Monday, October 14, 2013


Those Like Me.....

In the midst of the uncertainties that arrive with the beginning of a New Day, I stay covered in Love, I do my Best to Stay in the Center of Love and Healing!
I am Protected from the lies, doubts, fears and manipulations that the enemy has sent to stop my Work, he tries to stop me from being healed.
The enemy is always trying to steal my wealth and give me worry. Always trying to keep me from reconciling with myself. The enemy always wants us to be at odds with ourselves. To not be balanced and focused on what is important and what is not. he always wants us to feed our emotions, ego and pride, Never our spirit. 
Not Going To Happen with me.

Also With each day, we are given the Divine Blessings that God provides.

It is best for me to focus on those instead of the uncertainties.
The uncertainties and the impossibilities have been Laid down on Common Ground. That means they are in the Lord's hands and not mine!
IN the midst of and the beauty of my Lord's Kingdom, do I dwell.

Going from beauty to beauty, from glory to glory, from strength to strength, from wealth to wealth, from love to love. In this Place with all these divine gifts and fruit, This is where I reside to escape the chaos, stagnation and troubles of this world. 

It takes Courage to accept Love, to allow Love to change me, (you), to allow God to heal and correct what is not aligned with His will love, truth, and purposes for me, (you).
I thank my Lord for providing me with Great Faith and Confident Trust in Him.

*my Faith says it's Already Done!*

So much tries to weigh me down, (as with us all), but my Faith stands courageous, confident and strong on the Promises and Power of God.  I quiet my soul, mind and heart so I can hear my Spirit as It awakens in the New Realm the Lord  has moved me to.
This new level and depth of intimacy with the Lord, that I asked for.
To be molded by the Master Sculptor, I leave all I am unable to change, to make right, to fix on Common Ground as He mends, and heals me.

My Faith Speaks out in Truth and Spirit that God Is and Will and Has done all that we need.  I do my best to keep around others that live this way, those Workers of Love, the Repairers of the Breeches, those who Build bridges, and know how to destroy uneven and oppressive Yokes! Those with the courage to Keep loving, to Keep maturing and growing their Love, those who Keep sowing the seeds of Love, Grace and Mercy, because we know the Power within these God provides. And we know that Nothing can conquer Love!

The Lord connects me with others like me.
Those,  who like me, push past their own sadness, their own disappointments, and their own challenges, leaving our stuff on Common Ground, in order to Encourage and Help others.

Along this road of Praise I am grateful and thankful for Your Presence Lord.

*my Faith says it's Already Done!*

Those like me, who Give Grace the Room She needs to Bring Healing and Love to themselves and to others who are in need.
I seek to be around Those with Mature spiritual Fruit and Gifts of God's Spirit, the Workers that I asked the Lord to send, to help me and me To help them, together to Help bring in the Harvest of the Lord!

So much has changed in my life over the years.  I am doing things I never thought of, and not doing things I thought I would still be doing.

Being responsible for my bad choices and my good choices. Using my mistakes and the Corrections God has turned them into as my ladder rungs.
It takes Courage to Be Changed for the best. It Takes Courage to Be changed By Love!  It takes Courage to Love!

The self-control and  discipline that it takes to Live and Walk on this Journey of Faith, Truth and Love, is well worth the progress that I am making.

Some things I had to lay down as sacrifice, in order to be taught new and different things. I know the Lord will bring back around those things I have laid down and when I am given them back, He will have Made them Better than before.
I will pick them back up and I know I will be as surprised as others at the Newness they will have!

*my Faith says it's Already Done!*
I have learned that I  Must receive the Breakthrough from God in my Spirit, Before I can Receive it in my Natural life!
I have learned that I Must Receive What ever God gives in my Spirit first, before I receive it in the natural.

If I don't have it within, I will go without.

Learning and Applying all the Lessons that the Lord provides from every mistake, every wrong decision, every wrong done to me by others.  Every time I didn't do as He directed..... Learning and Applying the lessons.  Using them All as the rungs to this ladder, the steps I take up this mountain, the Lord has cleaned my heart!

Receiving the clarity, wisdom, and understanding as I am prepared to be used for another day by the Lord.
My calling is my name, is my work, is my passion and is my honor to Glorify my Father God in the name of Jesus.
It does not matter what others say or think, I am not here to please them, nor seek their approval.

I Allow my Radical, Confident Faith to Speak As often as necessary, for the benefit of those who don't believe And For the benefit of those Who Do Believe.
Thank You Father for helping me in my unbelief and eliminating all doubt and unbelief from me! 
In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Matthew 9:29

Just in case you didn't know.
These things that my faith speaks, that I write about, are not just for me.
They are for every one who believes and desires to have them.
Read this in first person, let your faith be heard.

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2013 WisdomTeachesme

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