friends, grow as He is watering you with His miracle Grow...spraying you so the bugs will not eat you up, you are sweet and not for the hands of those not given permission to touch. To give God the praise and worship He deserves is what we have been made for....

If you have truely loved somebody...anybody here during your life time....then you have made the greatest mark ever here on earth. Leaving the Legacy of 'Love Spread' is the greatest legacy anyone could ever leave.


To know that we are at the "end" of many things. The beginnings are upon us ready to be revealed to us. Are you ready? Have you let go of everything old and dead?

Many things are coming or have come to an ending. Let them go so that you are able to pick up the beginning!

The more that God reveals to us as we spend time with Him, the more we gain revelation and we begin to have an understanding of what is going on around us.

Don't you love it when you realize that what was hidden has been revealed?!

God's timing says that everything is subject to revelation! EVERYTHING around us is in a process of being uncovered.
Now this also means many negative things that have the possiblity of harming us. These also must be revealed as you cannot take the negative with you into the positive beginnings. Let Us Have Faith to face the negatives in our lives and in us so that they will be transformed into positive truths.
Faith that leads you to call on Jesus for strength to get rid of the negatives and the lies that you have turned into truths and believed for far too long now.
Glory to God!

But also and specifically the Lord's positive plans and designs that have been set forth, prepared with His grace and the oil that goes ahead of us to make the Way right for us.
He is connecting our Now with our Future.

The end of a thing, is always better as it prepares the way for a beginning thing.

And we are at the 'ending' of many things. Isn't God just the Greatest as He is continually bringing Himself to our spirits-revealing what He is doing for us and for others, as we continually wait on Him and praise Him for all that He has done.

He is bringing what He has placed in our hearts to pass.

Oh How I Love The Lord!


"I LOVE THE LORD" sung by Whitney Houston-
written and composed by Richard Smallwood

performed by Richard Smallwood

I Thank you for being a witness to what God's Love in the name of Jesus has done!
It Is Well With My Soul!


Felicity said...

Very inspirational, thank you!

wisdomteachesme said...

you are very welcome.
glory be to God.

i hope that you are doing well.