Wednesday, August 13, 2008


"But without Faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For WHOEVER would come near to God must [necessarily] Believe That God Exists and that He IS the rewarder of those Who earnestly and diligently Seek Him [out]." Hebrews 11:6

Grace and Spiritual blessings be to you my wonderfully made sisters and brothers!
How Beautiful you all are! In the name of God’s Love I come to encourage you today to not back down, to not give up, and to not be saddened and cast down! The Good News of Jesus Christ is still very much Alive and Working For Who-So-Ever believes In Him! Amen!

I am not here seeking anyone’s approval or anyone’s acceptance of who God made me to be. I am here looking for fellowship with my sisters and brothers In Christ. Amen.

I check myself often. I make sure to question and examine my motives for everything I am doing or going to do. Do you ask yourself; "Now am I trying to win the favor of men or of God? Do I seek to please men?" Satan is the master trickster, and if you are not keeping your mind on what is good and what your motives are often, he will plant seeds full of lies, doubts, hatred, and a false love from people.

Paul teaches those that say they desire to live through Jesus here he says:
"If I were still seeking popularity with men, I should not be a bond servant of Christ (The Messiah)
"For I want you to know, sisters and brothers, that the gospel which was proclaimed and made known by me is not man's gospel [a human invention, according to or patterned after any human standard]. For indeed I did not receive it from man, nor was I taught it, but [it came to me] through a [direct] revelation [given ] by Jesus Christ The Messisah."
1 Gal 1:10-12

Are you a fence straddle, or are you of the right mind and heart to grow in your spiritual maturity-to want to learn all you can about His plans and ways for your life. To be encouraged and to have the courage to continue to Stand and fight the good fight of Faith?
Are you a people pleaser or a God pleaser? Are you living and striving to fit into groups of people and to gain their approval for every area of your life-or- are you seeking God's approval of your life and living by His standard and examples?

Are you addicted to approval from people or are you whole heartily dedicated to being a living testimony and witness to what the Love of God has done for your life and for others?
Are you spreading Truth or Fear? Are you living in Truth or Fear?
We have to examine our hearts to see what we have allowed in them to live and grow. What our hearts love, that will mold and teach us.

Are we teachable or are we stuck living in and seeing through narrow rules, traditions and hatred? Using manipulation and wrong teachings that were always meant to control people and keep divides among the House and Family of God?
We have to daily examine our motives and our desires to see if they are in line with the teachings, the commandments and the examples of Jesus or of the world.

What does the Spirit of God say to you? Not for you to tell me, but for you to stop and think about it. Have you heard His voice speak to you and if so, what did He tell you to be busy with? That is what you should be doing until He comes and tells you something new. If you have not called on the Spirit of the Lord to help you with everything, then how do you know if you are doing what He wants you to be doing?

Jesus said He came here to save the people that wanted to be saved. He knew the hearts of people-He knew who was playing with Him and who was serious about this change He offered--this new life that He spoke was free for all that wanted it from God.
He knew who to chase after and who to leave alone.

He came to include the people that had been excluded, rejected and were pushed out to the margins of society because of selfish human hearts and hateful self-centered reasons.
He came to teach by example and let us know that even when people reject us--we will survive and will be completed because God is on our side. We seek God's approval and not that of people that use God as a weapon and say that He hates us. We will continue to pray for you if you think that God hates anybody. He created differences--to be Enjoyed and Lifted up. To be appreciated.

I know that so many of you out there are faced with people that want to control you, manipulate you, playing games with you--and want you to jump through hoops to gain approval from them to be in their group. Believe me, you have got to let that false need to be with them go. It is a false love as it comes from people with conditions and not from God.

You are not going to be able to be used by them, pleasing them and live to please and have faith in God. We are set apart from our old lives. That includes people, places ang things that we allowed to be in God's space of our hearts.

We cannot serve 2 Gods. These people will try to change you from what God has spoken to you and over you to do for Him. They have been taught to hate and to encourage hate to grow and attack anything they do not understand or like. Their motives are wrong and not full of love.

