Friday, August 28, 2009


Woke up this morning, with the mind to get the girls ready for school. Transitions at times have rocky paths, slowed movement, and places where you sometimes feel that you really do not want to go on.

I have learned throughout my years of living that it is Better to keep pushing forward by Faith in the Lord, then to stop and become stuck in the midst of a transition. And that is a miserable place to be--stuck in the middle of a transition.

Also, you can't get out of it by yourself!
I thank the Lord for revealing to us where we are individually, and as a couple, and as parents. He reveals to us where have been/ are stuck in the midst of any transition--So that we would/have allowed Him to Help us become unstuck! Amen! Together, we Are on One Accord in Him! And this is a Blessing!

The mind, body and the lies of the enemy will fool you into thinking that 'giving up', or stopping and becoming stuck in the middle of a transition is easier and better than pressing on; and that is just not true.

Stealing Away to be in quiet with the Lord will rejuvenate your Spirit and Soul so that you can keep right on moving down the middle of every challenge and trouble--Getting Through is the Goal

I remembered that Today is Sisterloves' and my 5th Anniversary together!.

Had I not obeyed the Lord 5 years ago we would not be together--And that I know would not be a Good thing for us.

She came into my life 'AT JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT'! And I came into her life 'at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT!' She was sent to turn my sadness into Joy! And this se does everyday. I only pray to be able to do the same in er life everyday.

Please know, that is Not the Same kind of Joy that the Lord Jesus as provided to us, and that we live in and trough everyday. That Joy from Him cannot be provided by any thing, or any human.

Trusting by Faith in His plan for our lives Always Proves to be the best! Always!

Our Home if Full of His Love, His Presence because He lives in each of us--because He Is the Center of OUR JOY and we love Him above all else!

The transitions that He has taken us through Always lead us to the Next better place--Moving us from One Glory i Him to the Next Glory in Him.

Trusting In His Plan by Faith, Guided by His Holy Spirit is a Path of Love and Revelation.

The Seeds that He has planted in this Family grow, and produce in Abundance Fruit that Always brings Him Glory through our lives.

We have no 'special plans' to celebrate right now....maybe later when He supplies the resources that are needed to 'do something else special' -- But the Special that does not require any money We Always have-our Love for the Lord, and our Love for each other! Amen!

And we thank Him for All the Days that He has granted to us to be together on this earth Serving Him and through Eternity!

We Shall EnJoy our 'Eternal Life' that the Lord has Blessed us with because we Belong to His Family!

I just wanted to share with you our Special Day!

There is So Much for us to Look Forward To !
And we are more than ready to be taken there as we Follow Him!

Rachelle Ferrell I know you love me(live)

Let there be love - Nat King Cole


On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52

Resting In His Faithfulness,

One Day At A Time By Faith.

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