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*It's another day to learn what I don't know and be corrected where I am wrong*

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all!
For His namesake, I hope that you are expecting God's Love to guide you today. I keep all of you in my daily prayers, Knowing that our Father in the name of Jesus, Is Watching And Does Care!
We Have To Be And Stay Fully Convinced--seeing all parts of each day through our Faith and Trust in our Lord!
To God Be the Glory, as we Continue to seek His Kingdom throughout this Gift of another Day-may we continue to draw near to Him, with opened, willing and teachable hearts, He Will Breathe what we Need into our Soul! In the name of Jesus, Amen!

A fb friend posted something the other day that had me thinking about the days I have felt like this, and how feeling like this brought me to begin to turn this around and use it as food.
 He said, "
It's a bitter/sweet calling to minister to the Lost, Last & The Least..... --Jess Speaking Outloud"

My friends words "bitter/sweet" touched my spirit deeply, and in truth I looked to see all of what each day in the last few years and months, and the past few weeks, have brought our way.

My mother who has health and mobility issues, my father who is the main help for my mother and is going through chemo treatment, our oldest daughter who has ASD, And who is getting over-but still is having vertigo symptoms, And some other things seem to have changed bringing her more challenges- from an inner ear virus (we think that is what caused the vertigo), my sister-n-love (my partners sister) who found out she has breast cancer, a nephew who is autistic and the challenges he and my brother and his wife & daughter deal with-(which we have known since he was 3-he is now 11), another nephew who is struggling with learning/processing subjects at school, my mother-n-love (my partners mother)-whose body is catching up with her age and needs help...... These are but a few of the challenges that each day brings our way.
A few of the challenges where my Faith and Trust is standing as a Light for others. I Hope You know this is True about each of us--Called to Work for Him.

After reflecting
on these challenges and a few others, (
as I Do Work for the Lord and daily He sends others my way to be a Help to)- I Had To Pray, To Sing Praises, SEEING All of these through my faith and trust in our Lord.  Making Sure that I am letting them All go Into my Father's Hands, So That I am in a position to Allow His Love to Guide me. I have to Continue to make Sure that I am Seeing all parts of each day Through my Faith And Trust in Him. Thank You Holy Spirit!
*It's another day to learn what I don't know and be corrected where I am wrong*

 I had to sit, and write myself another Note Of Encouragement, My part in all of these challenges that I have No control over Is To Continue to Expect God in the name of Jesus to turn them all around for His Glory!  I Hope and Pray that you are blessed by my Faith and Trust in our Lord Jesus, for I Know our Father Cares! I Know that God does answer my prayers, I have no doubt about this Truth. And I know that with each answer comes More responsibility on my part, To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required! Reflecting Him as I look in the Looking Glass and experience, grow and mature in His Love--His Love teaches me! God Cares!
Yes, There are days that are seemingly bitter, bringing unexpected trouble, confusion, hardships, issues, challenges and sickness.
Days where we do not yet receive an answer from God.
 Days that seem to be more grey than blue.
Days where our natural Needs out number our coins.
Days where no one checks on us to see how we are doing.
Days when the Fire in our hearts is seemingly burning low.
Days where we Have To Encourage ourselves more than others.

Still, in the complete sweetness of His Grace, These Are Blessed Days And
In the name of Jesus I Have To Say Thank YOU God for This Day!

Days where we Have To Do All we Can to Stay Focused on our Lord,
To Stay In The Blessedness of the Day in order to make it Through the whole day.
Days where we Have To Remind ourselves, that we Live One Day At A Time.
Days where we Have To Remind ourselves, "oh, I already gave that to God IJN, And I Am Still Faithfully Waiting In Expectation of Him turning it Around!"
Still, in the complete sweetness of His Grace, These Are Blessed Days And In the name of Jesus I Have To Say Thank YOU God for This Day!

