Tuesday, January 7, 2014


"You crown the year with Your Goodness,
And Your paths drip with Abundance!"
Psalm 65  NKJV
My God, this is Another Wonderfully made day and I Surrender myself to You completely!

In Spirit and Truth my Lord,
I magnify Your Holy Name Jesus, to keep me focused on Who my Help is, to keep me focused on Who Deserves my Praise and Worship!

You, my Mother God, Who has provided atonement for all my iniquities, I am made Whole, my whole self is Healed by Your Grace, Mercy and Love!

You keep me focused on the Greater and not the troubles, problems, issues and challenges that I daily face. 
You have provided the Truth I need for each day, to be able to See each challenge as a Way for You to Prove to me Who You made me to be!

I Sing Praises to You my Beloved, for using all the troubles, problems, mistakes, issues and challenges to Better my character, soul, heart and spirit, to Reveal to me that You made me Resilient before You placed me in my mother!

I am Blessed because You have chosen me, You have called me and You Draw me to You!
 You have crowned my path with Your purpose, love, grace, and provision!
Thank You for leading me in the Ways that You have Planned my steps to go!

I am full of Your Peace, Joy, Calm, and await Your directions!

Thank You for not giving me more than I can handle, be they troubles and challenges, Or Blessings.
Thank You for not giving me my Blessings before I am Prepared for them!
Thank You for Preparing me for what You have Prepared for me!
I Shall continue to honor Your Divine timing, order and pace for my life!

Your Spirit stirs the fire in my heart for You!

Thank You for providing Ways to walk away from all temptations that will do harm to my Spiritual life with You!

Thank You for Teaching me and Keeping me and saving me from myself!
It's not about my feelings.
Thank You that the words of my mouth and my actions are balanced and equal.

You have placed Your desires for me in my heart, and now they are mine also!

You my Lord have Proven to me, Who You know that I am!
Touch me again Jesus, Touch Me Again, because, what I know is not enough, because I know there is More of You I don't have yet! I am thirsty my Lord!

Joyfully I seek Your Righteousness and Your Face!

Oh You,  my Beloved Mother, are the Reason I am, and I sing to You my gratefulness and thankfulness!

Daily my Faith grows and matures into a never ending appreciation for You my Lord!

You, my Lord, Who has Blessed me with a Good Life, Unconditional Love, Complete Purpose, with unshakeable Faith & Trust,  with Rock solid Boldness, with a Soul deep Confidence, with Understanding beneath the surface, And with Divine Wisdom, Clarity, Strength!

My Heart Completely Loves You Lord and desires to Please You with obedience!

You Who awaits to receive and answer our prayers and praises!
 You Who waits for us to Stop, so that You Can Speak to us!

You my Beloved Lord, I sing praises to for this day and every day You give to me!
You have called me to Come Up Higher with YOU, and I abide!

I am expecting Your Best for Us for each day of this New Year my Beloved, I am Expecting You to Touch me again Lord Jesus, Touch me Again!

I want what You Want for me, In the name of Jesus my Beloved Mother Father God, So Be It!

Mark 8:22-33  (AMP)
John 9:1-41  (NKJV)

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2014 WisdomTeachesme

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