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 "Do Not Forsake Wisdom, And She Will Protect you;
   Love Her, And She Will Watch Over you!"
Proverb 4:6

Proverb 8
How Sweet It Is To Trust In Jesus, And To Take Him At His Word!
  Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves Me Will obey My teaching. My Father Will love them, And We Will come to them and make Our Home with them."  John 14:23

Are you willing and teachable? Or are you rebellious and stubborn with trust issues?  Every day we have to examine ourselves to make sure we are growing as He desires us to grow and mature.

Are you ready for His training and discipline, that He gives when He knows they Are Needed in our lives? Too many do not understand that we Must be aligned with Him at All Times. Giving our time, energy, thoughts, and heart to be focused on Him as often as necessary.

We must not allow pride to separate us from His presence.  Pride and arrogance will keep us from being prepared to be used as His vessels of His Goodness, Power, Love, Strength and Wisdom. We draw our All from His All.  Keeping connected to Him is how this is done.
We will use all of what He gives us to help those in need--that He directs us too. It is about His Glory not ours.  It is about His Will, Plans and Purposes, His Motives, not ours if ours are not the same as His.

Pride will have us take His glory for ourselves. Pride blocks our spiritual ears from Hearing Him, Pride makes us ask ourselves what to do, instead of going to Him in the name of Jesus for Every thing And then doing exactly what He says we need to do pertaining to every situation, set of circumstances and problem.  Pride makes us and keeps us stuck and unable to to trust Him and fulfill His will for each day.

I encourage you to Pray to our Lord Jesus for More Grace to Trust Him More. Ask Him to Help you With your unbelief. Pray to be spiritually cleansed by His Love and Truth. Seek to be Cleansed through out your whole self, your living space, your work space, your family's lives and spaces.

How great it is to Obey His leading. To be willing, open and teachable to His Spirit, Who knows what we need to know and to do When we need to know and to do. To Be Spirit Led all day Every day and not flesh/emotions/feelings led.
 His Spirit Is Always leading us all day every day, the problem with many is that they are not cooperating with His Spirit and moving or stopping when they need to.  Another trick of immaturity, rebellion and being unwilling is to partially obey His Spirit. Many times people only do so when it is something they want to do or feel like doing.
Hummm, that is not going to work at any time.
You know, when you are lead to say something or give something at a specific time, you do so, but then you try to add in your own stuff. 
Carnal believers sulk, disobey, rebel against Gods Will and are lead around by their feelings, their own will and thoughts. Which kind of true believer (Christian) are you?  1 Cor 2

Once we delay our obedience in doing what He has spoken for us to do at the time He has said to do, the moment we try to add in our thoughts or stuff  with what He is giving through us, we have stopped working for Him.  We have then grabbed a hold of His glory and made it ours, we have replied to Him, "naaaw I don't want to do that now, I don't want to do things the Way You say I should Lord, I don't feel like doing that now Father, maybe later, maybe after I do what I have planned to do."
  James 4:13-15 (NIV)
Stagnation is a weapon that is formed and used against us by our enemy. Many allow the enemy to move them to compare themselves with others and look for what they do not have.  He then uses that in his lies, telling us that the gifts that God has given to us are not good enough and we should want what He has given to others.  God asks us to live Right because He has made us Right with Him. We have what He Knows we need to have, and we should celebrate His gifts to ourselves and to others. We should Give Him the Glory of Praise for this.

Each of us has a Good measure of the Spiritual gifts that God determined are best for each of us. Our part is to seek His wisdom and His ability to grow and mature us in our gifts to be used as His vessel of His Good. He will pair us up with others and together we are to use all our gifts in unity to provide More Power to accomplish His Will. 
He has placed His anointing in and on us and the Moment we step out on radical faith and trust in Him, His anointing Will spark up and provide every thing we Need to accomplish His Will, Plans and Purposes for all we are sent to help.
"And it Shall Come to pass, that before they call, I Will Answer; And while they are yet speaking, I Will Hear." Isa.65:24.

We have to Rise up when His Spirit stirs us in our heart and step into the Greater part of His freedom of His Spirit,  to be within His Divine timing and order--to make And Keep ourselves Ready to receive the New wine of revelation that He knows we Will Need in the days to come. 
More Grace to Trust You Jesus, I thank You and I receive what You give to me!
Allowing our Lord to make us New wine skins allows us to be within His New Order, to be flexible to move With the flow of His Spirit--This keeps us willing to receive His Wonderful, Renewing Refreshment of His Love and Truth.
"And no one puts new wine into old wine skins; or else the new wine bursts the wine skins, the wine is spilled, and the wine skins are ruined. But new wine must be put into new wine skins."  Mark 2:22

How Sweet It Is To Trust In Jesus, And To Take Him At His Word!
Examine yourself and see what His Spirit reveals to you that you lack But are able to have.  Wisdom is a Key to growing and maturing in our spiritual lives-which then allows us to move freely in our natural lives. Wisdom guides us to avoid the foolishness and messiness that has been sent to keep us stuck and barren.
Foolishness is the absence of wisdom.
When we allow God to Keep us day by day, it is not possible to cross the line from mature, wisdom based thinking and behavior into thoughtless, foolish, selfish behavior. When we seek His Wisdom concerning Every thing, and I do mean Every thing, we are being molded into His character and dying to our natural character traits.

Keeping in mind this truth that our actions bring forth and our words establish our alignment with what they do.  Meaning, if our words and actions are selfish, foolish, ignorant, immature, etc... then that is what we are aligning ourselves with and what is attracted to us.  We are feeding, watering and encouraging these fleshy, natural ways and that is the fruit that we will also bear.
So those who seek to eat, rebellion, gossip, shallowness, foolishness, ignorance, etc... will be drawn to you to feed on the fruit that you grow. 

Our words and actions are very powerful, we need to be and stay aware of them, so that they do not have us walking on the wrong side of God's Wisdom and Will. Setting us up for failure at some future time and day where we are hit head on with the results and consequences of what we have said or done that was without His Wisdom.  Our words and actions will either create more Wisdom and Truth or they will produce something other than wisdom and truth.

  Our thoughts, words and actions train us, they discipline us And our children are always watching and listening to us.  They will imitate what they see and hear us speak and do. Remember a Wise person builds their Home on The Rock, a fool builds on sand that sinks!

Matthew 7:24-26
In the Name of Jesus, Amen!

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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