Saturday, December 13, 2008


To have and use His ‘Keeping Power’-is to trust Him-to have faith in Him-is To Prove Him!

To strengthen oneself in the Lord, allows the continued work of helping others that are not where you are yet. They are on their way, but they need some help.
(I Cor 2:4)

When you have run out of what God has given you for today--You have got to allow yourself time to sit, quietly and remember how you got to today. Through all the messes that you created, that other people created and the trouble that satan sent your way. Jesus Got you over! that is Your testimony—Your Deliverance Story! You have got to allow quiet time spent with Jesus in order to be restored-replinished, rejuvenated--to be given a Fresh Anointing--so that your cup will run over and you will be prepared for the next things God brings your way. Amen.

Among other messesages that He will send us to speak; We are to share our Deliverance stories-our testimonies of How Jesus Got us Over. As we walk-step by step, one day at a time please don't be ashamed, scared, embarrassed, nor feel unworthy to share your story in order to encourage those that listen to you. If you do feel this way about sharing your deliverance story, my Hope is that you are leaning on Him to help you get through and past this fear. In Jesus' name, Amen.

We don’t always know who He is sending us to speak His love over before we get there. No matter what the situation & circumstances are that your life is in or the persons life is in, If God sent you to them and them to you-and yes, you may be walking into a storm-- but keep your eye on Jesus.

I warn you, Don’t Look At The Waves!

I must confess that with this in between season that we as individuals, as Americans and as part of the World on a whole-- are in—I am filled with gladness that me and my family are with Jesus. I am even more excited that He uses us to help others come, understand and stay with Him to help bring in the Harvest.

I am so glad that He kept knocking on the door of my heart years ago-I’m so glad the Father allowed me to go through what I did – which hit me so hard with truth that I knew I could do nothing to help myself.
I HAD to open the door and Let Him Come On IN!

As long as there are days to live, I have things to learn!

He has prepared us for anything that may "POP UP" outta the blue that is a old challenge with a new twist, or an old one that has either not completed it's course-OR- we didn't kill it off the right way.
Whether the trouble is from inside or outside of our home-or the issue may be something that we have never experienced before since all that is being Divinely revealed in this world is nothing we have ever known to happen before.
I will not look at the Waves. I know the Staying Power of His Love.

No Matter What--I know He is standing right beside us waiting for us to lean on Him and say, "Father, what shall I do?" And by our spoken faith we prove Him-He then reveals to us what He has done--created A Way that we may continue to go by. Thank You Father.

What He has already brought us through to get to today, I know He has created a Way out of no way for anything in our future that may happen. I know He is already in my tomorrow! And I know He is in your tomorrow also.

Now is the time to know how to trust and have faith in our Mighty Good Shepherd! And to Know the Holy Spirit is to Want to continue to grow, as what we already know is NOT Enough to take us the rest of the way! Amen.

Don’t let satan fool you-we need to be teachable all day every day. Amen.

Have you gotten there yet? Do you have that Fire of Him burning in your heart? We all get a burning hot fire in us for Him. It’s the love.

Many think their fires have gone out and some have allowed them to burn down to a few embers. A lot of people think that is all they need--they know God to a point--but it has not 'clicked' yet for them to realize that our love for Him He sees in us when we consistantly obey Him and how much time we spend with Him. Not when we start with Him and go to a point then start living by our will again and calling on Him when troubles or Holidays come around-Or when we are with 'other Christians".

The little embers and the grace from yesterday will not help as you face the challenges of daily living in this world that evil is trying to transform into his living quarters. Every day he comes up with a new combination of evils to throw at us--we have to be taught on a daily basis--to stay teachable and humble so we can learn and through it All-hang on to our Father's Staying Power!

The enemy roams small place after small place spreading his lies and fear. He lingers around sneaky or boldly-sometimes out of sight-sometimes he will walk right up to your face-- to see who is looking at the waves instead of fixing their eyes on Jesus.

Don't be fooled-Your Flesh is not your Friend.

Let me remind you that satan also heard you when you spoke love out to Jesus. So because you confessed your commitment of faith to Jesus, satan comes to see if you really meant it when you said it. That you will love and follow Jesus forever-that you trust and have faith in Jesus—that You BELIEVE!

