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For through Adam's disobedience, many fell into sin, Now through the obedience of Jesus, many more Are made righteous, put back in Right Standing with God.

The Promised Heritage of God's Righteous and the downfall into calamity of the wicked.

In the name of Jesus I speak this truth of my dedication to Him by faith, from my heart.


I Will Not fret because of those that do evil.
Neither Will I be envious of the workers of iniquity.
I know they have been cut down like the grass is,
just like how the green herb withers.

 I Will Continue to Trust in my LORD And Do Good!
I Will continue To Dwell in Your Promises And Feed on Your Faithfulness!
I Will continue To Delight myself in You my LORD, And You
Shall continue To Give to me the desires of my heart, that
Are aligned with Your desires for me.

I Am Committed to Your Way Planned for my life, my LORD GOD,
I Trust in You also, And I Know that You
Will always bring it To pass.

You Shall always bring forth my righteousness As The Light, And
 deliver my Justice As The Noonday.

I Shall Continue To REST in You my LORD, And to wait Patiently
For You To Do as You have Promised You Would do.

I Will Not fret because of those who prosper through Their
 ways, Because of 
those who bring their wicked schemes to pass.

I Will continue to Cease reacting through anger and speaking
through emotions.
I Will Not fret--for I Know it Only causes hurt and brings 

sin to myself.

I Know those who do evil have already been cut off!
And I Know that Those Who WAIT on You LORD Will inherit the earth!

For yet, as You spoke LORD, the Wicked shall Be No More,
surly I will carefully look for where they gather, and that place
Shall Not Be Anymore!

And I KNOW that the Meek Shall inherit this earth, And we Shall
Delight ourselves In the Abundance of Peace You Have supplied.

LORD, the wicked plot and plan their evil against Your Just!
They growl and gnash their teeth at us.
But You LORD laugh at them.
Because You See and Know that their day Is coming!
My LORD, the wicked draw their swords and bend their bows
seeking to attack and cast down the poor
and the needy,
they intend to take out those who Are living in upright conduct,
 and in Right standing with You.
But You LORD Will Not allow this to happen.
They draw their swords to enter them into their own hearts,
and their bows have all been broken.

How Much Better is the little that Your Righteous have, than all the
riches of this world that the wicked have.
The arms of the wicked have been broken,
But You LORD, always uphold Your Righteous!

You LORD know all the days of the Upright,
 and Our inheritance In You, Is Forever!

We shall Not be ashamed in times of evil, And we shall
Always Be satisfied in the days of famine.
I Know that the wicked Will perish, And the enemies
 of My LORD, shall vanish like the beauty of the meadows,
like smoke they Shall Vanish!

LORD, the wicked borrow and they Never pay back rightly.
The way of the Righteous Is Mercy and Giving.
For those You have Blessed Shall Inherit This earth,
But those You have cursed, Have Been Cut Off!

I Know that You LORD Order the steps of Your Righteous,
And that You Delight in the Way of Your Righteous!
Though many might fall and come up short, the Righteous
Will Never be completely cast down!
Because You LORD always uphold the Righteous With Your

My LORD, I have been young, and now I am older,
And I Have Never seen any of us, Your Righteous forsaken,
 Nor have I ever seen the families
of Your Righteous begging for bread!
Our Ways Are To always Be merciful and to help others,
and our families Are Blessed by You!

We will continue To depart from evil ways, not to get
entangled with, or aligned with the ways of those that are serving evil.
We shall continue To Do Good in Your Name LORD as
You direct us To Do!

We Shall Dwell Forevermore, For You LORD LOVE Justice,
and You Will Never forsake Your Saints.
 Your Saints Are preserved Forever!
The descendants of the wicked that follow wickedness,
Are Cut Off!

Your Righteous Shall inherit the Land As You Have Promised!
And Will Dwell in it Forever!

Wisdom is spoken from the mouth of Your Righteous, and
The tongue of Your Righteous talks about Justice!
Your Law-the Law of God Is In the heart of Your Righteous!
No step taken shall ever slide.

The wicked always watche Your Righteous LORD,

seeking a time and way to slay us.
You LORD Will Never Leave Your Righteous in the hand of
the wicked, Nor will we be condemned when we are wrongly judged.

I Shall Continue To WAIT On YOU my LORD!
And I Will Continue To Keep Your Way,
and You LORD Will exalt me to inherit the Land,
And to Live within every Promise that You made.

When the day the wicked is seen to be cut off,

I shall be a witness to this!
LORD, the wicked Now sit in seats of great power.
They have carried out their evil plots, plans and schemes, and
they are spreading themselves around like a native green tree.
Acting like they Belong where they are!

  I Know you have spoken that
the wicked will pass away and I will look and they will be
no more.
Truly, I will look and I will not find them.

You LORD have marked the blameless person and You
Observe the Upright in You,
For the future of Your Righteous Is that Of Peace!

But the transgressors Will be destroyed together!
The future of the wicked Has Been Cut Off!

From You my LORD comes Salvation for Your
Righteous, And YOU my LORD Are our Strength In all
Times And in times of trouble.
You my LORD Will always be our Help, 

and You Shall Always Deliver Us from the wicked,
And You My LORD Will Always Save us,
Because We Trust In YOU My Lord God!


In the name of Jesus, In complete Faith and Obedience to God, Let These Words of Truth from my heart be done as God has spoken it All To Be, Amen!

*Inspired by Psalm 37*

I pray that you will Read this And Speak It Out
Over Your life, Also being dedicated to being aligned with the Will of God IJN for your life!

2 Corinthians 10

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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