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"... how can you turn back again to the weak and beggarly and worthless elementary things, whose slaves you once more want to become?
You observe [particular] days and months and seasons and years!
I am alarmed [about you], lest I have labored among and over you to no purpose and in vain....
 Have I then become your enemy by telling the truth to you and dealing sincerely with you?"

Gal 4 (Amp)

Remember, I told you that this is Harvest season.
the enemy is slick, he will do any thing to Lure you out from the Covering of the Lord.
Any thing, (troubles, sickness, problems, lack, etc...),  that tries to trick you into falling apart and begins to make your thinking spiral into full emotional mode, Please Remember that You didn't sow that into yourself, and You don't have to Reap it unless you want to.
It's a bad seed that the enemy sowed.

The Lord of The Harvest Shall burn those weeds up with all the others that He separated from you.

Also Remember, that any bad seeds that you did sow in others and yourself, (because we all do it), IJN ASK the Lord of the Harvest to correct those mistakes as well.
Ask Him to kill off those bad seeds, as they will choke the Good seeds and cause you to have unnecessary issues that were Never meant for you to go through.

He will take care of it at the Proper time, All Is Well!

In the name of Jesus, The Blood is Still Working! Amen!

Luke 10


Don't grieve the Holy Spirit. 

Don't be lured out of the Covering of the Lord by the enemy.
Don't walk around with a dross covered sword.

Don't find others to pick at (make fun of), and compare yourself to, falsely blaming others for what you have done, because you are running from His correction and healing. Because you don't want to face yourself and be healed.
Don't go back once God has separated you, Set you Apart for Himself.
Don't ignore that you may have missed His Place of spiritual/natural Balance, because you are running from the thing that causes the hurt, pain and brokenness and you ran Way to the other wrong side.

Don't grieve the Holy Spirit.
We are within a place of transition between Seasons.
The ending of one is not quite finished, and the beginning of the next one has not quite begun.

Stop, Be Patient, Don't Force Anything, Rest and Be Quiet.
Listen to Understand, not to always Respond!
Learn the difference and when to do which is best for each situation.

Stop struggling with the Changes that the Holy Spirit is bringing you into!
Stop struggling with the Holy Spirit as He delivers you Out Of the places that are Dead and Useless!

I encourage you to Stay under His covering All the time, Not just visit His covering when things go wrong. 
Allow the Holy Spirit to reconcile you with yourself and be healed.  

In the name of Jesus, the Blood is Still Working, So Be It!

John 6:63
Eph 4:29-32
Psalm 91:1


It's not a higher power that provides, It's The Highest Power that provides.
The first version gives the impression that there's one of many to choose from.
The second version says this is it! There is no higher place to go, you are there!

There is nothing else available above The Highest Power.

Our perspective and understanding form our words, and our words speak what lives in our heart.

When we are not on one accord and in agreement with ourselves, we will say one thing and do another.
Our perspective and understanding become what we think and guides the wording of what we speak.

Some times, when our wording is not truthful this is where we miss the alignment to the supply of the highest power.
It's all in our perspective and understanding, and how we word what we speak and put faith into.
When we are teachable, willing and have a desire to learn what we don't know we can build and change the perspective so that we are able to see further, wider and to a depth that is below the surface.
When you allow yourself to be healed, your perspective changes, your understanding changes, your thoughts change, your words change, you are able to be aligned with the highest power of supply, because you really wanted to be healed.

# healing season
# it's harvest season, but there's way more to that than what you think!
----------------------It's Harvest Season, and the separating of the tares from the crop is happening... those tares as you know, will be burned. 

Don't worry a bit about those tares, they will kick up a fuss because they are now exposed and are being separated from the true Harvest!

They may have been growing along side of you, but in this Season, they are being separated and will be burned.

# the rose cares None about what the weeds growing beside it are doing, The Rose is Too Occupied doing what It was created to do!

Within This Harvest season of Healing!
Expecting Nothing but complete Healing, by the Power of His Blood, In His Name, I know it's been delivered!

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2014 WisdomTeachesme

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