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Blessed Is the woman and man who Believes that What the Lord Has Told them He Will Do, that He Will Accomplish Through, In, and For them!  In the Name of Jesus, Amen!

Waiting is most times the hardest part of Believing God. 

When His Spirit pours forth in our heart the Vision, the Promise and the Word, getting to the Finished part is a Waiting time.
Waiting Times are His Divine Opportunities full of His New Beginnings for us.

These are times in which we can decide to be disappointed, or Joyfully Expectant and Grateful.

These are Times in which we can allow Him to reveal to us what needs to be taken out of our heart, our minds, and our ways, And replaced with what we do need, or these are times that we do not cooperate with His Holy Spirit.  We do have the power to make these decisions.

The Lord cannot lie and in the time it takes from the beginning to the end, we have to be Spiritually, emotionally and naturally Prepared, made Right and Taught what we will need as we Keep living for Him  and stepping by Faith each day one day at a time.

Too many do Not allow the Lord to correct them where they are wrong, to prepare their character and heart, to heal them and strengthen them, So that when His promises and blessings arrive, (And they Will Come On Time Every Time), these rebellious people usually mess up the blessings and the promises and end up losing everything.

They may get somewhere concerning some kind of success, but it will Always be Beneath the level that God had planned for them. What they get will Not be His Best planned for them.  And there will be No Glory for our Lord.

We have the choice to be frustrated, disappointed, or full of Joy, Expectation and obedience.

God will show us the End of a thing, that is the Vision, the Promise, then He will back us up and start us at the Beginning of it. The beginning of His Divine Opportunities is upon those that Desire what He Desires, the Way He Desires to do what He Will do. He seeks those that Love and Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!
He seeks those that have Obedient ears to Hear and obey Him completely!

As Long as we continue to Seek His Face, His Heart and His Will, His Plans and Purposes Shall be revealed as we go from one day at a time to the next day following His lead.

Our timing is Never like God's.  He sees and knows All the details, And how long each one will take to accomplish that brings us closer to the End of a Thing that He has Spoken and Promised to do for, in and through us.

Our part is always to Allow Him to remove all blocks that stop the Flow of His Spirit through us as His channels.  This cannot be done if a person is going to do things their way and ignore God's Way, Timing and Order.  Too many have little faith, they have too much ego, impatience and pride, and self will, they have more unbelief than Trust, and think that God is not able to do what He said He would.

At these times of Waiting on and with our Lord, allowing Him to better us, to prepare us to Receive what He has spoken to our heart,  His Truth separates those that Honestly desire God's Will, and those that really do not, but want others to think they do. 
Which side are you on?
Many have guided themselves into self delusions of a fake life.

If a person is going to try and make the Promise and Vision come to Pass by human thought, power and manipulation, then it Shall fall apart and they will end up in a set of circumstances that Could have and Should have been avoided!  We cannot mix flesh and Spirit together and think we shall receive what the Lord has promised to do in, for and through us.

This Will take a person Off the Path that God placed them on, and then it is revealed what lives in their heart that is Not aligned with God's Will. 

Now, the Wise person will seek God's forgiveness, and ask to be corrected and re-aligned to the places they were suppose to be in the first place. Others will seek to 'fix' the issues on their own, and/or ignore the Truth that they (their fears, their disobedience, pride and ego) caused them to go wrong.

The wise person will Seek God's Wisdom, and God Will send His Wisdom through His Truth Bearers!  Here is another Divine Opportunity to Move through the Window of Opportunity that He has created.  These Windows and Doors of His Opportunity do not stay open for long, and if we are not aligned with His Will we will not be able to make it through them.

I thank Him for Loving us so much to send us Help through His Truth Bearers bringing with them the Wisdom needed to correct us and help us take Hold of His Opportunities in His Timing!

When you are driving and you miss your turn, do you just go to a place that wrong turn takes you, Or do you turn around and find your way To your Intended destination?
The Wise recognize their mistake, and Quickly go to our Father in the name of Jesus and Ask for forgiveness and to be Set Right! They know humility will be a part of them facing the Truth of what they have done wrong.

 At this point, both types of people should remember that God Did send them a Truth Bearer to Be a help to them.  They brought His Truth and Wisdom, His Correction to steer them Back to where they should have been.
They come To confirm what the people should know and to re-order their thinking and steps.
Here is Another of His Divine Opportunities to Spiritually grow and mature. 
Sadly, too many ignore, reject and avoid His Truth Bearers when God sends them at the Beginning of their wrongness.  In order to STOP them from going Wrong any further.  Such Divine Wealth and Joy do they dismiss as nothing they need to know and hear!

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold
               In settings of silver.
               Like an earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold
               Is a wise rebuker to an obedient ear.
                                                    Proverbs 25:11, 12, NKJV

So, every day we are given the choice to be grateful, humble, full of Joy and Peace, and Obedient faith, guided by our Lord's Wisdom, or we are choosing to be disappointed and to sulk, moan and groan, not learning and growing.  

Those Not willing to take responsibility for their mistakes and to allow themselves to be healed in the places where Growth and Maturity are necessary, shall keep going in the wrong direction living a fake life--full of self-delusions.  We do have the power to make these choices.

Those that ignore, reject and avoid His Truth Bearers are honestly rejecting the Breakthroughs that they asked God to create for them.  They are rejecting His Gifts, His Blessings, His Love, and Him.

These are the Miracles that He creates to be a blessing to us, so that we Learn Him in His deepness and to the height of His Love for us.

Do Not compromise your visions and blessings by trying to make them come to pass in your timing,  through your little human strength and understanding. 
Compromising them because you will not take responsibility for mistakes made and then to reject the Wisdom that His Truth bearers bring to you In Time to Stop and Correct your ways.

God desires to remove all seeds of destruction from our hearts, minds, and ways of doing so as to allow the Fertile ground of our heart to Grow and Mature the Visions, Dreams and Promises that He placed in us.

The Lord will give us the desires of our heart, If we have allowed Him to put them in there.  They Must be aligned with His desires for us!

God Is Wisdom, He tells us in Proverbs to make Her our best friend, to make Her our Sister!  So that when we need Wisdom, She -Wisdom will correct us, give us direction, make straight all crooked paths, Will Stand in the center of things and Call out Truth from our Lord, She Will confirm to us what we need to know and do. And to rebuke us when we get in the way of His Will, Plans and Purposes in, for and through our lives in the Name of Jesus,.

The Glory And the Honor Belong to HIM, not us!

So the question you need to know is, do you have an Obedient ear to receive God's Wisdom when She arrives through one of His Truth Bearers? 

Always included in the Wisdom of God Is the Wisdom of rebuke.  That discerning hearing hearts desire, and are determined to obey, who Know that this Spiritual Wealth there is Nothing to measure it by!

 Proverbs 25
 John 4:23-24
Luke 1:26-45


On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

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