Friday, February 29, 2008


Good Day!
I hope you have greeted this day as it has greeted you.
Full of Glory for God! Amen!
And, If you are within "a dry season" and you are not at your spiritual best right now, then come on and see about the cooling waters that flow here. Everyone that is following His Will for their lives goes through "dry seasons". God Always provides Renewal and He Will direct you to it. Amen.

Let us Keep First things First!
Father God, we come to you in the name of Jesus, to thank You for this day, and for all Your mercy and grace that is new everyday. Father I pray that all those that are in need of you and your greatness, will call upon you for help. I pray that all the people You have Called to come and work for you, will obey and answer the Calling you placed on them. Glory be unto you Father, and Lord, I pray that all the little children that are not in good homes, or families, that You will send them a Ministering Angel to help them in their days of pain and hurt and bring them into your light and fullness. Save your children God, in the name of Jesus We Will Walk in the Will of God- I thank You as I know this has been done! Yea Amen.

Who-So-Ever you are, I pray you know that When you call on the name of Jesus He will save you, comfort you and stay with you.

Strengthen your relationship with Jesus by talking to Him, by obeying Him. If you don't have a relationship with Jesus, and you want one, Step on out and call His name, Tell Him you surrender your life to Him and that you want Him to come and live in you rightnow!
And He shall answer you and bring Glory to our Father-yea amen.


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