Monday, January 20, 2014


Do you hear Lady Wisdom calling?
It's Not Complicated.
Not until we add in our own stuff.
What God plans for us, how He leads us, Is Not Complicated.

God's correction comes from His Love for us.
When we reject His correction, we are rejecting His Love.
It's Not Complicated!  We are a Work of His Love!

Daily, the Lord will send us correction for purposes of spiritual growth and maturity, to realign us with His Will when we have taken steps off the path He put us on.
Correction that will deliver us from what torments us, to remove from us, all that is in opposition to His Holy Spirit.
Correction to alter our mistakes, to free us from our self imposed limits, to strengthen our relationship with our Lord Jesus.

When you change your perspective and are able to receive Jesus as Your Friend, He will Sharpen you.  He is our First friend to sharpen us when we allow His teachings to be ours, when we allow His heart and spirit to dwell within us, then His love is able to change us. 

 Also, He sends us correction to Keep us from making mistakes, to keep us from taking a wrong step,  from being lured by fleshy desires that will place us in an unnecessary situation, problem or trouble.
 He is so wonderful and loving to do all of this, to Keep us from troubles and the outcomes (consequences) of bad decisions. 

When we reject His corrections, our choices judge us.
(John 12:40-50)

Correction keeps things from becoming complicated, or, removes, smooths out the complications to put things back to How God made them, simple and seamless.

He sends correction for the purposes of preparing us for what He has prepared For us.
No matter how well we think we are doing things, there will be parts that we could use correction in. There is always room for better.

Correction is God's way of fine tuning us, His instruments,  so that we are flawless and righteous to carry out His Will. This means we will be obedient in all that He leads us to do, Not just obedient with a and b, but not cdef.  Not just obedient in the things we want to do, but with All the things He desire us to do.
All, not Some!
 Not just obedient on this day and not tomorrow, but obedient in All things, Every Day.
It's Not Complicated!  And It's not hard, unless we make it hard by rebelling and rejecting what God says we need to do.
 When we refuse or reject Him, we make His plans for us complicated by adding in loyalty to our flesh and emotions.

God's correction Brings More of His Love into us and brings us deeper into His love and purpose for us.

When people reject His correction, they don't have a problem being out of tune, with being an instrument God cannot use. They would rather not be used, always playing out of tune, playing the wrong song, at the wrong time, then to be corrected.

Pride goes before a hard fall! Without His Love, we are simply loud sounds that hurt us and helps no one. No matter how good our intentions are, we are not usable by God.

He sends correction to pull us out of the life stealing hindrances and habits that our past life has created, which hold us back from growing and maturing and growing in our new life. (Think of what Jesus said about old wine in new skins)

He moves us to places that go against the "Norm" that others are following.
 His correction separates us from others, and many times that makes people uncomfortable.

Their motives for wanting to be with the 'crowd' need to be examined.
Who are you living to please, your flesh, other people or God?

It takes courage to allow the changes that God knows need to be made by us.  Courage to trust Him, Courage to obey Him completely every day. Courage to face the lies we have told ourselves are truths. Courage to allow our past to die and take hold of the New Life that Jesus has for us. Many just want their situation fixed, so they can go back to their old lives. 

Too many hinder their spiritual growth and maturity, because they do not want the truth to make them question their decisions.  They don't want to see the flaws and the gaps in the details of their plans. Many want to carry on, business as usual, stuck in the middle of transformations, rejecting healing and deliverance, they are content repeating the same self defeating cycles they started out on.  (I am reminded of Jesus and the 10 lepers)

  We are being re-trained, remolded, put into the refiners fire, to remove and correct what needs to be removed and corrected.
Yes, it cuts our flesh and makes us face what we need to face, but this is what you asked the Lord to do, right?
To heal and deliver you, to make your heart clean? Right?
This is where many begin to run away from what they asked for from God.

We have asked for this correction, for healing, for deliverance, but many take offense, get bent out of shape when God sends correction.  When God sends healing and deliverance, many reject it in favor of what their flesh tells them.  They refuse to listen and accept the correction, because of what lies their past is whispering to them.

 Iron Sharpens Iron.

 Truth does that, makes us examine our motives, and the ways in which we live each day.
Truth feeds us what we need, opens the doors for us to receive more of God's wisdom, understanding and all the other Gifts of the Spirit.  It's a Very Good Thing!

The wise seek correction. The wise are ready to examine their plans in order to find out if they have added in what should not be added in. Or, left out what should be put in.
God uses us to sharpen others, and He uses others to sharpen us.
 (I am So grateful for this!) 
When we reject the simple ways that God sends, in order to go through the complicated ways that we created we are revealing our immaturity. We are allowing our unbelief and fears to control us and guide us away from what God has for us.
We all have to grow through in order to get to that mature place of willingness and being teachable. Willing to have our ears re-trained to the sound of His Love and our hearts cleaned out of all that is toxic, rebellious, selfish, and fearful.
Yes, there will be times that we will fight correction, until we get tired of being stuck and wrong. When God sends correction He is asking us, "But aren't you Tired of making the same mistakes, over and over and over again?"
(Yes Lord! You Know, that I know I got tired of it Years ago!)  

We have to Want these changes more than we want to stay the same.
It's Not Complicated.

Many don't want a friend to bring them correction, I for one, Welcome any friend of mine to bring me correction, to say hey, that part of your plan, look at that again-- to give me a better perspective, to catch me before I cross without looking both ways, to reveal to me the flaws and gaps in my thinking. 

And, the person that God uses may not be a friend to bring us correction. Who so ever God uses, if my help is with them, then come on in.

I have gotten to the place where  I am not going to try and control who works for God, and how they need to work in my life by telling them- don't ask me questions that will make me question my choices, don't correct the flaws of my plans, don't show me the flaws and gaps of my choices, don't stop me from stepping wrong.
I have learned my lessons and apply them often!
I recognize God's Love when Wisdom sends Correction to uncomplicate any area of my thinking.  (Yes Lord!)

Many times people simply want someone to agree with them in their wrongness, and to make them feel good no matter if they are about to step wrong or not. They don't want anyone to correct them. 
Yes, some times the truth stings, but I've been through enough to know that the sting of the truth is Nothing compared to the bondage of lies.

I have gotten to the point in my natural and spiritual lives where every day, all day I Need God's Correction and Wisdom to Keep Me!  Who ever God uses Is ok with me!
Our flesh and Spirit war against each other over each choice we must make in our daily living, but we have been given the Way to allow our Spirit to control us and to be Willing and Teachable so God's Spirit is Able to do what God sent Him to do.
To help us make the choices God desires us to make.

We have been given the Power to cooperate with God's Spirit, but many deny the opportunity to Spiritually grow and mature and they instead feed their flesh and starve their Spirit, then wonder why they are stuck repeating the same things over and over, never reaching their breakthrough!

We are God's tools, His instruments to be used as He sees fit.
When God sends His correction, I encourage you as I do myself, to Allow that correction to break you out of and put you into!
I encourage you To allow God to move you past all old places of rebellion and resistance that our flesh tries to keep us imprisoned within.  To allow the opportunities and blessings that God has spoken for your life to take root in your heart and spirit, so that by Love and Faith you are prepared to be used by God in the mighty ways He sees fit to use you!

And please, don't ignore the small things, every thing begins small, and with God all small things will grow and mature as He desires, producing the Fruit, the Works and the Glory He desires.
Thank You Lord for the correction I need, it keeps me humble and closer to You. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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