Friday, August 22, 2008


Thank You Lord for Remembering me and all these that I am led to pray for in the name of Jesus, thank You, Amen.

I pray your strength in the Lord be true and steady, and increased to the level of overflow to help you continue.

I pray that your heart is willing and accepting of All the Lord has planned to give you and to do through you.

I pray that you always remember to feed your spirit and discipline your flesh.

I pray that you remember and discipline yourself to walk by faith
in the Spirit of love and not in the spirit of selfishness and fear.

I pray that you do not reject what the Lord says to you even if it is not what you want to hear.

I pray that you will with joy obey the Lord's leading of your actions, and speaking.

I pray that when you do not fully obey the Lord and you make mistakes that you run to Him with the Spirit of humbleness and forgivness and offer yourself to His corrections.

I pray that you rec' with a good heart all that He says you need to do.

I pray your mind, heart, feet, hands, and spirit all stay in one direction facing The Way. Focused on Jesus and not religion.

I pray when you get tired and want to give up--when you feel that you cannot take anymore from the selfishness, and evil of this world and the hearts of people;
I pray that you seek the Lord and lean on and adhere to His Way - for His love is a balm and a comfort.

I pray that forgiveness is being watered and growing in your heart for yourself and others that have rejected you and done wrong to you.

I pray that your strength be in the Lord and that you will not be offended and confused by His correction and guidance.

I pray that you are given all the Spiritual wisdom, eyesight, hearing and knowlegde that you need to not give up!

I pray that you seek the Lord God our Father at all times and that you think about others before yourself.

In the name of Jesus, I pray all this for your life.

2 Cor 3; 3:17

'PRAISE YOUR WAY THROUGH' by Patrika Worthan & Shirley Ceasar

Patti Labelle & Edwin Hawkins- "My Soul Needs To Pray" 1995

Let us join together my sisters and brothers in lifting up the Name Of Our Father God in the name of Jesus we need to praise our way through on to battle!

That is our part of this battle--AS THE BATTLE IS NOT OURS-IT'S THE LORDS!!!


**If you say this prayer over yourself--
please change the 'you' to ' I ' ***


msladyDeborah said...

Peace and blessings to you.

Please visit my blog spot.
I have something for you there.

The post is titled: My Brown Eyed View~Brilliant?

Be blessed!

wisdomteachesme said...

well my sister-lol- you have surprised me with this and i am humbly gratfeful--and all glory be unto God!

thank you so much for thinking of me and the work that is done to serve our Creator!
He Will remember you !

Don said...

Thanks again for the email and the message included. Of course I sat and read it twice and definitely take caution in my actions and the actions of those around me, more times than not. I believe there is great power in prayer if one believes.

The song My Soul Needs To Pray is a pretty good song.

wisdomteachesme said...

hey don,
sorry it took me a moment to get back to reply. sinus issues.

you are welcome. i am happy to know that His Word lifts your spirit and thinking.

we are in the beginning of new beginnings!

be well my friend.