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 We Have to REST our thoughts on Him in order for us to progress, grow and mature in our gifts, talents and anointing as He has planned for us to daily use. In order to Be Able to See every divine opportunity and possibility He has provided to us, We have to always stay aware of the Firmness and Security of the Foundation that our lives, our character and heart have been built upon. This allows Him to establish us in confidence with boldness to accomplish all that He has given us to do in His name. We must always live through our Faith and Trust in Him.

We (children of His Light), Must get to a point of Spiritual and emotional maturity and growth, where we are able to See beyond every trouble, drama and challenge, Past every plot and plan of the enemy,
past our limitations And actually to see Past ourselves.  One grain of our Faith in our Lord, is more powerful than any earthly power that may be used against us, as we live to fulfill His Will for each day in the name of Jesus, Amen.

We must consistently depend upon His Ways, Plans, Order and Timing concerning Every spiritual and natural area of our lives. To do otherwise is unbelief and little trust which  brings forth sin against our Lord. After All, He Has chosen and called us out of darkness into His Light to be His children of His Light. Then we need to Live every day as His Children of His Light. Remember that we know the truth, even though satan accuses us day and night. Rev 12:10
1 Peter 2:9; Eph 5:8

There are so many times in our lives,
where we are witness to how many others reject the directions of our Lord, in order to carry out the details of their plans. When we decide that what we want, when we want it and how to get it Is best for us, we resemble the non-believers.  As the non-believers are always making plots and plans they have decided are best for them to go after what they desire.
Our fruit truly reveals who we are, doesn't it.
Every Day, We need to Stop moving, Sit Still for a moment and ask His Holy Spirit to Help us examine our motives, our thoughts, our heart and reveal to us where we are Selfish and short-sighted in our character, thinking and ways. That is where we need to be willing and teachable so that He is able to Correct us, Free us and Deliver us from these places of bondage which lead us into rebellion and wrong ways.

Search me, God, and Know my heart;
   test me and Know my anxious thoughts.
See if there Is Any Offensive way In me,
   and Lead me in the Way Everlasting.

Psalm 139:23-24
 Wisdom Stands High and Calls out In Her Truth that Now is the time for us all to Come to see and understand where we lack in spiritual and emotional growth and maturity concerning our relationship with Jesus. All too often though, many ignore Her Call to see these places when God reveals them to us--these truths and places that require more of Him.  Many continue on with the ways they have decided to go. They have not gotten to a point of believing, of spiritual understanding through His Wisdom that they need to surrender more to Him for deliverance from these bondage's.

They seem to Always try to Fill that void they have in their heart and life, Hoping that when they do this or that, they Will have the Joy, Love and Peace that they so desire, that feeling of being Whole. Like a child building a lego world, they attempt to build a perfect world around them to live within. But nothing from this earthly world will Ever be able to fill that Spiritual place in us, That Place Has been set aside for His Presence and Love to live.
So, They continue to go after and gather things and people with the main Purpose of making themselves happy, and secure. 

Many seem to think and believe that they are able to control all the people, circumstances,  and details in their plans.  No matter whether their plans involve deception, manipulation in order to bring hurt and pain to others or to get some material gain they lust after, they are sure that everything will go the way they want it to. 
To create a truth out of a lie they think will do everything they want and give them what they want.

There are two types of people I am talking about. One type is the group that belongs to the Lord, and seems to not want to completely obey God, because of their areas of unbelief and distrust in Him.  This kind of thinking through their lack of faith and lack of trust has them making a decision that they need a back up plan and most times they will follow through with their plans. Even after they have received instructions, directions in a message from God, they Still do not believe His Plans, Timing and Order Are the Best for them.  They are within a non growing place, a mental, emotional and spiritual place of immaturity that holds them captive, a place that they need to be Freed from.  They are not able to see and believe as some others are.

We have been told to exercise patience and compassion to those for times like this. I understand completely, though there is a distance that has to be created between us until they do grow and mature in these areas. They are not able to take instruction and correction, right now. For truly our patience and compassion Will Always Reveal the Truth as to Who they really are. 

They may be saved, they believe in Jesus, but they are walking in flesh. Carnal Christians, speaking His Truths and Promises, but are not believing in them nor living them.  They attempt to fool and trick by their outer appearance, (they go to church all the time, talking about Jesus when they hear others do it, they do all that can be seen that places them in, but they never really follow through with action as their words speak, they live in strife, hindered, they seem to often have harsh and negative things to say about people based on gossip, or appearance, they seem to always have a problem, a fear, some drama, that somebody else has done to them, etc...),
  Proverb 8; Psalms 32:8-11

 The other group are those that have not given their lives to Jesus and continue to live in darkness.  Making their plans, sorting out the manipulation, plotting their back up plans (a), (b) and (c), And following the details of all that they have decided to do. Some times they are seeking revenge, seeking to use or 'have' another person, seeking to obtain material things, and/or wanting to be promoted in their place of work=money, social status, people praise which to them is power and feeds their flesh.

They also, are seeking to feel the Wholeness they lack, seeking to use earthly things to fill the void in their heart and soul. No matter what their plans are, they have decided to help the enemy carry out his plans, to oppose the Will of God In the name of Jesus.

Concerning both groups, it's
Nothing but lies that will never fulfill them, no matter what they do with the tools of the world, what they seek will always escape them. 
When the selfish and short sighted details of their plans, deceptions, and manipulations are revealed to us, we should Not begin to allow for one moment Any concern/worry that their toxic mess will over flow into our life to the point of hurting us. Remember your foundation, remember to Pray, Praise and Speak through your faith and trust in the Lord. You have Faith in our Lord to stand on and Let your Faith speak out His Truth, the promises of our Father--that He Is More than able to do as He said He would.

God does Not need our help in planning, ordering the details, revealing the details, or with the Timing of His Will concerning what we need, or what He has promised us He will provide to us. We do not need to interfere with the order or timing of His plans and purposes.  No matter how many storms pass through our life, we are to always Dwell quietly in His Truth and Promises given to us.  We are to Use our Daily Portion of His Peace and Joy that He has already given to us. Regardless of the dangers, difficulties and challenges that come, we Have a Blessed Assurance that our Foundation built on the blood of Jesus Will hold us safely and securely. If Only they would Believe....

REST your thoughts on Him, and do not be concerned or try to figure out which way His Help Will come.  He decides the channels and vessels that are Right for each time, not us.  When we invest our time, energy and thoughts on how He is going to do what He promised He would, then we are interfering with His plans and leaving ourselves open to the mercy of the wind and weather and ways of this world.  That is the way to sin, and will never give us the place to draw our strength from that we need.

The Only place we can Spiritually draw our Strength, Joy, Peace and Power from Is by Leaning on, relying on and Trusting In our Lord Jesus. His Security engenders our Strength, our Peace and our Joy!
All other foundations are Sinking sand!

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith. 
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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