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"My soul Yearns for You O Lord in the night, yes, my Spirit within me Seeks You Earnestly; for Only when Your judgments Are In the earth Will the inhabitants of the world Learn Righteousness uprightness And right standing with God."  Isaiah 26:9

"You Follow Me"

Keep in mind my friends, And Never Forget, that He desires us to abide in His Friendship.  He Is The Friend that knows us through and through.

 He Already knows everything about each of us and Still Knows the best place for us Is within His Friendship.
He knows all about the times some have pitifully attempted to live for Him, all about how some have tragic failures, how many have allowed childish misunderstandings of Him and What He Will do for them to trap them in unbelief and disobedience.

He knows all about our desire to serve Him and how many times we cling to Him in the darkness when helplessness dangles us over the pit of self-help.
He witnesses the stumbling confidence in the efforts of many when they think they can walk alone without His wisdom and direction.  He Knows It All!

In these times He is aware of how many stay true to the persistent willing blindness, rejecting His Guidance, in favor of what others think they should do, how they should speak, and what is important based on the worlds ways and not His.
In these times He sits and watches as many obstruct the deliverance of the very answers requested to their prayers by allowing double-mindedness, pride, and ego to be their guide.

He has taken note of how easy many align themselves with the very forces that Oppose His Loving Purposes. Plans and Will.  The fruit they shall produce will be bitter, small and stunted in size, rotten and foul tasting.

He Knows All This, And Still, He says Come to Him, turn around your life, and Abide with Him in the security of His Friendship!

The more we surrender from the need to have a Specific outcome concerning anything and everything, the More we will See, Know and Behold His Truth, Will and Glory!
The More we Seek to embrace His Divine Timing and Order, The More we Will Know Him and live abundantly within This Good, Great Life that He has purposed for us to Live within!

In our hands He has Placed a wonderful, powerful force against all evil. Many Still do Not accept, believe and recognize it as the mighty weapon that it is.
The Power of Prayer in His name!
This is A force that wields miracle-working power and change, A Force that when used often in full trust and faith Is united with His Will that seeks to bring about the Divine plans and purposes that He has Already spoken to be.

The more we are Able to surrender our Need to have specific outcomes that we want, And Begin to Always Expect His Divine Timing and Order for each outcome, we Are Moving further into The Freedom that He has given to us as partakers Through Jesus.

All that is His is ours when we have and invest in A friendship with Him that calms, enables, and enriches all who give their heart, spirit and soul in it.
And what, who can withstand this Power He has made to be? 

He is always about the Work of rescue, deliverance and establishing. It All begins in the Spiritual realm then is revealed in the natural realm.
Every thing begins in the Spiritual realm, then manifests itself into the natural world.
There is nothing typical about His Ways and Work, when He moves in to Free those held captive for so very long, and they are Suddenly released!
We are always in a season of Rescue if we are aligned with His Will every day.

  The Mercy of our Lord Jesus is everlasting, All He does is through the Power of His UnconditionaLove for us.
 Providing a Way Out--Deliverance! And He always adds in the Abundance of every supply necessary! 

The Power of Prayer in His name, Gives to Him what we cannot do, and He gives to us what we need.

Iif only many more would obey because they Believe!  If Only many more would Believe then they would desire to Obey.

When we give to Him our whole self to guide and take care of,
God Will intervene, into every situation, every set of circumstances, every trouble, and attack that we face. He requires us to Follow Him no matter what!
No matter What we understand and know, or don't know and don't understand, We Are To Follow Him!

He is in control of only What we give to Him to control.
Remember that truth.
He opens all doors and holds them open for a Time, He floods our hearts and souls with Hope, Truth, Love and Direction--And pours forth His Wisdom that directs every Spiritual gift that He has blessed us with. For He knows that knowledge without Wisdom is useless.

 He will Change 'the thing' so that All know It is Him, our Lord who defends, protects, guides and provides to us At All Times! 
Do Not be concerned or worried about those who do not have His Wisdom, His guidance, His knowledge, who speak against What His Spirit is leading you to do in His name....You Follow Him!

“And they Will Dwell Safely There, Build houses, And Plant vineyards; Yes, they Will Dwell Securely, When I execute judgments On those around them who despise them. Then they Shall Know that I AM The Lord their God.”

   He provides to us the Courage we need to not just Start the Work, the plan, the purpose, the business, the ministry, the giving, But to also Finish what He has directed us to begin.

The time spent moving within the plans and purposes He has directed us to do, takes a tole on our nerves, our heart, our courage, strength, faith, trust, and our bodies.  We Will be stretched and strained many times beyond our human ability to endure.  Those who do Not call upon Him, those who move away from obeying Him completely, shall reach the breaking point of their little human power and fail, never accomplishing the Goal set forth.

It is when the End of a thing, the end of our race to finish is in sight when we get tired, when we can feel the power and strength begin to leave our bodies, our hearts, and our souls beg to stop and rest.  This is the time in which those that finish do so, because they are Not relying on themselves, they are Leaning on and Relying on the Love and Power of Jesus!

Call upon Him to Pour into you More Courage, Heed His voice of Encouragement in these times where we are Still in the midst of bringing our part to pass.

  Remember my friends, that He Is On our side and Is by our side with every step and breath pushing us on to Victory so that the Writings done in Heaven Will record this thing you have accomplished in His name!  Glory, Glory, Glory to God do the Hosts of Heaven Sing!

Make sure that you are not part of  the group whose stories shall speak that they ran well in the beginning, that their hearts were brave, but when the goal was in sight and the Victory almost in hand, they gave out of courage and gave up hope, and sought their own ending, as they did not rely on the Power of our Lord, but on themselves did they depend.

Somewhere Along the way to Victory they changed course, and what they did not allow themselves to be delivered from- kept them trapped in Spiritual slavery serving flesh and not Faith.

This is what happens when we do not Seek and Expect His divine Order and Timing to bring forth His Divine Outcome for everything concerning our lives.

Oh would they have only listened to Him believing all the way, with obedient listening ears and a heart Ready to act, full of Love and Desire for His Divine Way.

 They Are like trees planted by streams of water, Which yield their fruit in its season.--Psalm 1:3

Psalm 119:156
Isaiah 26:9  

 On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith. 
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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