Sunday, December 11, 2011


And those who lived in darkness were Set FREE by the Light.....

Greetings my sisters and brothers,
I Hope that you are Enjoying the Gift of this Beautiful Day!

Jesus Said, "Who So Ever Believes....."  And I Do!

Isaiah 9:2 (NIV) - "The people walking in darkness have Seen A Great Light; on those living in the land of deep darkness A Light Has Dawned!"

I Hope and Pray that you will Follow The ones, Befriend the ones, that Have Been Given His LIGHT, who Allow It to Shine Spreading NOTHING but, Love, Grace, Mercy, Trust, Forgiveness, Friendship, Loyalty, Truth, Wisdom, Help, Encouragement, Faith Strength, Compassion, Patience, Correction, JOY, PEACE, HEALING And Companionship.

*and from these Loving Gifts, Life Will Be ADDED, and the only places that death remains is With All things, ways of thinking, speaking, acting, and with the people that God has cut from your life!*

I hope and pray that you are Expecting New Beginnings to be Opened for you, Doing Your Part that God told you to do (whether you want to or not),  adding Obedience  with your Faith and Trust in our Lord,  You Will take HOLD of these New Beginnings that He has planned for your life!

I hope and Pray that You Will walk every day in His Power, Knowing that in His presence we are able to Stay Spiritually focused and refuse to allow carnal ways to cause chaos, interruptions, distractions, or fantasy based decisions to guide us.

I hope and Pray that you Will seek from Him to have What you know and understand about our Father and our Lord Jesus corrected where it is wrong, lengthen where it is short, enlightened where you are in the dark, matured where you are immature. To ask Him to Open your Spiritual knowing, understanding, and to clarify your eyes, your heart, your ears with a deeper portion of His Wisdom so that you Know, Understand, and are Able to reflect Him More often than not!

I hope that You will Recognize, that Every thing He directs us to do, Is All for His Glory Through you, All for the Building Up of His Kingdom that lives in you--in each of us!

I Hope that you Are not afraid to Leave the darkness that His Light is revealing to you, that you Are More than READY to Walk on the water as He beckons for you To COME To Him!  Focused On Him!

I hope that fear, doubt and fantasy do not have you out Looking for your Past, with the intention of reconnecting with old jobs, old friends, old lovers, old business partners, old ways of thinking, living and speaking= ALL of Which God Has CUT out of your life!
None of those people and things Will Work for you now!
CLOSE that DOOR! Our past is equal to a Grave Yard!
And, Only God Can breath Life into dead things and dry bones! And, If He has NOT directed you to be around what He has cut you FREE from--GET out of the Way!
  He Has Closed the Door on such things as they are old wine skins and old wine!
I Pray that you Will MOVE your Foot and allow those DOORS to CLOSE!

I HOPE and Pray that you Are Expecting the New people to come into your life that He has sent forth!
I HOPE and Pray that You ask for a STRONGER discerning Spirit so that you Will REMEMBER To seek His Purpose for each person that crosses your path!
Doing this will keep you from being tricked, from fooling yourself by emotions and fantasy, and will KEEP you on the Path of Obedience to accomplish His Will concerning each person!
And Will also allow each person to accomplish what He sent them in your life to do.

Just because we do Not see things, or know things, Does Not mean God is Not Working In and For each of us! Rest Assured that when God wants us to Know, He Will make that happen! Keep Trusting Him!

He Is DOING New Things in your life, He has placed you in the Flow of the Impetus of His Holy Spirit, Where your emotions have NO Power, No Say so, No authority Over your thinking, decisions, your words, or thoughts!
If you are only LOOKING in the Natural then You Will Miss what God is doing for you, in you and through you! He begins Everything in the Spiritual realm First!  Come Up Higher In Him!

I HOPE and Pray that you are Cooperating With His Holy Spirit --REST and Allow His Plans to unfold before you, in you and through you! 
I Hope that you have Spiritually grown and matured so that you understand that you have nothing to  worry about, that He is in Complete Control of your life!
This Is The GOOD Life that Jesus Told Us about!

I hope that you 'get it' = that anything you do that is not directed by Him, Will cause you problems, trouble, and consequences that YOU Do Not have to go through--unless you insist on going through them!
If you insist on Walking around that mountain day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, He Will respect your decision to use your Free Will this way!

I hope that You have not Only Learned from your mistakes,
BUT Are Also Applying what You have learned so that You are a Better person!

I hope that you understand that, there Will always be people who are jealous and miserable Because you are Obeying Him, because you are Now Completely trusting Him and spreading the Gifts of the Spirit that live in you to all that He brings your way each day! There will always be those that express carnal ways because His JOY and PEACE Are Yours! All He offers Is For everyone who desires to Live a life that pleases Him, but they want from Him without living for Him.

 These people do not understand that You Seek His Glory Every day, they do not get it that You know it's NOT About YOU! They are not spiritually mature enough to understand... STOP trying to make them understand, STOP trying to explain Truth to them! They have to Have Truth in them in order to Rec' Truth!
You are speaking the language of Faith and Trust --they do Not understand this language! Just Live His Truth and Hopefully one day they Will get it!
But do not stand around waiting on them! Their 'time' is not upon them, Sow the Seeds that He has provided to you and move on to the next Heart that He directs you to.

I hope that your life Mirrors what you speak, especially in public!
I HOPE and Pray that You Remember to REFLECT Him and not your flesh!

I Hope and Pray that You Will Make Time EVERY DAY, To REST in His Love, in His Truth, in His Promises, in His Faithfulness, In His Presence and Be Renewed, Restored, Rejuvenated, Replenished! This is How He matures and grows us, because we Give Him our time and allow Him to Keep Us!

I pray and Hope that you Will Listen to Your Spirit-Not your Emotions-that you will Take care of yourself and Let go of Everyone that is negative, double-minded, fake, and Stay READY for His directions....And Do what ever He tells you to do-When He tells you to do it! Glorify Him!

I Pray and Hope that when He is silent, you do Not allow fantasy, emotions or anything else to Move you, when He is telling you to Sit, Rest, and Be with Him.

REST, Let Go of what is not in your power to do And TRUST Him MORE= He Has Supplied the GRACE that you Need!
And REMEMBER, that you can NOT Carry the Weight of the dead people and dead things with you Into this Next Spiritual Awakening  that God is Guiding you into!
We have been separated and are abiding with His Spiritual timing and order concerning our lives, there are Many who can Not accompany us!

Those things are part of the Darkness that He is leading you out of!
Let those DOORS CLOSE So that New Doors will be Able to Open!
Use the Time to Expand and not retreat, to be broadened and not shrink, to be enlightened, not pulled into a deeper darkness, to Step into the Light of His New beginnings instead of staying with the crowd of those who do not trust Him.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen, So Be It done to you according to your faith!

Micah 7:8
Mark 4:23-30
Mark 6:8-16
Luke 10:16

Luke 10:15-22

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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