Thursday, November 3, 2011


Teach me How To Live To Please YOU,
      because YOU ARE my God! - Psalm 143

Because the LORD disciplines those He loves, as a Mother or Father His children He Delights In!

*Because of His Love, I Am Growing Through All the Middles of.....*

In the Name of Jesus, I Thank You my Lord God for Your Looking Glass that reveals to me Your Truth--reflecting the areas of my character and heart that darkness holds me hostage in. In this darkness Grows impatience, distractions, frustrations, rebellion= all pulling on me to react, think and speak in the wrong ways, trying to get me to entertain and leave in place the blockages grown from darkness that sit in me-keeping me from being Your Worthy vessel--keeping me from Having All of Jesus' Power In me and therefore not Pouring Through me for myself and others. For what is not in me I cannot give, And to give from the darkness is not Glorious unto You!

 Thank You my Lord for showing me what I am being Loyal to that is Not a part of Your Glory, Righteousness or Your Kingdom! Yes, I seek Your Love to Correct me Lord so that my words and actions match and are balanced to Reflect You!  In the name of my beloved Brother, I Thank You for Your Truth Shinning In and Pushing Back the darkness that I was feeding.  I Am In Need of being delivered from these dark places that live in me. Thank You for killing what needs to be killed and feeding with your Truth and Love what Needs to be alive, growing and maturing in me-Producing Fruit that is Pleasing to You my Lord GOD!
 YES my Beloved Jesus I Want to Be Healed and Completely Restored and Recovered!

"My Lord, I did not handle that situation properly, and by speaking death, I have hurt the heart of a loved one, of a stranger, of a co-worker, and most importantly, I have sinned against YOU, because of how I re-acted in that situation.  I seek Your forgiveness and correction Father in the name of Jesus, Thank YOU!"

Have you gotten to this place of Spiritual maturity yet, when you know you have done something you should not have, And you stop and in the name of Jesus you seek correction and forgiveness from God when His Spirit convicts you?
Or has your pride, ego and the other enemies of your soul and spirit convinced you that it is best to blame others and not see the branch that is in your eye?

Are you being loyal to your mistakes, to the hurts, and pain, to your lack and shortcomings, Instead of Being Loyal to the lessons that are to be learned from the mistakes, and being Loyal to having His glory come through your life Every day?

How many times have we as parents snapped back at, or cut off our child from speaking what is truth to them, so that we are able to hear it and correct them if needed?
 Do you know that reacting this way stops all light, truth and love from flowing through us into them? Instead of watering and weeding them we are killing them and stunting their Spiritual growth-not helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus. We become an enemy to our children.

  How many times have we given nasty attitude to a stranger or co-worker or server through no fault of theirs--because we have allowed frustration, irritations, distractions, the challenges that we are facing, the lack that we have, the impossibilities that we are trying to 'figure out' by ourselves, etc... to guide our re-actions, words and thoughts in that situation?

These are some of the dark areas of our heart, character and spirit that God needs to deliver us out of and we need to allow Him to do so. These are some of the enemies of our soul that we empower to guide us and teach us the wrong ways to live, moving us further away from obedience to His Love.
If I am Not Seeking His Way to Live through His Love more and more every day, then I will continue to make the same mistakes over and over, And that is Not going to work for me! We all have to do this On purpose, remembering Not to forget what Keeps us aligned with Him.
We have two daughters, one who has ASD, and having two teenage daughters is a Heart job all by itself.  There is Extra Heart Work involved with raising a special needs child. This is the beautiful and delightful child God gave to me (I did ask Him to give me a child that I could raise in Him)-- and He did, and we do not live one day as  their parents without Seeking His Way for Both our daughters.  He Is our Help At all times, Especially concerning our children!

  This morning I snapped at our oldest daughter who has ASD, because we all woke up late, because of the 7 or 8 impossibilities I woke up to see challenging me, because I am allowing frustration and being anxious
to grow concerning Where God has placed me and How fast He is moving me through... because I was struggling against my Calling, struggling against His order and timing concerning Him releasing what I think I am ready to do....
And because I snapped at her, she had a melt down, began to cry and this stopped us from getting ready for school.... sigh... my heart was heavy when my partner came and held the Looking Glass up to my face and through her words; "that she felt I was too harsh on our daughter....." I saw His Truth..... and she was completely correct, I was too harsh, in fact I didn't need to say anything about what she was doing and saying at all.

I quickly went to God In the name of Jesus and repented for this, and asked for forgiveness from Him for re-acting this way, And asked Him to Correct this mess I created--Which He Did! Her melt down was mild-- even though she didn't have to have one at all had I been completely within His Spirit and not my flesh.

 I apologized to her, and then listened to What she Thought I said--which was worse than what I said, but in the mind of a child with ASD, since they process things differently than we do, her mind turned things around and exaggerated them.  And I KNOW this!
 Oh, I let out a long heavy sigh, looking at the damage I did to her.

God woke her up in His Complete Joy and Laughter this morning, and I came along and shinned darkness and my mess on her... This is where this confession from my heart comes from... this is where my realizing immediately that God was showing me some more dark places that I needed to kill off and be delivered from as they are Blocking the pathway of His presence, there for, I will not be able to accomplish His will for this day as He has spoken to be!
His Love comforted her, and she was in a better emotional, spiritual, and physical place than where I led her to be. Thank YOU Jesus! I didn't need to send her to school all jacked up which would have caused her to have a terrible day.

If I don't allow God to continue every day to clean my heart, correct my character and Make Every Adjustment necessary in me to Keep me Walking and Living Through His Spirit- If I don't stay aware of the thoughts, words and actions that Move me Away from His Presence that I need to kill off, abandon, and reject --Then I am allowing the enemies of my soul, heart and spirit to destroy me and I am doing my family wrong.  I am stopping the continuous Flow and Power of His Peace from filling me up and coming through me into the members of my family, and all others I will meet in a days time.  I am not taking Hold of What is Mine concerning the results of His blessing and Call He placed on my life. 

This is where my Joy has been added to, this is where my renewed Peace Sings to Him, My Trust is standing up against the challenges, the lack, the gaps we Need Him to be within, this is Where my Faith becomes more radical and complete for and in Him.  This is where I begin to Gain in my Spiritual life a deeper understanding, a more Vast amount of Wisdom added to my being, and I See and Know His Love Is Growing and Maturing me--Stepping More into His Calling placed on my Life!

Seeking God in the name of Jesus for Who He Is-and receiving all that He Can and Will Do for those who Love Him and those He Loves!
Breaking through and removing the barriers that were keeping me from Spiritually moving into His deepness, where the "too many to Count"  rewards of His Love that Blesses me and my family are found!

IN the name of Jesus, Amen, So Be It!

2 Peter 1:5-11

 In my seeking more of Him concerning what His Looking Glass reflected that was living in me=(revelations),  I was led to these places of Truth. I have prayed they those with Pure hearts will be able to perceive this and those with Opened hearts will be able to Receive these in the name of Jesus, Amen!


Those He Loves

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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