Monday, March 17, 2008


Greetings in the name of Jesus for He is Love and Faith. I pray that you are resting in God's unconditionaLove. You know that You are already blessed, right?
What requests do you have for our Father?

Why don't you tear that list of prayer requests up and recognize that you are already blessed...

Come with me and bow at His feet-In The Presence of The Lord...He welcomes you into His Love. He is high and lifted up--He is Holy, the Lord is Holy.

Let us come and bow before His Glory....
Just thank Him for what He has already done for you....have you done that? Keep doing it-everyday for everything, He never stops thinking about us-He is Wonderful!
In this week-Holy Week I ask, Are their any believers reading this?
Lets enter in True worship and praise, Let us enter into His Gates with thanksgiving, Let us enter into His courts with Praise. Lets just be thankful and praise His Holy Name...For He is Lord. Thank You Jesus.

Are there any witnesses out there, who are not ashamed of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ? Who are not ashamed to speak His name outloud and praise Him. Who are not ashamed to tell all about His goodness and His light. Are you all out there?
I know there are others that have given their lives over to death in order to be reborn and to Live within His completeness...come on with me and lets bow down and give thanks for all that He has already done for us all..He's Good...He's Good...Wonderful is He. All Nations Will Bow Down to His Counsel. Amen...

You have already have everything that you need from God...have you thanked Him for what you already have? Are you speaking with Him at all times, praying without ceasing? I know some of you are saying, "but you don't know what i'm going through!" I don't need to know, because I KNOW that God Knows and if you invite Him into your situation into your life He will show you the way out of this mess you are in. Yea Amen. Thank You Jesus for Your Love of us.
He loves us, We acknowlege You Father God, Your Son is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! I don't know about you, but I have no requests for myself, I'm already blessed. I already know who I am in Christ and Who He Is in me...I am allowing Him to teach me everyday--Yea Amen.
The prayer requests I have are for those of you that do not know Him, those of you that do not have a relationship with Him, those of you that do have a relationship with Jesus, but are not obeying Him fully.....

I bow down before You Jesus, and I worship You Lord, for You are Great and Worthy to be praised!

I admire you Lord, I trust You Lord, I have faith in You Lord, I Love You Lord, I will serve You Lord.
I say again, Let us just be thankful and bless His Holy Name.

Lord we humbly bow down in Your presence....I know there are some of you out there that are not ashamed of Him and to bow down at His feet...come on, join me in Lifting up our Saviour - Let us remember what He did for us, let us obey Him and serve Him with the gifts, and anointing that He has given unto help us do what we have been called to do by God our Father. Yea

Thank you Lord, we put self-pity- we put fear- we put hate-we put selfishness, we put double mindedness to the side, our concerns our worries, we put them aside and bow before your presence...Thank You Jesus, You are Lord.
Thank You Lord, we just want to bow at Your Feet and offer our humble sacrifice...Thank You Jesus-You are Lord!

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Michelle Lanier said...

That "Calvary" song is beautiful and moved me to tears! In Jesus' Name I thank You for God's Love coming through this site.