Monday, January 25, 2010


"I Am your God. Your Great Reward.  Yours to look Up and say, 'All Is Well'."

"I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much (abundant) fruit. However, apart from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing." 
John 15:5

For those who Serve Him, that constantly and consistently Seek the Lord, each day provided Is a day Full of Steady, Faithful, Progress.

Spiritual, mental, and emotional growth and maturity is occurring for the willing, the teachable, for those with obedient Faith...Even if I don't see it, I know it is happening And that the Lord sees it.

Our Complete Love for Him is our Impetus to continue to Persevere, to Love, to Stay Joyful...Ever more Enjoying Every Gift that He has provided that brings us laughter, truth, correction, wisdom, knowledge, Peace, strength and Increase.

The Fruits of The Spirit Are Always in Season, Always ready to grow and be used daily by us to honor and glorify our Lord through our Obedient Faith.

Remember, my sisters and brothers, that the Lord Is teaching us, and these teachings are Not always Only, His Spiritual Truths that gladden our hearts.  

Often, oh too often, there must be His Words of reproof as He reminds us of His commands that are Not obeyed.

The child that runs and tries to hide, or gets angry and annoyed at the times of necessary correction, Is a rebellious child.  Who creates a harder and longer lesson to learn.  a rebellious child is one who is immature and self centered and is seeking her/his own way...not willing or teachable, not committed to the main purpose, not wanting to give, just to take.

There is faith, and then there is Obedient Faith!

When we disobey His leading in even the smallest of places and moments, we create a gap, a rift and lost opportunities in a Plan that we did Not make.  And, having no idea what is to come with our next step of Faith, we have no idea about who else we are hurting, or causing an inconvenience to, that is connected at a point and time with us.  We have not been told the entire plan, we do not know How one thing we do will affect another, according to His Plans.  

To ignore His corrections He hands them to us,  is to deny that Your life Is in His Hands and not in your own, or in the hands of fate, or the enemy, or some other human you have given control over your life to.

Rebellious children are attempting to change the direction of the Flow of the Living Waters, which is also an attack against Love.  We are saying to Him, "i know best for me concerning this..."

The Good Shepherd knows that we must live within a Divinely Planned Balance concerning this natural world and the Divine Spiritual world.

He corrects us not just concerning His Commands that we have ignored, but also Any Resolutions made when in Contact with Him, that we have failed to keep.

He reminds us of Work done for Him where we had No Spirit of Love and Joy pouring forth which reveals to All that this Is His Work we do.

In times of our failure to obtain Supply, it is most likely because of our attitude-not our heart- that did question whether His Supply is unlimited and would Be Fully Provided.

True, many of His lessons are not easy to learn, but many times we push past the Way He has directed us to learn it and we complicate those that are simple and easy to learn; because of pride, ego, or laziness, and unbelief.

Sometimes, Our Lords leading is Not down a chosen flower bordered Path--But Remember, He does Walk With us regardless of which direction He leads us by.

Just as He did with Peter, even Peter when he denied the Lord.  and we are to see and follow the example of Faith that Peter left for us as disciples of The Lords......he had seen his sin, he asked for forgiveness, going out and he wept bitterly.

He always listens with an intensity of Love so to catch even the faintest of cry from the least of His children.

Many times in vain, He turns toward those who Love Him--often listening for those Spontaneous Words Of Love!

The Lord reminds us to Not only cry out to Him when worries and cares press and we are weary....He requires that those who profess to Love Him completely, TO SPEAK TO HIM OFTEN And to SHARE With Him All the little happenings, the happiness, the joy filled moments of our days, along with the frustrations and frets.

He wants to JOY with us in the glad moments...many times we will quickly call someone to tell them what good thing has happened to us, before we Call to Share the news with Him First!

Sharing with Him All things, every moment, good or troubling with the Lord First will increase and strengthen the Love of your relationship with Him--It will draw you closer to Him and Him closer to you.

Sharing every moment with Him, Living a Spirit Led Life, having and Using Obedient Faith...Think of it all as Compensation to Him for the neglect He suffered from His world for us.

Psalm 18:36
Proverbs 3:6-8
Luke 16:10
Romans 12:4-10

Philippians 4:8

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.


Attorneymom said...

Happy New Year to you and my Soror and the children.

wisdomteachesme said...

And the same to you AM and your family.
I hope that you are doing well.

Always in His name and Love...