Saturday, January 16, 2010


I hope that you have awaken to the beholding of the fullness of life, love and peace on this New Day that the Lord has made for us to Enjoy!
I have been soaking up the depth within the teachings of the Lord from the Red Letters that He spoke and lived as an example to us all.

The Spirit of the Lord told me to give you A short burst of Encouragement and Clarity to Carry with you & Think about today as you go about your daily duties, and the fulfillment of your Calling....

God Does 'A New Thing' Throughout Every Day! Many Small new things, and Many large new things....but 'His New Things' are missed by so many who are not believing for example, that God Will Do them, or because people's self will & desires Are Not the same as God's are for them.

John 8:31-32

" To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really My disciples. Then you Will Know the Truth, and the Truth Will set you Free."

NEVER lose heart, NEVER lose Hope!

We have to continue to kill the proud and fearful self, as we Courageously Go On day after day!

From that dead self--The True You Arises!

Those that have lived Through And Gained knowledge, Wisdom, & Understanding from the transitions that have been created to help in the Changing of our hearts and minds; for those within His Will for them  Remember, that all New beginning come with changes.  You are not prepared to do what is ahead of you, so therefore you must be changed, prepared and made ready...mentally, physically, emotionally, and of Course, Spiritually.

I know that the Lord has moved many of you up higher--(some of you refused to be moved)-...and before you take one more step into the depth of this new Spiritual MUST go through some refining fires, some remolding on the potter's wheel by the Master potter...
We ALL have to do Is His Way.

And, It is to be Rejoiced about...this LOVE from Him that is infinite!

Let me tell you something I know Is the Truth about the Lord....
In the Beginning of Every thing, God wins, Even if It is Not seen, till the end of the thing.
Give some good deep thought to that.....

 Let Us Go On, ever more with Him, our Lord day by day...starting And staying in Today!

Remember that doing 'good deeds' in an attempt to mask and cover the truth about ourselves that Are in dire need of change, does not work.  That is something people thought up in an attempt to fool the Lord..and or, to fool other people....Sorry, you can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

Many do this all too is not about the humans that see you from the outside appearing to belong...but it Is About the Lord seeing us all from the inside, And Knowing We Belong!

If there is Any self-importance in your motives, then rest assured that the Lord Is Not Able to use you--you have blocked His Power in and through you.
Our main goal and purpose Should Be to Bring Glory to God.

I encourage you to Not allow the earth's frets and troubles, to trick or disturb you and give you any reason to fear anything thus disobeying the directions He has given to you.

Keep focused on staying Spiritually Calm, wrapped in the Peace and Trust that the Good Shepherd Is With us and is Always directing those of us that depend completely on Him .

This Is one of our weapons against fear! 

The Lord knows that it takes Courage for us to want to change, to say 'Yes' to Him when He first Calls to us to COME! 

He knows, that it takes Courage for us to stay with Him All The Way Through into Eternity!

We have to check ourselves daily to make sure we are within our Faith in Him.  DAILY! At all times of the day.

“But I say, walk and live in the Spirit ; then you will certainly not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh (of human nature without God).” (Galatians 5:16)

To make sure that we have not blocked His Power, His Love, from flowing Into us And Out of us!
To make sure that we have Not become stagnant in our Spiritual, emotional, and mental Growth...What the Lord Gives to us, Should GROW.

We have the Gifts of the Spirit--All of which Should grow daily.
And then once we have matured in them, we  are able to Live out His teachings within the Beautiful Beatitudes!
The Beatitudes Are His directions to us abotu how we should live through the Gifts of the Spirit.

So many have it twisted...some are trying to use immature and stagnant in growth- Gifts of the Spirit to try an accomplish the Promises, the Work/Directions that He gave to us within the Beatitudes...and then when what they try does not work...many get mad at God.
If you are attempting to do His Work without Him in the center directing and you obeying...what you are doing will Never positively work.

If you are attempting to do His Work through motives of self-importance,  what you are trying to do will Never accomplish positive life giving and growing results, that Give Him the Honor and Glory through your actions.

You all do know that the Courage and Strength that I am speaking about that it takes us to allow His changes to be completed, Come from Him--Through the Lord Jesus....right?

All we give is our desire of Love,  of Faith and Trust in Him and He does the Rest.   If you are disobeying the Lord, then your will is being served, not His.

Through His Courage poured into us, we Are able to face  and kill off the enemy of 'self'.  It is Not our circumstances that are our enemy--But our selves.
This enemy will hold your back in the darkness without Him and hinder you from believing.....

A person's foes are those in their own household.  Our households Are actually us, our bodies and our dwellings that we live in.
We take ourselves everywhere we go.
We have to keep learning to face the lies that we believe, replace them with His Truths, and continue to LOVE ourselves enough to make it through from each beginning, middle till the end of All the changes and transitions.

The Lord Is our purpose.

The changes that are necessary, Always begin within us First!

 Psalm 25:17-22

 Eph 4:11-13

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

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