Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Good Morning/afternoon/evening!!
Are you Living in the Glow of His Love Right Now?
 Right Now, Are you? 

Jehovah Is The Living God, The Right Now God!
What are you doing that is holding you back?
 What are you Not doing that is holding you back? 

What is Holding you back from changing, being changed, growing, maturing, from doing What Jesus did, And More? 

Speak out any and all unspoken sins, let them go so that you will be forgiven, and delivered out of, And Into!

 Learn what Jesus said, in that is the Power to our faith and trust when you speak over your life what He said and taught us!

It's SO Much! He's Given me So Much!
I have to open the doors and let it flow!

I have been hearing a song playing in my head and heart for about 2 weeks now. Over and Over, no matter what "I" try to think about, if it is not focused on what and who I am Suppose to focus on, I hear the song start to play...and it keeps playing until I begin to smile, and go back to resting in His Peace!
I am sharing this for those of you who have ears to hear....

I keep hearing the song, Praise Your Way Through!
IJN, Praise. Your. Way. Through.

Relax, Stop making plans, stop letting your imagination go through the what ifs, and why's , etc...
just stop, and Begin to Appreciate the Lord. Begin to Allow the Gift of Gratitude to flow from within, Begin to Praise Your Way Through, by Remembering ALL that GOD IJN has Already done for you!
Stop, and either go back, or begin to Rest yourself in His Peace.
It's already done, all we need to do is to Trust and Believe, and Praise Our Way Through!
IJN, so Be It!

Lord God, I have to Praise and Thank You for Another Chance.
Another Chance to be healed,
Another Chance to Love,
Another Chance to see a sunrise, taste ice cream, eat a peach,
Another Chance to see a sunset,
Another Chance to learn,
Another Chance to be forgiven, and to forgive,
Another Chance to take completeness of the Blessings You provide,
Another Chance to do the things I messed up with last time,
Another Chance to praise You,
Anther Chance to do Your Will,
Another Chance to build what You say I need to Build,
Another Chance to hug, laugh, touch, smell the Sweetness of my beloved family members and friends,
Another Chance to meet the people You have spoken to cross my path,.
Another Chance to listen to the birds sing, to feed them,
Another Chance to create, to help, to pray for, to praise you for,
Another Chance to do all the things I didn't do the first time you told me to.
Another Chance to change,
Another chance to trust and believe...
Thank You Lord, for Another Chance...
IJN, So Be It!

The Grace and Peace of our Lord be unto you this morning!

It's a bit cooler, Ms Autumn is moving herself into place, Ms Summer is doing her best to stay longer....
Giving us a taste of their impetus, of their twirling back and forth movements
It's another beautiful and wonderful Day!

Many speak about Him, but do not Speak What He said and taught...
Many wonder why their words have no power....they are only speaking about Him, not what He said, which Has The Power when Faith and Trust are added. There is a Big difference between talking about Him and speaking what He said.

It's not complicated...
Live what He taught us, Pour Your Faith on what He taught us, Trust and Believe what He taught us...Then, The Power of His Blood will be seen and experienced by you.
What do you want? What you can do, or what He has done for you?

I hope you all enjoy the blessings of this day, and also, will share what you have been given with all you meet today!
Much love to you all!


Oh Yes! Another Wonderfully Made Day, Full of Every Thing we could possible Need!
IJN, I was Awaken by His Love, in It's completeness, full of Joy!

Gave All impossibilities to the Lord, expecting Him to turn them all around into His Possibilities and Opportunities for us.
Allowing Healing, Correction and Wisdom to flow into me, to keep me balanced, with open and obedient ears and eyes, stepping into all the changes that He has put into place.....
Grateful that He has made sure the girls will have a Great first day back to school and a Great First week, and a Great Year as they begin their 11th grade year!
As Doc and I are carried toward our 10th Year Anniversary on This Friday (28th)
I sit and REMEMBER where we have come from, with excitement I Look Forward to Where we are being Led to Go, and all I can do is release a Sigh of Relief, release A Complete and Continuous Praise to our Lord, for All He is to us, and all the Our MotherFather God has already done for us!

It's a Magnificent Day and I Hope that you all enjoy the Blessings of this day and Share all that you have been given with all you meet today!
Much Love to you all!


While parents are Gathering up School supplies And New clothing to make sure their children have the proper items for class, I HOPE they Remember to Make Sure their Children Have these =
Self respect,
Respect for all others,
An acceptance of Differences,
Positive Structure,
The ability to Help others,
The Understanding of Why we need to Help to others,
The desire to Learn,
The maturity to accept correction,
A Spirit of Creating,
A Love for the ARTS.

These are things that can't be ordered nor bought at any store.
They Must be taught-supplied to the child at home by the Parents!

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2014 WisdomTeachesme

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