Thursday, July 17, 2014


These are a few pieces of Love and Truth that the Lord has given to me over the past few days.  Each day, He sends me clarity, understanding, truth, guidance and strength.
I am not able to do what I do for each day without Him being my strength.

My confidence is, that His help is always waiting on me (us) to speak that we cannot do what needs to be done. To acknowledge that I am insufficient to complete the day's work by my own power and ways, so I am always in need of Him.

It's not by asking/praying for His help that it comes, but because, I acknowledge that I am unable to do anything by my own little human power and thinking, does His Help come to me. His help is always waiting on us to Receive it.

I Hope that you are encouraged and lifted up by what He has taught me that I share with you. In the name of Jesus, so be it!

Thank You Lord, for protecting us from ourselves, and for protecting us from those you send us to help. As we are led into places we've never been before, no harm shall come to us.
No Matter What, Lord, I trust You!
Your Covering is absolute and complete, In the name of Jesus, So Be It!

# season of separation
# season of revealing
# new season ahead...


It's Sad, how some forget Who Helped them get to today.
It's really a shame, that some, whose lives are so Much Better today, live as though no one was sent to help them....That they just got better all by themselves.
They don't say a word... not an action, toward showing appreciation for those that God sent to help them when they needed it.....

And truth be told... some of these, throw those people away, by being twofaced, big headed, childish, etc........ it's sad for them, that they throw away the Blessings they asked God to give them.

Don't forget Those that God sent to be Your Help, Look back over your days and remember all the times when God sent help at that very moment you needed it!
Your Help came through People that He directed, who desire to serve Him and Love Him and reflect His Love. .

Don't forget that when you don't Appreciate those that God sends, you are not appreciating God!

I appreciate Every Person that the Lord sent to be a help to me and my family, when they obeyed the Lord's leading... Every day I thank God for them, no matter when they helped me, I Praise the Lord for their obedience to Him.
IJN, Amen!

The Only reason some people Keep you around, is to Keep You Down!
They are Good at what they do, they have mastered their type of manipulation and con...
... they can See your gifts, talents, abilities and anointing.

They have Already made a Plan to Use you, to Use your gifts, talents, abilities and anointing, to Further Their Ride off Your Coat tails, to get a Piece of Your Blessing!

Be careful, Stay alert and aware, Draw Closer to the Lord Jesus, Grow, Mature and allow Correction to change you....You Will be prepared if You Allow the Lord to do so.
Go beneath the Surface of Your Blessings....there is Way More Under the surface....

And, Another thing....
some people come around you to use you to make themselves better. And this is a good thing, but many are only there to get what they can and then move on to the next person that they can use.

They don't want to become a better person, they just want their situation changed, fixed, made right better... so they can go back to their old life.

You may be called to help them, make sure you use your discernment so that you do not allow them to get but so close, all the while you are helping them as God says to.

# Jesus asked the one, "Weren't There 10 of You?"

Let me help you out...
You may be thinking, "it didn't have to be this way, they could have done it a better way, why is it happening this way, Why have they done things this way?"

Some Times, relationships (no matter what kind), Have to go through a Flare Up of drama, lies, betrayal, messiness, confusion, etc.....In order for that Relationship to Come to An End...

If it had not happen that way, You would Not have left that person alone.
You would Not have separated Yourself From that Person.

Separation is necessary, Because of a few reasons.....
One being, what they are about to reap in their harvest, would take you out, cause you trouble that God does Not want you to go through.
And Two, what God has planned for you, Where God is leading you to, they would mess it up if you stayed attached to them.

Forgiveness is always possible and a necessity for your Well Being....
Love can be given from afar....I can do both, but, I will not Trust you Any More.

# it would take a Barnabas to tell me that you've Been Changed by God's Love
# a new season is approaching, Get ready and Stay Ready...
# for those with ears to hear....
# for those who desire to Grow and Mature...

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2014 WisdomTeachesme

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