Friday, August 22, 2014


Oh, there is Confusion in your midst....
Stop, right there, and Calm down, and Remember who the author of confusion is!
Now, Remember Who the Author of Order Is!
Now, you can be Guided Through, Around, Over or Underneath The confusion....

# it's Not Complicated
# Fear is Not real
# that is all, carry on....


"... the blood that gives me strength
from day to day,
it will never lose its power...."


A Word to you...
And As you do those, Release Your Faith, and then Rest In Peace, Because, at this point, It's Already Done!

# it ain't complicated!

Lord, thank You for making me ABLE!!!
I Remember!
Yes Lord, IJN, Yes!


My ability to forgive is connected to my ability to love.
The more I forgive, the more I love.

Oh Yes! And I may even still talk to you.
But, I still will not trust you.
My forgiving someone grows and matures me.
They may still be the same person, repeating the same unhealthy toxic words, thoughts and actions...
# don't get ti twisted!


Nawww.... that would be a Big mistake on my part.
I am not looking for anyone to give to me what I already have and already Give to myself.
No one can give me what I already have and need to give to myself.
Seeking that from others will Always keep one in a life stealing, never ending cycle that leads no where good.
I know my weaknesses, my lack, my faults, and I embrace them, accept them as part of me, and allow the Lord to stand in those gaps. He completes me where I am lacking.
I can't, but the Lord Can and Will.

# can't use against me what I already know and accept.
# don't get it twisted
# tell yourself the truth


Please don't get it twisted...
Love protects, corrects, defends, and stands in the gap... Love Is Power all by Itself, Unto Itself. Love Grows and Matures Every thing It lives within and Everything It covers. Love is Never ending.

Love is Not passive aggressive, manipulative, and hateful.
It is not double-minded, jealous, envious, and back stabbing.
It does not use people and throw them away.
It does not Speak one way and Act another.

If what you try to hand me is any of the Later, I will reject it.
You may Think what you are giving is Real Love, but if it has any of the later in it, it is not Real Love.
No thank you!
Some people Need to Boycott Ignorance, Hatred and Violence!

Some people Need to Fast from lying, spending too much money on things they do not need, from whining, complaining, being so damn nosy, from comparing themselves to every one else.
From trying to impress others, from being jealous, envious, and ignorant, from being double-minded, from being carnal, from being disobedient to what the Lord has told them to do.

# don't come at me with shallow christi-Nese foolishness... I will shut it down!
# We are Not called to be like other Christians, we ARE Called to Be Like Jesus The Christ!
There is A HUGE Difference!


Thank You Lord for another Day full of Your Opportunities, Your guidance, Your protection, Your directions, forgiveness, Your corrections, Your Beauty, Love, For Every Thing that You Are!
I am Grateful that Your Love has awakened me for this day!
IJN, It's Already A GREAT Day! Amen!

I hope that You all enjoys the blessings of this day and will share all that you have been given.
Much Love to you all!


"He/she broke my heart, did me wrong, lied to me, used me, etc... I loved her/him, and they treated me like trash... I will never love again! I am not going to put myself in that position again! Love sucks!....etc..."

I hear/read this at least 4 or 5 times a day via fb posts....

Let me help you out a little bit....
LOVE did Nothing Wrong to you! Love did Not hurt you, lie to you, treat you like trash, use you and stab you in the back. ETC....a person with immaturity, insecurities, passive aggressive ways, a jacked up character, a selfish, running from themselves, Etc... Did those things to you!

What you did was get with the Wrong person. What you did was not examine Your Definition of Love, What you did was Expect from someone who could not give to you what you want and need.

Do you have conditional Love or unconditional Love?
That is where you need to start so that you can grow and mature and make better choices.
Along with asking the Lord, AT the Beginning, Is this the person YOU Chose for me Lord? If Not, Please remove them from my life!

You asked that After you decided to get with this person, After you went through it with them...After putting all your time, energy, heart and $ into a one-sided relationship.

It was not Love. Don't reject Love, if you do, then How will you be healed, and made Right?

# there 's More to this, but here is the gist... ^^^


Many people will not appreciate the Kindness you show them, the Help you give them, the Love you share with them....
Don't get bent out of shape and sit in your emotions when they don't appreciate what God has led you to do For them,
It's Him using You as His vessel, to work Through.
It's Him that is calling to them, and it's Him that they are ultimately rejecting...
Yes, a lot of people are just taking advantage of you and the Kindness you show them.
But, truth be told, Allow Everything you do in obedience to the Lord's Spirit leading you to be Done IJN as Glory to the Lord God.
Don't stop obeying the leading of His Spirit just because some folk aren't' There Yet!
It may have never been His purpose for them to turn around at that moment, He has His ways of Working on a person....they will see their wrongness one day...until then, do what God leads you to do, and praise Him for His faithfulness and move on.
Vent if you have to, talk to Him, He will clarity what is going on and comfort you.
Don't expect folks to give what they don't have. But that is the point,
You didn't know that they didn't have it to give until they revealed their True character...


