Friday, February 15, 2008



I hope this finds you living in the fullness and strength that belongs to us! Amen!
It is always better to obey than to offer sacrifice. Actually, obeying is a form of sacrifice as we are usually called to give up our time, resourses, and space to others through obeying.

Give it all In The Name of Jesus!

And take His yoke, it is much lighter and easier to carry.
God loves you-He made you from His love and He is pleased with what He has made. Amen.

Allow Him to clean out your life and your path from fears, burnt ashes, years old baggage, detours that you took, maps that you created that lead in circles or to dead ends...
Allow God to repair your heart and your mind Allow Jesus to Heal you and He Will.

Let God Know that You NEED HIM! That you are tired of doing things your way! That You worship Him-You praise Him through every trial, tibulation, dissappointment, sickness, wrong doing, THROUGH everything God and Jesus is the Center of your life!!

Tell God-Tell Jesus-That You have not lost your PRAISE!

Get ready to enjoy This Day-as it will never come back around again!
To God Be The Glory!

from new album-I Never Lost My Praise.


Tramaine Hawkins - It's right and good- Love Alive 5


I Never Lost My Praise- Tramaine Hawkins


Tramaine Hawkins - You need Him

Twinkie Clark - Worship The King


Twinkie Clark - Thank you for the Healing

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