Monday, February 14, 2011


   "Restore to me The Joy Of Your Salvation, And Uphold me By Your Generous Spirit." ("And Uphold me With A Willing Spirit.") Psalms 51:12
Resting in His Truths, There Is Praise In My Heart!

My dearest Friend, Every time I think about the Day I opened All the doors of my heart to You. I Will always smile and my soul Will always Shout, "At Last At Last, The Day I let You completely into my heart, You Saved and Delivered me from myself and this world!"

  You Gave me Joy Inside my tears!
I am Forever Grateful and will Forever Follow You!
Your Love Will Make It last Forever.

My God, In the name of my sweet Jesus;
I Thank You for All the things You have withheld from me,
 As well as All the Things you have Given me.

I Thank You for Being the Same to my sisters and brothers in Christ,
and to all my other family members, That You Are To me.

 I Thank You for Creating in me A Clean heart, And A Willing, Renewed, Right, And Steadfast Spirit in me.

I Thank You for never giving up on me--Standing there with
Your hand stretched out to me--Beckoning me to COME to You and Be Loved!

I Thank You for The Sunshine And the Rain.

I Thank You for Touching my heart and pouring in the Love I never knew and yet I had longed for. For seeing in my eyes how Much I needed You!
 "At Last At Last", my Soul And Spirit Shouted when You Came for me, that one mo' time; and that Time,  I knew I could not last another day without You in a more intimate Relationship.  Thank You Jesus!

I Thank You for teaching me all the lessons I need to learn from all my mistakes; and for revealing to me all the blessings that were within my mistakes, and in the wrongs done to me.
I Thank You for teaching me How Not to make many mistakes.
 I move to the side as You Continue To take things sent for bad, And turn them Around for Good!

 "Behold, You Desire Truth In the inner being; Make me therefore To Know Wisdom In my inmost Heart."  Psalm 51:6

Your Wisdom told me=
"I Love those who Love Me, And those who Seek Me Find Me."
 And I believe Her.

I Thank You for teaching me all about Your Divine Forgiveness, and how to Give it.
I Thank You for the times of drought And the Springs of Life Refreshing Water.

I Thank You for standing in the gap, in between me and every place and person that would have done me harm.  Especially when I didn't Even know their hearts wanted to harm me.

I Thank You for showing me who I am to You, Who You Are to me.
I Thank You for revealing, maturing, growing in me All the Spiritual and natural Gifts that You Put into me--I shall use them to Serve You.

I Thank You for Restful Sleep and the times when Your Love Awakens me.
I Thank You for Sharing in my Joyous Times and my sad times.

I Thank You for All Gain and Loss.
I Thank YOU For Every Spiritual And Natural Thing That You Have
 Divinely Spoken to Be in my life!

I Thank You for Your
Grace And Mercy New Every Day .
I KNOW without doubt or Fear, That ALL Is Well with Me,
 as long as I Stay And Abide With You!

I Shall Always Cling to You in every Moment of weakness-For You Are My ONLY Help!

I Shall Always Cling to You-Praising You in All Moments of Strength, Knowing that I am never able to be self-sufficient. I am Dependent upon You Completely, I have learned what happens when I attempt to do anything without your Wisdom and help. 
*Ain't going over there any more! *smiling*

I Believe You when You tell me, that No evil Shall ever befall my life--I have seen it come close many times, but never did it hit it's target! Amen!

I Am Able to REST In This Divine Knowledge--To use Your Truth and Love as my Pillow.
Thank You for A New Life Filled with Your New Beginnings pouring Forth Every day!  

You brought Joy Inside My Tears! My Forever Came the Day I Let You Into my heart--The Day I began to Allow You To completely Love me! You looked into my eyes and saw how Much I Needed And Wanted You! At Last-At Last!

I pray and hope that the Spiritual growth and maturity needed by so many others is done by Your love for them As they Open the doors and locks to their hearts completely To You.
I Want them to know and to 'get there', To the point of realizing and understanding that, we will break down in so many unnecessary ways, under the weight of our worries, concerns, problems and circumstances if Not for the Time spent with You dear Lord.
You Give Generously to us Daily Times of restoration, REST, renewing, healing, preparation, correction, All provided by Your Love for us.  Thank You Jesus!

It is really not about what He says, truth be told, it is about Him, His Presence Is the strength that pours out the Power to cure, heal, draw to, draw away from, etc...
I encourage you to Spend as much of Your time with Him--In His presence, so that you are prepared Rightly, and completely anointed to do the work that He is sending you out to do, in His name.

Wait before the Lord, Wait On the Lord!  Keep your time for Him apart from everything else in your life.  Hold it precious and love it!  Don't always go to talk either, more than talking, Go To Sit, Quietly and if He speaks, then You Listen.  If He does not, then you be quiet and Sit And Rest in His Presence.
He came back to lead us into Spiritual contact & conversation with our Father.

"Blessed Are those who Listen to Me,
   Watching Daily At My doors,
   Waiting At My doorway."

Proverbs 8:34

 Psalms 51
John 13:34-35

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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