Sunday, September 12, 2010


 "Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. Be still and Rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him; fret not yourself because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who brings wicked devices to pass.Psalm 37:4,7

I hear folk saying "they are still waiting on God'.  Some do say, In the name of Jesus, many do not.

I always wonder to Jesus, hummm, but How Are they Waiting Lord? What are they doing While They Wait on You to bring to pass. Are they Waiting with You or Just on You?  How are they spending their time in Wait Lord? 

How are you waiting on the Lord to bring to pass what you desire? Are these desires from Him, or just yours?

 This is a topic that I speak on often, as too many either don't know
How to Wait on God IJN, or they don't care how To Wait.

It's not about just Waiting On God, IJN, but Also about Waiting With Him.

Many say this confession with a spirit of anxiety, burden, and drudgery...with complaining, and doubt, unbelief, impatience, little faith and hardly any trust in Him.
Their thinking is not Waiting on and With our Lord, for their mouth says one thing, then turns around and says something opposite to Waiting On And With our Lord.

Many are also waiting on God to bring to pass the Desires for things/people & places that ARE Not Aligned with God's desires for them in their lives.
Also, Some Times, they are aligned with His desires, But, they want things Not in His Divine Order and Timing, but based on What they want Now!
That is Not going to happen, unless they go Try and make it happen by human power--(which so many do) Then it Will be a Very Big Hot Mess!

Far too many are waiting on God in the name of Jesus, And Should be Waiting With Him, seeking for Him to change them, correct their thinking and speaking, their character and heart, they Should be Waiting and seeking for our Lord to Spiritually and Emotionally mature and grow them and make them into who they should be.
This is preparation we All Need in order to be Ready To Recieve everything in our natural lives.  Receive it all and Use it all in His name for His Divine Will, Plans, and Purposes for your life.

 Many people are waiting on God to bring them something or someone that is Not part of His plan, Or is not within His Divine Timing and Order.They have Not spent the time seeking and asking Him for clarity of His purposes and plans for their lives.

*to those that are saying, yes I have! Yes you may have spent Some time doing so, but have you spent- given Enough time doing so? Maybe you have not done the Wrong things, just Not enough of the Right things!*

Then there are those that are also wanting God to fix something they are with, but are not to have, instead of Leaving and Allowing God to Divinely Re-Position them where they Should Be. This could be a job, a place of living, a person they are unevenly yoked with, etc...

They are not actually Waiting on And With God IJN, but are Busy doing other things that causes them to be moved Further away from Him.
They don't want What God has for them, but they want to pick what they want and then tell God to make this happen in their own human natural timing.

And yet they keep saying, "I'm waiting on the Lord"...with a tone and spirit that is low and sorrowful. Like someone should have pity on them because they have decided to wait on the Lord. Like that is the worse thing to Have to do? If this is how you are waiting, then you are Not Waiting on Him nor With Him, and you will not receive what you desire. 

If it is a duty/chore for you to Wait, and you do Not have a Joyfilled Desire to Wait because You know His Divine Timing and Order are ALWAYS the Best for your life....then you Are waiting in vain and through fleshy, ego and pride filled motives.

What are you doing While you Are Waiting On And With Him? Are you even Waiting With Him? This part is Very important, as If you Are waiting With Him, Then you are being prepared by Him While you Wait On Him.
Are you seeking & asking to be changed, are you seeking & asking for His Righteousness, are you seeking & asking for the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, His Clarity of His Purpose that YOU Do NOT know?

Are you seeking And ASKING for His Spirit to Correct you in all areas of your heart and character While you are waiting With and On Him? Are you Full of Expectancy, Obedient Faith and Trust? Are you doing for others when He tells you to do, how He tells you to do, and When He tells you to do?

Is your 'to-do' list always done First Before His 'to-do' list for you is completed? Have you even asked Him What He has planned for your day today? Each morning, we are given out Daily Portion which is complete with All we will need to Do everything for One day lived for His Sake! We Also Need to know What He desires us to do for each day, and we will Not know this unless we Seek Him Early in the morning and also check in with Him throughout the day.

Through His Holy Spirit He will impart into you Every Spiritual thing that you require...But you must Ask our Father in the Name of His Son for this to be.

How Are you spending your time In Wait, is what I am talking about?

"You do not have, because you do not ask"
James 4:2b

“Rejoice in the Lord Always. I Will Say It Again: Rejoice!”
- Philippians 4:4

Isa 48:17
Isa 58:11
Jer 10:23
Jer 29:11-13

Psalm 25:3

Psalm 32:8 
Psalm 37:23
Proverb 1:33

Proverb 3:5

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010 WisdomTeachesme


jobsfornaija said...

Praise the Lord. thanks for sharing his Word.

wisdomteachesme said...

Glory Be to God, IJN!
You are welcome jobsfornaija!
Welcome, i am Glad to Him that you have found what you needed.
Always plenty from Him at this table.