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**NOTE** this is a longer than usual 'gospel praise friday. if you do not desire to read the message/teaching for what ever your reasons-please scroll on down and let the anointing given to this music lift your heart and spirit up to Jesus in praise and thanksgiving. When you have more time-come back and water your garden by reading the message/teaching that has been provided as you have asked for. Amen**

All other ground is sinking sand.....

I Cor 14:33 "For God is not a God of disorder, but for Peace."

**Please know this, i know i give a lot of word for thought at one time-if you were to print them out they would be little booklets to eat on as you move through your day. You cannot drink all the water given at one time. keep your container full of His word that i give in service to Him that sends me. Sip on the water as you are able to take it in-when you thirst; allowing it to flow throughout your being and refresh your mind, body, soul and spirit for Glory be to God through your life and service unto Him that made All. Amen**

Proverbs 27:17
NIV - "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
KJV- "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend."
NASB - "Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another."
A famous proverb, this verse may also be translated as applying to the will: "Let iron sharpen iron, and so let a person sharpen his friend." The idea is that people grow from interaction with one another.
It takes iron to sharpen iron. Sharpening a knife requires iron at least as hard as the knife. Once sharpened, a knife is bright, sharp, and ready for much more productive service.

Greetings to you-people that God loves and favors.
I declare that It Is a great day to serve the Lord-Amen.

Before we get to the music to assist our praise, worship and thanksgiving unto God, let me Share a few things with you today to help you as you move along this way. Thank You Jesus. For as you move along your way you may meet another that is in need of encouragement and compassion. Yes Lord.
(Titus 2:1, 8, 15)

No matter the storms that come by your way-nothing can stop you from standing, sitting, or holding onto The Rock--Standing on a Solid Foundation, nothing can stop you except you!

I strongly Encourage you-Advise you to be strong and stay connected to the people that God Has Put you with. Accept the separations that His Sword of Truth has cut you free from other people.

After you have been told a good word--Many of you may run when God sends His messengers to speak His word to your spirit. You run because the truth is hurting to your flesh and your ego-your pride. Think of it like cleaning a cut, when the anti-bacterial is put on the cut, it burns and stings. We shake the area in pain-we want to wipe it off. Truth is, if we just bear the pain, the uncomfortablness created by cleaning out the cut....this hurt lasts but for a moment, and then healing begins to take place and then we can bandage it up--Just as Jesus covers us-Just as God heals brokenness.
Why would God start to close up a wound- start to heal something and not clean the dirt and bacteria out that could fester if sown into the area? Right He wouldn't!

When you allow Truth to move in and set up Home in your heart-you will understand how the lies were killing you and killing the plans God made for you to accomplish.
We All Must Face the Truths to kill the lies! Amen.
Only then, can a change be made or continue to grow.

You prayed-God heard you-He sent a messenger with your answers-you listen at first-fully excited and praising Jesus for this Word He has sent to comfort you--then, These Words sent, touch nerves which convict your flesh of wrongs-you start to listen to your emotions and fight the changes God needs to make in you--then once again, you run....blaming the messenger with convincing lies you tell yourself about the messenge and about God. Finding false fault and desiring to rec' the Healing of Jesus is like bandageing a cut, but not taking the time to clean the dirt and bacteria out first-all because you don't want to go through a little pain.

This is not 'Standing on the Rock' living-this is 'telling yourself that you see giants and thinking that you are a grasshopper' living! This is wanting to be a 'better slave' and not a better servant!

Face the truths about yourself-Kill the lies that you have believed for far too long!
If you cut the ropes that connect you with those that serve God -- those people that God uses as 'your life-line'....then what happens to you when storms arise, when foolishness comes your way-what happens when you need someone to go into prayer with you to add to the strength to battle spiritual warfare?
Where is your wisdom? Ok, so use it!

You must stay around Wise people in order to become wiser.
(Pro. 13:20)
Make Wisdom your sister and listen to Her. (Pro. 3-9)

If you do not have friends and or family menbers, that are supportive, caring, non-judgemental, uplifting, encouraging- people that you can lean on - at least one is dependable, they are forgiving, loving people that are growing in God and God is growing in them.

Go quickly into to prayer and ask God to please send you some people He has washed and blessed to be a blessing to you. You in turn will be a blessing to them.

Ask with all the faith that you have-no matter how small nor how large your faith is- ASK in Faith- it will be given unto you.

Family members can be the blood line of our fathers and mothers and our other family is through the bloodline of Jesus.

Let us offer to God the confessions of our hearts through our mouths. Let us declare in the name of Jesus, the truths that we know about God. Amen.

Connectivity is the ability to make a connection and the state of being connected. Challenging and hindering our ability to make and maintain our spiritual connections with God through Jesus is what the enemy tries to do to us.

He intends to separate us from God by attacking--trying to create divisions between God's people. he knows that is we stay connected and unified his plans will be defeated.

One of our purposes is to stay connected to defeat the devils work.
(Eph 4:1-6)
God honors and favors relationships that grow in Him!

Isn't this a great day to serve the Lord! Yes, I do know so.

"3 Little Pigs/Solid Rock" - Dorothy Norwood

"Get Thee Behind Me" -Dorothy Norwood & The Miss Mass Choir


"I Never Lost My Praise" - Tramaine Hawkins

**Psalms 18 & 19**

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