Thursday, March 20, 2008


Greetings in the Name of Jesus-The name that has power, strength, courage, faith, trust, healing, deliverance, and the blood flowing down.

God is our creator, He is the only one that can help any of us. Jesus said, that through His name we are able to ask God our Father for what we need and it shall be done, in the Name above All others. It is very simple. Jesus did not make things confusing and full of chaos--He came to defeat all of that mess of the world. Amen. All we have to do is decide whom we shall serve.

How many of you can say, if it had not been for Jesus you don't know where you would be right now? My hand is up high on this point! My heart speaks through my mouth nothing but love and thank You Jesus! Let your heart speak what lives within it!
Have you chosen whom you shall serve? Choose Ye this day, whom you shall serve-will it be baal or will it be Jesus?

Miracles happen everyday. Some small and some large. Some come quickly, and others are longer miracles. The long miracles take time to grow which makes them the hardest to recognize.

Are you looking with eyes of flesh or eyes from your spiritman?
Are you listening with ears of flesh, or ears from your spiritman?

Everything that God has given life to is a miracle.

He is the creator and before you can change your life you have to let God change your heart. Then He will be able to change your life.

Whatever is broken and full of shame, pride, hurt and pain, whatever in your life is not working Jesus can make it right if you only allow Him to do so.

You have to call on the name of Jesus with the faith that lives within you and He will reveal that He has always been right by your side....waiting on you to get tired of trying to do it your way.

Amen thank You Jesus!

I have a prayer for you, taken from Psalm 124 and a song both have deeply touched me and inspired me. They speak the same faith confession of love from God to us - revealing so much wisdom once you have been shown how the knowledge and understanding of it go together. God will lead you if you will follow Him. Amen.
We all need to speak from our faith. No matter "how much " you have-use it. It can not grow and mature if you do not use it- by speaking it out , by trusting God to be there as He said and come through without us interferring with His plan and timing of it.
We all need to thank Him for what He has already done--We All need to serve others before serving ourselves--We All need to praise and worship Him by obeying Him. We All need to spend time everyday-thanking Him-and asking for nothing for our own lives--If you believe--then live it-walk in it-speak it - be it.
Ask God in the name of Jesus, to reduce you to Love! Amen.
I have no prayer requests--i just have thank You's, total praise and worship for Jesus for all He has done for us.
Resurrection week is coming to an end soon. What are you going to do? Are you going to let Jesus and His blood, resurrect all that you gave away--all that satan has stolen from you? Are you going to live and be refreshed by the power of His resurrection?
There IS power in His blood.

Or, are you going to let evil continue to resurrect all his works in your life?

To be delivered from all evil works of your enemies-and of your mind--to be saved this week, so that you may live forever-there is Much power in His name, Much power in the blood-Much power in your faith of Jesus. Walk and Live within His Completeness. (Gal.5)


Confess with your mouth this Praise of God in the Name of Jesus over your life and your family. And anyone else that you are led to speak over. You have this power and the authority to speak His love which is The Power of God-God is Love! Amen!

"If it had not been the Lord who was on my side, I say as Israel did in Queen Esther’s day, and as Israel continues to declare—If it had not been the LORD who was on my side, when men rose up against me, they would have swallowed me, and everything precious to me alive as their wrath kindled against me; then like flood waters they would have overwhelmed me, destruction like a flood would have gone over my soul.
But no, "Blessed be the LORD" who did not allow it, but came and stood between me and those tormentors, and has not given me or my children over to them. Instead He made a way – created a way where there was no way – and my soul and mind escaped the snare of those plotting to trick, and trap me.
Today the snare is broken and I have escaped: My help is in the name of the LORD who made heaven and earth. " ~Shirley Weaver

Amen. So be it!

Please read :
the Book of Ester
Psalm 124
Psalm 5:10
John 1:12 ; 14:15
James 1:5-8
Matt. 28:18
Phil. 2




"Lord Keep Me Day By Day"-Dorothy Norwood, Albertina Walker
& The Caravans



I thank God in the Name of Jesus for you seeking Him, for you praising and worshipping Him with me here on this site. I thank God for blessing your lives and for giving you life--a re-birthing- a renewal-a restoration-a resurrection of all things that He created for your life and all things that are dead in your life--He will breath His life into everything that you need to have returned to you.
Remember, to be faithful to Him, to trust Him no matter what, to walk in Your Faith -- to walk in love everyday.
Call on His name and He will change your heart and give you a new life! Amen.

I love you all, be well and may you stay with God till we meet again. Amen-so be it.

*(when i wrote this i was also preparing to go out of town for the weekend, and i omitted the authors name., and dropped a thought here and there within a sentence. i have corrected my mistakes. To God Be The Glory)*


Attorneymom said...

Great post, Wisdom. Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!! Our Redeemer lives!!!!

wisdomteachesme said...

thank you, and Happy Resurrection to you also!

There is power in His Blood!