Friday, March 14, 2008


It Is A wonderful day! Thank You Jesus!
What is the devil stealing from you?
What are you handing over to him by your own power?

First things First=
In the Name of Jesus, We come to Praise You Father--We ask for nothing today-other than to ask You Father, what can we do for You today? Who can we bless in Your name Jesus?
I have decided to do right-not go by my feelings Lord.
Thank You Father for Everything You have already done!
I want for nothing, other than to do what You say I need to do today. Direct me Lord-I yield to Your Holy spirit! I recieve all that You give in the Name of Jesus! Yea Amen.

Walk by your faith and trust in God-not your feelings.
Confess all the truths about God that you know! speak them out over your life all day today! Speak them out over your family's life, your friends, your situaitons! Put everything in His hands and He will perfect every area of Your life! Amen.


Dorothy Norwood "I Believe"

Richard Smallwood - "Thank You" part 1

Richard Smallwood - "Thank You" Part 2

Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus
Thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus....inspite of myself You still love me,,,thank You Jesus...You will use me no matter what season i am within - thank You Jesus...I thank You -I"m grateful...Thank You Jesus...thank You....

This is the season of renewal, restoration, resilience, this IS the season of New growth. God is watering His people, He is using His living waters to shower us, as a down pour and storms to bless our lives, our hearts, our bodies, our minds.
Stand , boldly, without hesitiation, and speak the Word of God.
Are you ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? If you are not, then speak His word-bless somebody.

Below is a long soaking rain, a cleasning rain for your spirit- for your heart-for your life. His living waters, I encourage you to go and soak yourself , marinate yourself within His Love, Walk in Beauty all day today...It has already been prepared for you to do just that!
Enjoy This Day as it will not come around again.

in His name, I love all of you! May God pour down from heavens storehouse all that you need to help others. Yea Amen.

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