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“He who hears and heeds you [disciples] hears and heeds Me; and he who slights and rejects you slights and rejects Me; and he who slights and rejects Me slights and rejects Him who sent Me.”
Luke 10:16

I have learned to Look on every fear that peaks out, not as a weakness, but as a real temptation to be attacked and killed by the Truth of The Lord. Overcoming fears is a victory as I live the life that I have been given me by faith that Jesus earned.

The middle is often a place of testing.

I do not testify in my own behalf- but in the name of Jesus do I come and testify to you about what the Love that God Is- has done for me. Hoping that you also will allow Him to completely heal you—which will carry you into the next level of Freedom from His peace being abundantly alive in your house in order to make it a home of Gods. In Jesus name I greet you on this day amen.

When I am tempted to be afraid, I remember the word of Jesus when He said in Mark 5:36 – “Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.”

In Luke chapter 10 Jesus is teaching about having and holding onto His Peace. He sent the disciples out looking for a place of peace in order to preach the Gospel.

If your Peace settles there-stay there. There is a lot of wisdom in His Word. He said in verse 5 – “Whatever house you enter, first say, Peace be to this household!”

The Peace Jesus speaks of is a house free from all distresses that result from sin that may be with the family.
And then He goes on to say, “And if anyone [worthy] of peace and blessedness is there, the peace and blessedness that you speak shall come upon him; but if not, it shall come back to you.”

As I prayed for a complete healing for my home, family and myself- praying for the Holy Spirit of the Lord to also completely heal all of you—my sisters and brothers some of whom I know and some I do not; the understanding came to me that in order to heal myself I needed to let go of a fear that has lived in me a long time.
A fear that I had learned to live around and not go near even when it raised its ugly head up and tempted me to be fearful of moving forward past it.
And I know that many of you reading this also have this fear living within you—trying to jack up your life and purpose.
I am speaking of the fear of Rejection.

First let me go into the scripture above as it means 2 different things in this message.
I took this message to be important concerning my home-my immediate family that lives with me in this home. This is my home base, and Jesus was telling the disciples that in order to find a base to live from, to set out from in the mornings and to return to in the evenings after your daily work of spreading the Gospel, make sure that you find one that is filled with Receiving of the Peace that you speak over the home.

He said to go from house to house speaking peace over it and if it is received, then go in and stay, and when the people offer you food and drink- eat, for you as disciples are worthy to be paid for your work. As we are laborers of God and deemed right to receive wages.

Now they were going door to door seeking shelter as they had left their own homes in order to follow Jesus. Seeking a home base to work out of as they were purposed to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
One way that I was being shown this is to keep my own home and family living within His peace –living within His Freedom—freedom from sin attacking and moving into our home through family members. So I speak it out over this home of mine to always be aware of the Peace – the Freedom that Jesus said erases sin. That as long as I shall live this home-this family, shall follow Jesus. (Joshua 24:15)

When fears and the temptations of sin try to come into my home I am to do everything through God’s power to gain and maintain a peaceful atmosphere because strife and confusion adversely affect the anointing and power of God that rests on my life and the lives of my family.

I then had a stronger understanding of Why for the past 2 weeks, I had been praying for God’s healing for all of us. That when we do all that we can to ensure that God’s Peace is alive and free to do as it was purposed to do by God, everyone who lives and works from that home will do so in God’s power and with His anointing and all shall have success from the Freedom given.

But as The Spirit of the Lord kept pulling me to show me more – to give me a deeper understanding of what all this means, I soon discovered that the houses that Jesus spoke of that the disciples should go door to door to—were not just dwelling structures—but also the people themselves. As a dwelling structure of wood and nails cannot reject you—only people can.
We are the houses—the homes, the temples of God- Our Flesh is a temple to the Spirit of God that lives in us. And when we go house to house- saying as Jesus instructed us to do- if the people do not receive you-- leave.

Remember, He said, “Whatever house you enter, first say, Peace be to this household! [Freedom from all the distresses that result from sin be with this family!]. And if anyone [worthy] of peace and blessedness is there, the peace and blessedness you speak shall come upon him; but if not, it shall come back to you.”

Let me tell you this before I go further: We have to love Jesus enough to do what He asks of us. There are many that whole-heartedly join with and follow Jesus. They pray to and wait on the Spirit of the Lord to teach them and lead them. Not making a move before hearing what The Lord has to say about a matter. Not everyone is willing to obey God and pay the price required to be close to Him. Intimacy with God requires of us to invest our time and not everyone is willing to invest the amount of time that they are called to give. God does not ask for All of our time, but He does ask to be kept in first place at all times (1 John 5:21).

How we prioritize our time is what really is important. There are many people that think the only way to be close to God is to do nothing but spiritual things. If we keep God first, then everything we do with body, soul, and spirit will be spiritual. Everything you do from cleaning to cooking a meal can be an act of worship if we do it unto the Lord for His glory.

We must sow to reap—and what we sow—what we invest is what we get in return.

It all started to click together for me—that He was teaching me about rejection and what to do about it when it is used as a weapon in the hand of satan through people. People that God has sent me to deliver His messages to. Some of these people reject the Word-and reject me as His messenger. Now the “why fors” of their rejection are another topic that I have touched on in the posts below this one-so I will not delve into that right now. How we relate to this rejection and throw it right off is what is more important to know.

He is saying, when you go to a person with the purpose of teaching/preaching His Gospel, and when you come in Peace with blessings to speak for the person(s)—if they do not rec’ what you are giving—then turn around and shake the dust from your feet and go to the next person. But when you find a home base—a person that accepts you—stay there a while and teach and preach to their spirit to enlighten them- to help them understand what the Love of God means to their lives.

