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My HOPE for you is that you recieve the gift that keeps on giving=the Love of God, Jesus.

When I gave my life to God in the name of Jesus on March 21 2002, and then at the moment I began to follow my Brother Jesus, I knew with the next breath I drew, that I was a Whole Person.

Even though I knew there was much work to continue, and that some things can and will be a struggle that He wants to teach me as He remolds me; even with all the work that He needs to do, I knew I was a Whole Person because of His Love.

I was waiting for the return of one, waited for over two years for this one to return to me-and me her. She was not able to return to Us. So I talked to my Father and I told Him, that I understood that His Spirit was telling me I had to let her go—let all that we cherished go-into His hands into His heart because she could not return to Us.

I then told my Father, if she is not able to return to me and we be together for all the days that you give us on this earth-take care of her, and please send me the person, the woman, the heart that You have chosen for me to love, and to love me the one I am to grow old with for all our days that You give us on this earth and into eternity.
And So He did what I asked of Him.

My will became His Will and I received the Love that He knew was and is best for me and for the heart of the woman He sent to me. We have a new Us!

I love the Way God will put some things and some people together-He always gets Good from Everything He is involved in! Amen.

I was made Whole at the moment of surrendering my natural life to Him—He Who created me. Who better to complete what He started. After looking and trying on other peoples love, trying to make it fit me and mine to fit them-- I found that all the other people I thought could make me Whole – could not. And that I could not make any of them Whole either.
I had nothing to do with creating them-And they had nothing to do with my being alive in the first place. I understood that no human could make me Whole because that Position, that Power, that Authority, that Builder, that kind of Divine Love had to be from the One that began me.

And the beginning of my being made Whole was at the point where I started to forgive myself and then to unconditionally love myself. Just as God made me, not loving the person that everyone in my life wanted me to be and not be, not what society said I should be and not be, not the person that ‘I’ thought I should be and tried to mold myself to fit into-that small narrow ‘thought’ of who I should be.

But my Wholeness came from my accepting who I was Purposed to Be. When I took my hands off of myself, I became a Whole Person. Thank You Jesus.

This is when I accepted my Fathers UnconditionaLove for me—I Was Made Whole by the Love of our Father God through His Love for Jesus.

I then realized how my life had been changed and whole heartedly confessed that I now dwell in God’s Possibilities-His Purposes for me—I came to Him broken in so many pieces—wounded in heart, soul and spirit and His Love took me up and held me close to Him as His Love began the process of mending my cracks-remolding the malformed parts of me and His love shined be up and gave me a fearless confidence…..Every Day I dwell in The Fathers Possibilities and In His Purposes for my life.

When you allow His Love to heal your wounded heart, soul and spirit,; then you will know that it is only with the Right Heart that you can clearly see what is essential that is invisible to the eye.

What is to be cherished and loved as priceless, cannot be known in the mind but must be felt in the heart.

I was made Whole before my Father brought her-this new partner into my life. He had made her Whole before He brought me into her life.
And together, “we be twice as strong and we be twice as sure and we will have us twice as much of love and everything.”

On the morning of this Miraculous Season that is upon us, I was once again awaken by His Love and Purpose for me. This morning as with most mornings, He woke me up so that I can meet and greet the Glory of Him before It arrived.

I turned over and looked at the peacefulness that dressed my beloved’s face and I began to speak a poem to her that I learned many years ago.

When I met my beloved and her daughter, I read this poem and thought to myself then, it is such a good fit.

I last heard myself speaking this poem over 2 years ago in my art classroom to my Art I students, as I directed them through this project that I created on how to read a poem, how to understand what the poet was conveying and how to illustrate a poem.

She awoke to the love pouring from my heart, escaping through my mouth; “I be bringing you a whole heart”, is what I said to my beloved. And the warmth that raced through my body brought such a strengthening to my love for her—and I knew that I love her more today than I did yesterday.

This inspiration sent me to get up and find this book of poems by Mari Evans and to read the entire poem to her.

And now I am inspired to share this all with all that visit this Place of Quiet Encouragement.

I welcome you to share in the Love that made me a Whole Person.
Have you received Your invitation yet?
Have you opened it and RSVP’d yet?

I have always loved Mari Evans’s work. She is one of the most overlooked and under recognized amazingly gifted women writers that God has placed on this earth to be a voice for the people.
Here is the entire poem that His Spirit put in my heart and on my mind when He woke me this morning.

Here is the poem that inspired me to write this post. ENJOY!

by Mari Evans

I will bring you a whole person

and you will bring me a whole person

and we will have us twice as much

of love and everything

I be bringing a whole heart

and while it do have nicks and

dents and scars,

that only make me lay it down

more careful-like

An’ you be bringing a whole heart

a little chipped and rusty an’

sometime skip a beat but

still an’ all you bringing polish too

and look like you intend

to make it shine

And we be bringing, each of us

the music of our selves to wrap

the other in

Forgiving clarities

soft as a choir’s last

lingering note our

personal blend

I will bring you someone whole

and you will bring me someone whole

and we be twice as strong

and we be twice as sure

and we will have us twice as much

of love

and everything

**selection taken from A DARK AND SPLENDID MASS
Poems by Mari Evans 1992

My sisters and brothers, let us find the Joy that lives within us, let us find the desire that is within us to seek His comfort and companionship that He Who Is Love so deeply desires us to have.

I Encourage you to place your hearts, souls and spirits into His Will so that all that has given you the wounds you have will not be able to keep them from healing anymore.

Let us live within His Love so passionately, so full of dedication, so full of the desire to be changed; that nothing is born in us and nothing comes forth from us unless it is His Love.

my HOPE is that you recieve the gift of Encourage that i offer to you. To help you Continue to persevere and be committed to living the Faith that pleases Jesus and that will be the catalyst that brings forth the Courage to Change.

In The Name Of Emmanuel Let us strive to be more Christ-Like and to always preach the Gospel and if needed, you can use words.

Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

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