Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 I Expect God In the name of Jesus! Based on His Word and 
Promises I speak out what I Expect from God.  I also keep in my heart & mind what He Expects from me also.  What He expects From everyone that He has chosen and who claims Him as their Lord and Savor, their Teacher and Shepherd, their Beloved Good Friend.

Grateful Am I that God blocks my steps when I have made a wrong turn off the Path that He placed me on! 
Because I Expect God to do this He does.
When driving in the car, who upon making a wrong turn does Not stop, turn around & go back seeking the Correction to find their destination?

I Stay in a Willing and Teachable mindset Focused on His Will, Plans and Purposes for my Life.  This is my daily mission, Expecting and Knowing with the Help of His Holy Spirit I Will be corrected and prepared to accomplish Every Work that my Lord has given to
me to do In His Name.
 I expect God Through His Holy Spirit to Stop me if I am attempting to do anything that He is Not leading me to do. I expect that He will stop me and correct me and set me in the Right place and direction by His grace, mercy and Will!

Grateful am I that Jesus Helps me carry the weight of the burden that He gave me. I expect Him to do what He said He would do for me as I carry my own cross following Him.
For me to try & do what I think is Right through my natural eyes and ears without checking in with Him first, would load me with useless Work that would run me down.
I expect God to answer me as I come to Him every day concerning everything desiring to know His Will and Purpose before I do anything.
Understanding through His Wisdom that God gives to me what He knows I am able to do With His Help, is Calming and Peaceful to my Spirit.
The Radical Faith and Trust that continues to grow, maturing in me, Teaches me that He Has nothing but His Best for me, whether I understand the beginning of a thing or not, The End of a thing Will be His best for me and all involved! 
I know this is True for anyone that seeks to Grow in His Love and be prepared for His Will and Purposes for their life! Ask Him and Expect Him to do, And He will do what You Expect.

If you are overwhelmed, frustrated, irritated, impatient and  confused concerning your daily life, your work and family life, your Spiritual life, Stop, Humble yourself and  Seek Him to Clarify your purpose from Him.
 Stop and Humble yourself and open your Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul to be corrected, made Right and Set forth, Balanced in the Direction that He has planned for you to take.

Are you trying to make your plans happen, are you trying to make happen Work that He did Not give to you, through your thinking, your natural eyes and ears you 'thought' you should do what you are doing?

  Are you attempting to Do the Work He Has given to you, Without His Help, Wisdom, Understanding Timing and Order?
  Have you Allowed our Lord's Spirit to Prepare you to do this work, or are you moving ahead or behind the Divine timing and order of His Will for your life?
Think on these questions and answer them in His truth. His truth will give you the clarity and balance that you seek.
Stop, and humble yourself before Him, Seek correction, seek to be balanced in every area of your life.

The motives of our ego and pride will always lead us the Wrong way doing the wrong things, that do Not serve His Will, Plans and Purposes in our lives! Our ego and pride have to be killed off, as they will always move us to disobey His Will for our lives.
 Accept His correction and preparation which are fruits of His love for us all!

What do you expect of Him?  Learn His Word and Promises to us, tell Him, Speak it out loud what you expect from Him concerning His Will, Plans and Purposes for your life.
Speak out to Him what you expect to do and be for Him!
According to your Faith be it done unto you in the name of Jesus.

Think on this, What kind of faith do you have?
 Do you trust Him completely? Are you allowing Him to grow your faith and trust in Him?
Will you obey Him because you do trust Him?  Or will you be blind and doubtful to His Faithfulness, and not align your will to His Will for you? 
Little faith and doubting trust will keep you from allowing His Divine possibilities to become His Divine Opportunities for, in and through your life! 

When You Expect God, then our Lord Is with you and I pray your heart speak through your lips the Praise, Honor and Glory that is Only for Him!
 Humble yourself in the sight of our Lord and He will lift you up!

Remember, Jesus said, "You did not choose me but I Chose you." 

  Have an solid and secure attitude that Seeks to be blessed, prepared and filled with His Purpose and Praise for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Selah

“But the angel said to her, “Do Not be afraid, Mary; you have Found Favor With God. You Will Conceive And give birth to A Son, And you Are to call Him Jesus. He Will Be Great And Will Be Called The Son of The Most High. The Lord God Will Give Him the throne of his father David, And He Will Reign Over Jacob’s descendants Forever; His Kingdom Will Never End.” - Luke 1:30-33 

 On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.
©2010 WisdomTeachesme


Unknown said...

Sure a beautiful sermon..
Thank you so much for it..
I'm most grateful...

wisdomteachesme said...


I am the blessed and grateful one also because of your kindness and boldness to let me know how His Love through me touches your heart and life.
IJN You are welcome, May the Favor and Wisdom of our Lord continue to be found as you seek His Will for your life each and ever day.

Thank you for sharing with me His Love.