There are some very jealous so-called saved children and fakers out here. They do not want you to be Bold and Radical for Jesus. They don't want you to be full of His Gospel-unashamed to speak it any time-- they are ticked off because you stepped out of the boat on faith and accepted what God said to you -- and without hesitation or fear--You are fully dedicated to Jesus and care not a bit what they think about you. You are occupied with your Fathers Work and They don't want you to Include everyone to preach/teach to. They are jealous and offended because You Believe and They do not. It is that simple.

Someone taught them how to hate and convinced them that it is acceptable to hate.
Someone taught them to hate themselves and to hate what is different. Someone taught them to believe that mans love is all we need. Mans love is imperfect and has to be replaced with God’s unconditionaLove – Covered by the Blood. Amen.

Don't give up your destiny with God just to have people accept you through all their issues and self hatred and judgmental hearts. Stop trying – (if you are) - to fit in with people and stay with God--you will not be able to do both. God wants all of you- not parts on some days. All of you- all day- every day is what He wants. If someone has taught you to hate—take a stand—make up your mind to Stop feeding that evil and let it die within your heart.

People like that will have you living inside a closet full of fear and scared to live the life that the Love of God has blessed you with.
A Bold, Beautiful, Unashamed, Always speaking and confessing His love from your heart and mouth kind of Life. With the Faith is always pleasing to Him.

Don’t be afraid of what people will think or say or do. Let His love for you shine brightly by fully accepting who He made you to be. He Will reward all those that diligently and whole heartily seek Him! And please don't start hating in return either. That solves absolutly nothing.

Don't you think that God knows who you are? He made you. So if He has chosen and called you to be in His Family--He knows who you are. What people say is not important to His plan for your life and everyone else your life will touch as you are on your journey with Jesus—not with people.
If God has called you, then He has anointed you and you are under His Authority and work in His Authority. (Gal. 1:1)

He came to fulfill the Will of Our Father and reconcile us all back to Him. We are covered under One Blood and we are the Body of One Head.
Here are Some of the requirements to be in His Family with God.

He said :

wHo-sO-eVeR--trusts in, relies on, calls on, leans on, adheres to, obeys, gives up their life for, picks up their cross and follows Him, loves others and themselves as He loves us, does as He showed by example, forgives others, forgives themselves, kills their flesh daily, stands for His truth and justice, does not deny Him nor His commandments, seeks Him continuously in all times, praises Him, prays to Him, thanks Him, worships Him, spends quality time in Him, allows His will to lead their life,
WhO-So-EvEr -- whole heartily believes Him, loves Him, desires to please Him, does not doubt Him, always desires to grow more in Him, Is not Ashamed Of Him and His Gospel and Law Of Love--HE SAID,
who-so-ever, is not Offended by = negative hearts, silent or spoken rejection, the coldness toward Him taken out on us, will suffer in His name, who will love God's plan more than their own plans, who will be fully committed to God through Jesus, who will STAND through all the meanness and hatred thrown from the world even from some people that say they belong to the Same Father.

Who-So-Ever does all that and more, belong to Him and He is not ashamed of you. He will add your name in the Book of Life.

I have been rejected for most of my life by people of all skin colors adn genders and beliefs. By their rules, traditions, and plans for my life to manipulate me and control me to fit in their categories so that They feel comfortable about themselves.
I know that I cannot do the Will of God based on how I feel nor based on a foundation of other people's wants, desires and whims for my life.

All these years that people have chosen to reject me, I Thank Them—those that pushed me away because my skin is a different color, those that have run from because I love a woman and wanted a child, Whoever you are, I just want to thank you for hating on me because it Only Made God get up and give me more Hugs and more Love.

If you allow Him to do so-God takes hate and makes it love and you will be made stronger and prepared to be here right now—for such a time as this! Amen. Everything that has ever been thrown at me to hurt me and set me up to fail—God turned it around every time and it was used to nurture me and add the preparation I needed to be here RIGHT NOW ! I Praise God in the name of Jesus for His protection and love for my life.

