Friday, August 12, 2011


Then He touched their eyes, saying, "According to your faith And trust And reliance [on the power invested in Me] be it done to you;..."
 Matthew 9:29

Abundant Blessings, Favor, Mercy and Grace in the name of Jesus to you my sisters and brothers!
Every Day Is A Blessed day.

Here we have Another New Day Full of Opportunities, with Many possibilities For Us to Expect And Witness His Love For Us!
 Another New Day to seek His Will and allow His Holy Spirit to help us accomplish His Will in us, for us and through us for today. 

You have made your plans for this day, But have you Stopped and asked Him what ARE His Plans for you today? What Is His Will for you to accomplish today?
 Hummmm, no?
Then I suggest you do so, or you will be doing what you do all by yourself today-which is adding to failure.
We are Called to strengthen and discipline our heart, Spirit, soul and mind with the gift of Self-Control.

We have here Another new day to cooperate with His Holy Spirit in growing us, correcting us, leading us and maturing us in our Relationship with Jesus.
If you Seek and Desire to Have His Glory through your life today--That is What You Will receive--His Glory and Your Victory.
When we keep seeking and desiring His Best for us For Each & Every day, that Is What we Will get, His Best!

Expecting Him At All Times, making Sure To Not contribute to failure As So Many do by Not Expecting His Best, by Not expecting Him to be with you, by Not obeying His Holy Spirit, by Not expecting His grace, mercy & favor, & by Not seeing Him and Knowing that He is in the midst of Every trouble, situation & circumstance, Is Truly the Way for us to fail!
Remember, none of us can hold onto the Hand of Jesus And hold hands with the world at the same time. A drowning person does Not continue to swim once the Life Guard is there to save them!

  In the name of Jesus, Amen!
John 4:23-24; Luke 6:35-40; Psalm 149:4; 2 Cor 9

"At once the father of the boy gave [an eager, piercing, inarticulate] cry with tears, and he said, Lord, I Believe! [Constantly] Help my weakness of faith!"

Mark 9:16-30

*Keep in mind that If God Tells you to fast, Ask Him what are you to fast from? There are many More things that trouble the believer than food. There is  double mindedness, disobedience, lying, stealing, little unbelieving faith, lack of trust, etc.... Don't just jump on the fasting band wagon because others around you say they are going to fast.  Many times people take it upon themselves to fast. It is not given to them by the direction of God that He said they need to fast--And then fast from what?*

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme


Michelle Lanier said...


This post was/is a complete worship service!!!

Thank you for providing such a beautiful opportunity to be encouraged, taught, inspired, corrected, and humbled--all glory to God, in Jesus' Name!

Thank you for providing this beautiful opportunity to worship, with rich scriptures, music, and edification/revelation of God's word in the name of Jesus!

I particularly enjoyed the Smallwood song, revisiting Matthew chapter 5, this quote!:
"The Calling is a Privilege not a platform, it’s a Responsibility not a right, it’s a Journey not a joke, it’s a Commission not a crown - take the Calling of God seriously because this gift is beyond you, and ALL about Him." -Pastor Scott Manning. Most importantly of all, thank you for your reminder/God's reminder to make time to abide with Him, so that we may be prepared to live out the fulfillment of His visions for our lives and for His Kingdom. Again, I thank you, my Sister, for these gifts!!!
In Jesus' Name,

wisdomteachesme said...

Sister TC, Thank you for you thoughts about the encouraging message! To our Father God In the name of Jesus Be All the Glory! He feeds us as He only Can and Leads us as Only He can. I am so glad that you have been fed and led closer to Him! And I also realize that your comment goes to the post above this one! *smiling* but that is Alright! It's all the same Message of Love, Faith, Trust and Glory unto Him through our Lord Jesus!