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Some days, most days, all you can do is sit and rest... just stop moving and doing. All we are doing is creating busy work that Really takes us away from the Real work.
Our part in His Work can only be done when we Rest In Peace and let Him guide us literally.
His Love Will do what She was sent to do, if we simply do Not make it complicated.

Keep trusting, don't give up

Some keep themselves busy with useless work because they do not like to be with themselves. They do not want the Lord to reveal to them the places that they need healing and deliverance in.
Keep growing, don't give up

Some keep themselves busy with empty, going no where stuff, because they don't trust the Lord to do what is best for them.
Keep seeking Him, don't give up

They may be immature in their spiritual life, in their relationship with the Lord. They may not be completely surrendered to the Lord's leading and Love, so they keep thinking they can do what they want, instead of what God wants. They are still loyal to their flesh and emotions.
Keep growing, don't give up

Some keep themselves busy, moving ahead of God, trying to do all the things God has put in their hearts to do at one time, or overlapping spreading themselves thin.
Be patient so you will not be out of order and timing. To many rush through, thinking they are in charge of the order and timing.

You can never give the full attention necessary to each thing if you try to do them all in an overlapping fashion. Finish one thing at a time.
We received the message from the Lord, but sometimes we get up too soon and don't wait for the rest of the directions. Doing this is telling God what, how and when we want to do His Work.
We can't force things, not realizing until way too late that things are messed up. Now, we call upon the Lord to help us in this mess we've created.
It was not complicated until we put our hands in it.
Keep loving yourself, don't give up

Whose outcome do you want?
The one you can manipulate into being that will probably make things worse, or at best not provide the Complete outcome that is necessary for the situation to be turned around for Good.
Or, do you want God's outcome?

Keep growing, don't give up

It's not complicated at all!
But know, that you can't want God's outcome and try to add in your ways and will with it.

There is nothing else in your power to do.... the Best outcome for every prayer, praise, vision, problem, situation, and set of circumstances cannot be achieved by our hands...
Leaving Them all In the Lord's hands..Is the Best place for Every outcome to be!
Simply keeping hands off as the changing of the natural seasons, and the changing of the spiritual season are in motion....
 Just enjoying the minutes of each day.... being with yourself, being with those you love, obeying the Leading of the Holy Spirit of Truth, is all that is required of us most days...

Keep speaking your faith, don't give up

Sit with yourself, and enjoy who you are today, take the time to examine yourself, to meet with yourself, knowing that tomorrow you will be better for it.

Telling the truth to yourself, to God,  to whoever you are lying to, will Open an entrance for God's Grace to enter into each prayer, each praise, each difficulty and problem, in order to Turn them around for Your Good!

Keep growing, don't give up

We are being changed into:

One who desires to Become who God desires you to become.
One who is not offended by the Truth.
One who is a righteous vessel for His use.
One who allows His Holy Spirit to guide them, correct them, change them, use them and lift them up higher and take them deeper into His Love.
One who seeks and desires to grow and mature their relationship with the Lord.
So we should invest our time as often as possible into this relationship.

We don't have to create things to do, and when we do that we are feeding our flesh, our emotions, ego and pride. Those kinds of works will only glorify our emotions and flesh.

Keep your heart open to His love, don't give up

The Spirit of Truth will lead you when It's time for you to do what you need to do.

That is one of the greatest things about the Lord's Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit), we don't have to make stuff up as we go, we don't have to jump into empty works, or create busy work, the Lord will guide us by His timing, order and Will as to How He wants us to go.

Use your gifts of self-control and self discipline, and Wait while Patience has Her complete time to do Her complete Work in you and for you. Face every truth the Lord reveals to you to face.
Let your Faith and Trust speak out so that your feelings and flesh are quieted and subdued.

Keep growing, don't give up

It's Not Complicated, It's not your plan, It's God's, without God guiding you, you will never achieve what God has written for your let God guide you.

In the name of Jesus, so be it!

  -> Faith that will float when the water gets rough
  -> Faith that will float when God is quiet
  -> Faith that speaks out loud with Expectation
  -> Grateful and Thankful

John 17


And the fullness of Love woke me up,
Her smell and power saturates the room, and continued to flow through our home....filling every space with Herself....

And here I sit, me and Love.
Me sitting, willing, opened, absorbing all that She releases into me.
Me sitting, willing, opened, covered by all that She releases around me.

Me, sitting, willing, teachable, opened, allowing Her to continue to remove what is not useful anymore, what never was useful and what She knows is going to hinder me in days to come.

And here I am, in this new day, full of every thing I could desire, sitting with Love as She teaches me, heals me, comforts me, and reveals to me who She has transformed me into.....
She prepares me for what I am to do in the days to come.
She stirs the Fire in my heart, soul and spirit so that my Light is brighter than ever before!

Her Sister Wisdom adds in the parts of Herself that I am in need of.

Together with them both, I sit, willing, teachable, and opened, to continue to allow them to make me over from the inside out.....
I look in the mirror to see what they have done, and all I can do is smile....and my gratefulness begins to speak....

I thank my Lord Jesus for His Gift of Love that Is!
I thank my Lord God in the name of Jesus, for His Gift of Love That Is!
With You being my Help Lord, may I continue to be Your Vessel of Love for all the days You have given me!
In the name of Jesus my Christ, So Be It!

"I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, if anyone steadfastly believes in Me, you will yourself be able to do the things that I do; and you will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father."
John 14

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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