Wednesday, September 7, 2011


  "... But because You Say So, I Will let down the nets.” 
Luke 5

 Please Join me my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus in confessing our love, trust and faith in His Lord Ship over, in and through our lives!
Join me And encourage yourself, as I Encourage myself on This day! As I know I am in a Spiritual Season that requires me to Float on His Holy Spirit as we ride the waves of change. Just RESTING as His Spirit carries me where I need to be. Deeper, Deeper He Calls me to Come!
(and some of you may be in this place also).

*Encouraging myself--Confession from my heart--Praise from my heart-My Faith Sings Out to My Lord Jesus-My Trust follows Him with every breath and step--Every hour I need Him--I Need Him!*

Moving with the Flow of His Holy Spirit as He carries me and leads me Deeper and Deeper in my Father's Love and Will! I trust and allow Him to do what Is Best for me and my family! I could Never have gotten where I am today without You my Lord Jesus! You are concerned about what I am concerned about. Your motives and mission Are mine also.  I have made Your Will, Plans and Purposes Mine. I heard You Jesus, when You said "My Sister, My Daughter, My Friend, My Child Come Deeper, Come To Me!"  And my Faith and Trust in You Answers, Yes my Sweet Lord, Yes, Here I come!

I Am expecting to See Your Glory today Father, I Am Expecting to Hear about Your Glory today Father!

There are so Many distractions that come to me in one day--trying to knock me off balance, trying to stir up my flesh to over ride my Spirit--I Shall Not allow any of that to occupy my heart, eyes, ears, or mind! I Am Keeping my focus on What and Who Really Matters through out each day.  My Lord Has to supply my spiritual and natural needs--He Is Bound to His Word--His Promises that He has made to me! Oh Glory to God Jesus In Your Name through my life--I love you more than anything! And I know How Sweet It is To Take Him at His Word--To Trust Him! He Knows I Need Him Every Hour--I Know that He Knows this!

I Know His Grace Is Sufficient Enough for me And I Know that He is with me and my family through every trial and trouble that He has allowed to enter our lives. Though they try to overwhelm me, I am too strongly focused on thanking Him from a grateful Heart for all He has done for us, I am too focused on Trusting Him for all we Need that we do not have! I am too focused on Praising Him as trials and troubles cannot do any thing to me other than Work His Will--Knowing that His Will I have said Is my Will!

I know I cannot be destroyed by any trial or trouble! This Holy Spirit Led family--We are safely In His Hands! His Presence Is the Light that shines on the Path that He leads me on--Trusting Him completely, I go forward unafraid because His Grace Is Sufficient for All my Needs!

 The depth of faith that He has grown in me, the Power of the Trust that my heart has in Him--He does for us According to my faith and trust and belief in Him! I have seen Him do so, Over, and Over, and Over and Over Again!

In God my Father have I Put my Trust: I Will Not be afraid of what any person can do to me! In the name of Jesus I am determined and dedicated, Amen!  Psalm 56:11

My Family Is a Holy Spirit Led family.  He Has set His pace to mine, just as my partner and I do as loving mothers to the children He has blessed us with.  He Is the Center of our relationship together--He is the Center of our relationship with our children. And because He Is the Center of our relationships, Oh my, How He has grown and poured in us, on us and through us All the Results of His Blessing! It can be no other way, but His Way! Oh How Wonderful and Great His Is to us!  How Sweet It Is To Trust In Jesus!

 I Enjoy the silent companionship that we create. I know He is growing me and maturing me to hear All the Wonder Truth He desires to impart in me, piece by piece He gives this to me--so I am able to handle it in it's Divine magnificence!  He waters the seeds that He planted in my heart--so that I am Able to REST in His Presence--Here is Where I Grow in His Grace, grow in His understanding--RESTING in the Promises as I come to Him and stay with Him, gaining all the strength I need His Love is my security!  We Walk Together Every where He leads me, We Walk Together!