How about you? Are you still here ready to face the lies you have believed and lived by for most of your life? Lies about you –who you are—what you can do and be. Are you ready to stop listening to people that don’t have a clue about their own lives let alone what you are here to do?

I will stand with every glbt person, every woman, and every person regardless of skin color, regardless of socio-economic status, regardless of education level, regardless of any of other 'isms', or issues or differences--I Will Stand for what God has instructed me to do. Teach, Preach, Accept, Love, Forgive and Welcome into the Family that He is the Father of. Who-So-Ever. Believes.

I will stand for the people that have been rejected from traditional Churches, with people who have never really learned about God as much as they have learned about mans religion, mans rules, and have been manipulated in order to instill fear and to control them. I will stand with those that are oppressed because of any reason. I Will stand with people that want Above All Else to live for God and do the Will set forth by the Life of Jesus for us all to follow.
John 12:24-26

In III John we see that to be able to Give Joy to others as we walk in truth is pleasing to God. Walking in truth means living out His Truth in faithfulness and obedience. This is so others will see and be encouraged to follow.
God has made a way that our hearts, our bodies, and our souls
Will prosper in every way (vs. 2).

Daily We all need to ask God for the ability and opportunities to live our lives in His Truth. (III John 4)

We all need to remember that to follow Jesus is to suffer as He did. Ignorance, hatred, and cold hearted hearts, were around in His time--and they are still around today. So if God wants to remove something He will- therefore He is using all of that and everything else evil from satan and from the pain in people’s hearts to mold us and shape us into Courageous, Strong, dependable Children of His. Thank You Jesus for what You gave me-For what You gave Us All at Calvary!

Always He is here for us--He says, Do Not Fear what people can do to you! I Am Here say the Lord! Psalm 56:11. I thank you Lord.

And I am not here to try and convince any people that think GLBT's are living in sin and should repent and try to get ‘a homosexual evil spirit’ off of Us--I am not here to entertain you nor debate anything with you. I am not here seeking your approval or acceptance.

PLEASE, I urge you to Go To God If You Have A Problem With Him Choosing and Calling me to teach and preach His Word and Way to those that desire Him. I go to Him when people are living in hateful, judgmental, life stealing thinking patterns and actions.

I go to Him when I have had about all the hate I can stand for the moment. I take these people and all their hateful thoughts, and their silent and spoken words and actions of rejection and judgement-- I Take it all to HIM and leave all that mess in My Fathers hand.

I am not here seeking your approval or your acceptance of who God made me to be. I am looking for fellowship with my sisters and brothers.

If you are a person that feels there is room within God’s Love to hate-then you have not accepted His UnconditionaLove.
You are still seeing, hearing, living and breathing in love from the hearts and minds of people, not of God.
There must be time spent with Him in order to allow Him to re-mold you and repair you. To re-teach you how to see life through your spiritual being and not your flesh.

Did somebody teach you how to hate?
Who taught you how to hate? Who taught you that it is acceptable to hate and judge people different from you based on the outside? Who taught you to hate yourself because you are different from the one who first spoke such hate filled, life stealing words to you?
We all need to Stop believing all these lies.

God created differences to be appreciated and loved.
And now that you are aware of how you got started hating…what are you going to do about it?
Are you going to allow it to keep growing in you producing rotten, life stealing seed and fruit? Or are you going to go to God to ask Him to forgive you and remove what is not of Him from your entire self?

WE Already KNOW that He loves us--He has told us so. And Nothing or Anybody can separate us from the Love of God.

I know that all the people that reject me and others different than themselves – I know that they love with mans love, a false love and not with God’s Love. I have long since forgiven them.
Love like that I have to ignore as Jesus said to do.

(Matt. 15:6-14). I will continue to allow God to change me, so i can love them and to keep working on them. Just as I daily call upon Him and Thank Him for His Love working on me at every moment and area of my life.

To be fully re-created into Love is my goal. I have not obtained it yet—But I keep Pressing on toward what is ahead of me and leaving what is behind me in the past.


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