Helping others when we need help ourselves, dealing with more bills than earned cash, sicknesses, mean bosses, terrible neighbors, a bad part of town you live in, all of this stuff-- these are the waves sent by the enemy to make you sink in what faith allows you to walk on and through—don’t look at the waves. Hold on to the Staying Power of Jesus!

Not only does he want you to stop following Jesus, he wants you to stop spreading the Gospel to all the people that God has placed to cross your path and you theirs.

He wants you to stay when God tells you to go. He wants you to go when God tells you to stay. He wants you to get involved when God has told you to leave it all with Him and wait. He wants to turn the fertile planting ground that God changed your heart to-satan wants to turn that into his battle ground and make you start a war with yourself.

Don’t Look At The Waves!

Satan does not want you to speak out your faith in public. Speaking your faith could be actually verbally saying something about Jesus, most of the time it's how we treat people while we are in our homes and out in public. It's preaching the Gospel without using words that God watches for most often. You can say a lot of things--but do you live what you are always saying?

So satan sends fear in one form or any other to make you ignore the divine opportunities that God has created for you to honor Him with. Opportunities Created for you to help others that are in need as we are His Representatives, His Ambassadors.

We have the dedication and conviction in our hearts to do this work for Him. This is The burning hot fire that is His Love in us.

A lot of times, people do not want the help they need, so much as, wanting the help they want. They will ‘fight’ Him on what you have been sent in their lives to do and say. You don’t work for them, you work for Jesus. People today are really the same underneath as they were in His time of living as man. Do what you were sent to do and move on. If you are to stay and some type of platonic relationship has been formed-then going through the long-suffering with them is part of this. They are in it--you are suffering with them as they go through it because you have a heart filled with God's love and you feel for them. But know that they- just as you or myself has to go through 'it'.

We are to Learn as we teach.

No matter how they act or re-act, it is not about you-don't take it personally. You are learning also as you are helping--it's the Way God does things. Many times our being changed and having the experience and 'getting' the wisdom all will happen at one time.

This Walk-the transitions, the changing and purifying that we go through to name a few of the seasons and stages; is not always easy. Remember, God already knew you when He chose you and sanctified you as His.

Do you get tired; do you feel sometimes that you are just worn out? Is doubt walking through your heart and mind? You love God, you obey Jesus, but wave after wave keeps dropping on you and pounding down hard in your soul.

People seem to get worse and the more you love Him the more they act like fools.

People – so many have believe his lies and become more selfish, more concerned with money, social status and instant fame. Satan has grown a lot of weeds and poison plants. Help Us Be Strong Jesus!

My friends, let us keep encouraging each other. We cannot make This Journey alone or without helping His other children that are set aside for His use.

God wants us to stay on Fire for Him.
Love always grows-it is was never created to be stagnant and stunted in growth and maturity. It was created to grow-go through phases and up to different levels of strength and power and with it comes the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of The Divine. It grows, it blooms, it re-seeds the ground with more Love and more of The Divine. It produces effectively!

It can be a lonely daily walk on this Journey that His Righteousness has given to us. Be full of His Joy and Peace, His compassion and forgiveness. And Please USE it well!

I am so glad for His still waters, that He is my Shepherd, that He restoreth my soul-I just have to shout about His greatness! Thank You Lord for Your path of righteousness that I walk for Your names sake! Don’t matter where You send me—I cannot fear any evil—Your Rod and Staff comfort me—thank You Lord for comforting me.

Lord I am so filled with Your love—I want more—You prepare a table for me in front of all my enemies! Lord, Jesus, You anoint my head with Your Holy Oil—and my cup just keeps running over and over and over—every time I am emptied—I turn around and I am filled with your goodness and mercy Father, surely I will stand on top of what others sink in. I know all the days of my life that I dwell with you- I believe down deep in my soul I know I will dwell with you Father in Your house forever and ever! Amen, Amen, Amen, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty Good Shepherd, I love you lord.

Psalm 23 = Staying Power of God

Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

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