That you have come offering the Freedom that Jesus lived and died for to give us. You are giving them a healing, a deliverance from all strongholds that may be living in that home—that persons heart.

As I sat with tears rolling down my face because the Love I felt was so intense and complete I understood what He was doing for me and my family. I was given a complete understanding of what He was speaking to me-showing me about my own life and those around me. All the years I had endured rejection from people and places-the pain and hurt inflicted by that rejection had been growing in me and grew to be a stronghold in my life as I was fearful of being rejected. It was buried so deep that I did not know it was working against all that I have been purposed to do by God.
Because I had decided long ago to Rest In My Fathers Love-I Am Healed!

And here Jesus is showing me what is holding me back and telling me it is time to have complete healing and peace in my heart and spirit. And I without hesitation-I REACHED for what He was giving me. Another level of FREEDOM in Him. Thank You Jesus.

The tool in God’s hand that I am is being prepared to work on the broken houses that He says are in need of repair. I have been used by Him to help repair many houses up to this point - but I am given the understanding that my work will increase and my strength as one of His tools had to be increased and made pure. So as not be buried under the results of further rejection…which is sure to come.

But first I had to be completely healed from past pain and hurt. Now let me say this, rejection will continue to come-it will continue to be used as a negative weapon in the hands of satan. I am ready for that-but now that Jesus has taken the ‘root ball’ out of me, that grew from as a result of years of rejection – so now when others reject me—as they will—the results of being rejected will not bother me because it has no root ball to grab hold of to settle in and grow from.

Also, I am fully aware and have accepted that it is not I that is being rejected—that is the excuse people use to willfully ignore what God is saying to them.
There is a Balm In Gilead! HALLELUJHA!!

To be prepared by the Love of God in order to completely accomplish the purposes that He sends us to fulfill is a healing….a completeness of His love for us and in us. Amen.

Rejection is such a powerful tool of the enemy—and until I started living for Jesus every day, I often wondered why I never fit in as a child and throughout growing up. No place I went—no group of people I was around—I never felt like I fit in with them or that place. Never sat right—uknow what I mean? I know you do. And the many reasons that I was rejected are so shallow that it shows me the truth about people and their hearts clearly. I can see it all now that they were also full of fears. And people still are. And these fears are demons that speak in place of the truth from their mouths.

I was set apart long ago by God—I was not suppose to fit in as I was never a part of this group or that group. I was not to live over there or out there. I was taught what it meant to be rejected on so many levels in order to prepare me for right now! The day is here that I understand why I had to endure all of the pain and hurt and brokenness from being rejected for no apparent good reasons or fault of my own.

I also understand that if God has said that Now is the time to be healed from this pain and hurt—that He is now preparing me to do something greater for Him—Something on a larger level than what I am doing now then Now is the time!
And I am excited by this revelation of His knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the new level of Freedom that I now live within. Thank You Jesus for Your Holy Spirit dwells in and guides my life! Amen.

There is a Balm in Gilead!

Healing Simply put = In John 5:30, Jesus needed Power—God sent it down! When you need power- ask in Jesus’ name and God will send it to you through His Spirit that lives within us. (John 14:26)

And God’s Spirit blows and breathes where It Will! Listen to His Spirit and not the fears that live within people. (Joel 2:28-Luke 4-Romans 2:14-15)

When I am sent to speak to people - At times I am rejected. I know it is God and Jesus they are really rejecting-but being human with a heart and feelings – I thought I was ‘pushing past it’. But I really was not. It hurts to be rejected. But now when it occurs, it shall be as water off a ducks back---run right off of me-as I am completely healed from the pain and hurt and the brokenness that rejection inflicts by satan through people. Will I feel sad and somewhat hurt? Yes, I probably will. Will the results burrow down into my heart and hinder me again? NO- they will not. Gathering up the Peace they reject and moving on to the next house that I'm sent to.
Jesus spoke to a man that day in Mark 5:1-20=He asked the man his name and the man’s fears and demons answered Jesus with “Legions”. Jesus was speaking to the man—but the demons had control of him and spoke for him. Jesus was sent to a house greatly in need of repairs --a healing.
A tool in the hand of God.

Your fears will speak and decide things for you-if you have given them that much power and control over your life. When you listen to the advice that your fears give you- you will always miss the mark that Jesus set forth for us to obtain. He wants all of us to learn to see through this shallow trick. Just as He did with His friend Peter.
In Mark 8:33 Jesus had to speak to the fears in Peter-actually I think satan was standing in between Jesus and peter and spoke in Peters place. Jesus turned and said = “Get Thee Behind Me satan!”

This is what I say to them that allow their fears to speak for them. Maybe not out loud every time rejection raises its ugly head—but without doubt I say it every time in my spirit. And this is what you must do when you are rejected-shake the dust off your feet-receive the Peace that you tried to give in the name of Jesus back into yourself and go to the next house that God leads you to work on. As you are a tool in His hand and there are many, many houses that are in need of repair and upkeep. amen.

I am connected to God through my relationship with Christ Jesus. I experience God because I have invested more than just time to gain and maintain this connection.
I pray that you reach out and receive the connection that Jesus is offering to you for your life depends upon it.

Prayer has purpose. Do you believe in the Power of Prayer? Prayer is part of Gods purpose—It is how we approach God in the name of Jesus to ask for His completeness to rain down and in our lives.

Go to God—He is waiting for you to come and sit and sup with Him. Jesus is leading you to sit at the table to be feed. Amen.

Hosea 4:6-Mark 6:26-Luke 17:25-Gal 4:14-Heb 6:8; 12:17 – John 12:48-50

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