Yes, There Are Days Where we meet frustration, irritation, impatience, wall after wall, rudeness,
selfishness, lies, hatred, envy and jealousy to name of few of the tools evil uses.
All the while we have to Remember that we are sowing the Seeds of Life, not feeding and watering the seeds of death. What we sow, kills off the seeds of death.
It is not about how we feel, but the work we are called to do.
During the times of being weary, that is when we need to draw near to our Lord, closed off from every one and everything, drawing closer within His presence to be breathed on by His Love.

 All the while we have to Remember, that we Are Not Alone in this Battle.
It's not Even our battle, It's the Lord's battle.
Now is the moment that we Need to make Sure that we have not moved ahead nor behind the moving of Lord. Now is the moment that we Need to make Sure that we are aligned with God's Will, Plan, and Purposes! We each Have to examine ourselves to see if we Are in our Faith or are we in our flesh.
 On the days where the Water is Rising all around us, every where we look we see it closing in, we Need To Close the Door to the Ark--that is What we have to do. Close everyone else out!
Pull ourselves Away from Every earthly thing possible and Hide Away in His Love!

On days when it seems that all of the challenges Are like a Large Crowd Pushing us further back and down, and If We Need to STOP what ever we are doing and Refocus ourselves Calling The Name of Jesus-Then, that is what we Must do!
Remember, that In Every situation, we Have His power available to us. His Power Is His To Give to us. He will not withhold It from the soul that draws near to dwell closer to Him, to live all of each day within His presence, so that He can breathe into our soul all that we need.
All we have to do is shut our self away In His Presence, draw Near to Him, with an opened, willing, teachable heart.  No need for us to speak one word, He already knows why we come, to have the things we desire of Him, the parts of Him that we Need that he breathes into our entire being.
*It's another day to learn what I don't know and be corrected where I am wrong*

Being Fully Convinced the LORD has Promised And that He Is Able. Convinced that He Is my Deliverer, From all evil. That He Will deliver me and those I pray for every time.  I have no fear and I will Never forget to say to my Lord, Thank YOU for the Lessons! Thank YOU for being my Light when I cannot see, Thank You for the Faith and Trust you have measured out to me!
 I Know and I am convinced that Every Thing He has promised He Is More than Able (His Will) to complete. I desire the Full benefit of Him being Lord over and in my life. I need the road that He leads me on to Bear all the fruit that He has intended it to bear!
 If you are not Fully convinced, then I encourage you to settle this in your heart. You will become mentally and physically weary, seeking in all the wrong places, using your own power.

I encourage you to ask His Spirit to Help you in your unbelief, to help you with your small Hope, Faith and Trust as we read in Romans 4:21
"And Being Fully Convinced that What He Has Promised He Was Well Able To Perform!"
The Children who Are Fully Convinced concerning God's covenant with them Are Mighty and through them the Will of Heaven here on earth Is revealed.  We are these Children of God!

Still, in the complete sweetness of His Grace, These Are Blessed Days And
In the name of Jesus I Have To Say Thank YOU God for This Day!
*It's another day to learn what I don't know and be corrected where I am wrong*

But Jesus looked at them and said, "With men this Is impossible, but All Things Are Possible With God!"  Matthew 16:26

"For With God Nothing Is Ever impossible And No Word from God Shall Be Without Power Or Impossible Of Fulfillment!"
Luke 1:37

Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I Do Believe; HELP me Overcome my unbelief!”
Mark 9:24

Then He touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith Let It Be Done To you”;  and their sight was restored.
Matthew 9:29-30

These are only a few of the 486 places in the New Testament that speak about Faith, Believe, Doubt and Unbelief. I encourage you to make the time and spend it studying God's Word so that you Will Grow and Mature your Faith, Trust and Love for Him.

FAITH - Matches the Greek niotic (pistis), which occurs 243 times in 227 verses in the Greek concordance of the NASB--Strong's G4102--pistis--Feminine Noun


On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011, 2012 WisdomTeachesme

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