You know... Folk should REALLY Be careful Who they bring into their children's lives.
Just because YOU are attracted to this person and they appear to Be attracted to You.....Do not Ignore the Well being of Your child(ren), just to Be with some one. Just to get a piece, Just to have a warm body next to you.

If that person does not get along with, pay positive and healthy Attention to your child(ren), if this person is NOT Paying their child support for their own children or not taking care of their own in any way....(neglect) Then YOU need to Back up off that person.

Also, If your child has serious concerns about Your person, you NEED to LISTEN to them!

NO ONE should be put before the well being of a healthy life for your children--NO ONE!

As parents we have to put ourselves off to the side some times in order
for our children to have what they need and deserve!

# feeding desperateness will jack you up!


If you feel you need to Work for someone's love, no matter what kind of relationship it is, you are never going to get from them, what you want and need.
If it is an intimate relationship, you are with the wrong person.

Love is not something that should be, or can be worked for. Not Real Love.
Real UnconditionaLove is always Ready to be Freely given.


Too many times, many Grown folks, hold on to childhood issues and keep themselves stuck.
All the things they couldn't do and didn't do, as a child, hold them back. Because they make a mountain out of them, they put a chair on top and then they sit in it for the rest of their lives.
So you didn't have a chance to do _____ like the other kids, when you were a child.
So you Couldn't do _____ like the other kids, when you were a child.
So you didn't have _____ like the other kids, when you were a child.
You know you have heard people say some of these things with a longing and hurt voice. As if those things Still have a hold on them.

Too many grown folks hinder themselves by their thinking and giving power to all those can'ts, didn't, couldn't, from their past.
So you couldn't and didn't when you were a child.
You can now. If you still want to.

Get out of that chair, on that mountain that you created and change your thinking, let that younger version of you Know that YOU ARE Alright!
That You have made it to where you are now, and that you don't need that younger version of you to protect you anymore!
Now when that younger version of you speaks up, it is to encourage you, to love you, to speak life to you, as you are now!


God Ain't Through working on you, in you, through you and for you!
It Ain't Over Yet!
Take a break, let those tears fall, praise Him how ever you need to!
And remember, to Keep Expecting Him!
Remember, to Keep praising Him!
Remember, to Keep Loving Him!
Stay Humble, and alert, God Ain't Through!
It Ain't Over Yet!
IJN, So Be IT!


You've Been better to me, than I've been to myself....Yes Lord!


No Need To Ask......

How Sweet it Is to Trust in the Lord....How Blessed one is who Trusts in the Lord....

This soft spoken morning, bringing to us a coolness in the air that does not belong at this time, but has been refreshing and uplifting... I am grateful for this soft spoken morning and all that It brings forth for this day...Providing the opportunity to sit and ponder, meditate on His Love... on the days work ahead.
Giving Thanks with a Joyful Spirit for every opportunity that will be given to reflect His Love...
Releasing Everything that is out of my control, and not part of my work to do.
All that impossible stuff, I leave with Him as this opportunity to do so is opened.

I am expecting to have extraordinary experiences and opportunities as I am carried through this new territory of the spiritual as well as the natural realms of life....
Those will secure me in God's balance as unexpected challenges arise for me to face.

As long as I am confident in His ways made for me, these challenges will not impede my impetus as I am being grown and matured in my relationship with Him. As I am being prepared for what is to come.

Even though these challenges come to throw a wrench in God's plans for me, by attempting to have me frustrated and discouraged.
My response to the circumstances will not please the enemy.
I have already made up my mind what to do, and self pity, anger, moving before my Lord, or lagging behind Him are not part of my course.

These challenges and circumstances shall be Used to propel me into the Victory that His Grace has prepared for me.
I am covered in the sweet fragrance of His Knowledge and Purpose...His Wisdom Teaches me.
I shall not be a victim minded Witness....I shall continue to stand in His strength, love and truth, being bold, strong and courageous...His Love Is The Loudest sound I hear....

I have no need to ask Him for anything, I am in a place of Knowing that Everything has been supplied and that I only need to Praise Him for it being done, In the name of Jesus

He will always Lead me To the Victory of His Glory, in the name of Jesus, Yes He Will, So Be It!

Matthew 6 (Amp)

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2014 WisdomTeachesme

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