Sunday, December 12, 2010


 *Sunrise At the Infinity Pool-taken by V.A. Johnson©2010*

 Have you made Wisdom your Sister and Friend Yet?
How about Her Fruit of Patience, have you allowed Her to Live within your heart and pour forth all She has to give?
These and the other Gifts of His Spirit Teach us, Bless us with the understanding and Knowledge of how to manage our time each day.

Once you do, our Lord's Spiritual Wealth will be poured into you and

 come through you to be a Help to those the Lord directs you to help in His Name.

Rebellion, ego, pride, disobedience, unbelief, little faith, not fully trusting, All Have To Go, they All have To Die in order for the Wisdom of our Lord to Live within you,
 growing and maturing in you and through you.

We can't have it both ways. You can't expect to obey and serve Him only when you want to and also expect His Blessings to help you every day. Too many seek, trust and have faith in Him every other day, every other week, and when things go wrong because they have been following their own thinking, their plans, their motives and purposes And Not the Will, Plans, Motives, and Purposes of God for their life.
  It's about living for Him, obeying, trusting in Him by Faith, growing and maturing in His Ways Every day.

His Wisdom Teaches me Every day--All day As I Expect Him to do. 

His Wisdom provides to us Patience, which we all are in need of.
 Our Lord Is Patient Beyond everything we understand 
because many do not use patience and it is not mature in them.  
There are many that will not exercise their patience to read through the messages I post, (and others) because they will say "it's too long."  They do not want to be taught and to learn, they just want a 'quick fix', some microwave-drive through band aid to help them in the moment.

We need patience from our Lord and want it from others, but too many do not exercise patience when dealing with others. A selfish heart is one that does not give but only expects to receive.
 *Sunrise at the Infinity Pool#2-taken by V.A. Johnson©2010*
  When we allow our Spiritual discernment to mature and grow we Know when to give and whom to give to. The Wisdom of Spiritual discernment will guide us to have understanding about who is Not able to give to us-so we should seek nothing from a heart that is Not able to give to us what we need.  God will direct us to give to those who are not able to return anything to us.  We serve His purposes not our own.

This wisdom decreases our disappointment from others And to remind us that God is our Only Source and Supplier for All our Spiritual and material/temporal needs

Spiritual maturity teaches me that patience Is Wisdom and as Long as I continue to expect God to reveal to me what He wants, I Know His Wisdom has provided everything I am in need of--I Am prepared.

Therefore, it matters none to me How long I have to wait, I am not discouraged by any perceived delays that I experience in achieving His Purposes. Wisdom teaches me to Simply Refuse to Settle for anything Less than His Best that He has spoken for my life And Patience give me the strength to Wait with expectant Joy.

There is an invisible line that separates "I am waiting" from "I have it", and the Spiritually mature Believer has the perspective of Wisdom that provides understanding fueled by confident Faith and Trusting--Knowing how sudden this line can be crossed, opening up new opportunities that are part of the new beginnings that come from His Will and Purposes for each life.

His Wisdom is to be sought, lived by, listened to, obeyed and shared Every day by those who are dedicated to His Will, plans and purposes for their life. 

God sends His Wisdom Ahead through His messengers to Warn those that He loves, to be a guide and a light to them.  To Help them avoid what they do Not need to go through! To help us navigate through seen and unseen confusion, evil and dangers that lie in Wait to hinder us, trick us and kill us!

 His Wisdom Is Truth and presents Divine opportunities for us to Live Right with Him as we partake of All that He Is in our lives.

Many seek His Wisdom Only after their pride, ego and their thinking has taken them and placed them in a tight, trouble filled spot! This is a Good thing, a good place to be, humbled and Ready to Receive Correction through His Spirit!  Allowing Patience to Be our guide and to Have Her Complete Work done in us!

Others never Reap the Harvest of Wisdom through the lessons that Always Come with mistakes made.
They ignore His Wisdom, His lessons and therefore Continue to make the same mistakes over and over, placing them further and further away from His Will for their life!
It Will always be Worth the Wait to get to the places that God has planned for us to be.

I see the places that people are in and I wonder why it takes some of them So Long to Wake Up and "Get It!"

Thank You Lord, that You See and Watch and You Are Patient--You are confident that they Will Wake Up and they Will 'Get it'.

The Spiritual Gifts of Wisdom and Patience helps me to be able to Joyfully with Expectant Faith Wait for His promises to unfold.

I have seen the Lord in the midst of matters, situations, troubles, lack, shortcomings, miracles, blessings and I know my responsibility is to lead when He tells me to lead, to Trust by faith all the time, to Speak His Truths that He teaches me.
All done with Confidence that every outcome Will be Favorable for myself, my family and those I patiently wait for to join me at the end of this race!  And as I wait on them I am occupied with the Work that He has given to me to do!

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

 Proverbs 3:13-18

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

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