"This is what The Sovereign LORD, The Holy One of Israel, says: “In Repentance And rest Is your Salvation, In Quietness And Trust Is your Strength...!" Isaiah 30:15a

In my weakness that I lay open for Him, My Lord knows this is His opportunity to pour His Strength-His Power in me-for me and through me for every eye that watches to see and behold.  Every eye in this natural world and in the unseen world-the Real world! Nothing about me surprises Him--He already knows everything about me. I lay open all my lack, my weaknesses, my needs for Him to step into the situations, and show me which way is Best.  Thank You Jesus--I cannot do anything on my own--and I know enough to Not try too!
  Thank You for More Grace I need to Trust You More Jesus!

He Is My Lord, And that Is Enough! He has my obedient service, my complete loyalty is with Him. He Is Bound by His Lordship over my life (that He gave to me), to give me protection, to fight for me, to plan my days and life, to take care of my family, to secure us in a sufficiency of All that is within His Power to provide to us!  Never ending provisions! How Vast His is! I Never doubt, I have too much to marvel at as He unfolds His wonders and opens up His Love to water my grateful Spirit and my loving heart to give Him an abundant harvest that is Worthy of His Glory!  He Must Provide!
I answer Him, My Lord, My God!

I Am expecting to See Your Glory today Father, I Am Expecting to Hear about Your Glory today Father!
Pour forth You New Wine into this New Wine skin that You have created me to be! My Lord, My God, I Drop all my burdens on You--I rely on You For all --I am now Free to go about my day Expecting to see Your Glory, expecting to Hear about Your Glory from others! Rejoicing along my way, not entangled in old mindsets, old wine skins, I drop them at Your Feet my Lord, knowing that You shall surly pick them up and make them Right--You Are my Supply Father, and I Expect You to do as You have Promised.  And Father, I promised to trust you completely, to allow my Faith to shout Joyous songs to You! I know you Will Keep Your Promises, and I, I Will keep mine to You In the name of Jesus, Amen!

 "Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, He Gave Thanks and broke the loaves. Then He gave them to His disciples to distribute to the people. He also divided the two fish among them all. They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces of bread and fish.  The number of the people who had eaten was five thousand."
  Mark 6:41-44
 I stay alert to hearing His instructions, His voice I know. His Wisdom perfects me, I am singled-minded--focused on Him and All that He is to me and me to Him.
His delivering Power snatches me from the grip and mouth of evil, keeping me safe for Him--for His Glory--I have more to do in His name, for Glory to God In His name. The changing of the natural seasons signal a Spiritual changing of seasons in my life. He speaks to me through His Spirit, through other prophets, through His Love for me.  Without doubt I stay in my watch tower, praying, praising, singing the Song that He put in my heart, my Spirit witnesses to Him.

I know and see clearly the fake and false believers and prophets that attempt to fool God's people--Oh so many are gullible and they receive counterfeit words as they trust people too much instead of trusting Only Him!  They do not know Him well enough to Know His Voice when it comes through another. They have Not Invested in their Relationship with Him, so they have not grown and matured as they should. They do Not have His Holy Spirit indwelling to alert them and to agree with -- so they fall in the traps and snares of our enemy who uses the hearts of the willing to perform his evil through.....I have already been Through this type of religious man made attack many times before--so I know it when satan brings it back around.
 Psalm 38

I Am expecting to See Your Glory today Father, I Am Expecting to Hear about Your Glory today Father!

Whether I feel anything, (because it is Not about what I feel), I know am fully and completely dependent on You my Lord, I am Completely convinced and  confident that You lead me Rightly, You keep me from falling, Thank You Lord for giving me More Grace to Trust You More as You take me out deeper!  In the name of Jesus, I am overflowing with Joy and Peace!

“Now unto Him Who Is Able To Keep you from falling, And To Present you Faultless before the Presence of His Glory With Exceeding Joy, To The Only Wise God our Savior, Be Glory And Majesty, Dominion And Power, Both Now And forever. Amen.”  (Jude 1:24-25, KJV)

"... But because You Say So, I Will let down the nets.” 
Luke 5

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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