Saturday, May 8, 2010


 How are you measuring your life, you know, all the years you have lived?
By the mistakes that you have made?

By the successes that you have experienced? 

By the ones who broke your heart? 

By the jealous, hate filled, envious words that others have spoken that have discouraged you as you were growing up?

By the jealous, hate filled, envious words that other Believers have spoken to you that oppose God's Will and purpose for you life?  That Show No Love at all?  You know those immature, or fake, or stunted in growth believers that seem to come around only to speak some toxic, fear based, controlling and oppressive words to your heart. Always jealous of your relationship with our Lord and the Growth and Maturity you posses. Pray the Lord stay between you and them and avoid them as much as possible.

  Are you measuring your life, your worth, your value by what Society says you should have done, should be doing or should not have done?

Are you measuring through your fears? And some of the other enemies of the human heart? Or do you value your life by how much stuff you have gained, lost, or kept? 

Are you measuring your life based on obeying what the Lord has spoken to you, however He has spoken to you? Can you see that He has Given you the Opportunity to have another chance?

How are you measuring your life, by minutes, hours, months, years?
By your emotional & Spiritual growth? 

Can you see and have you accepted the places you see in your heart that are in need of some serious growth? The Places of your heart that you have neglected, knowing the Need for Change is there, but you have only allowed weeds to grow and choke the Treasures that our Lord planted in you to grow and bloom? It is Time to allow the Love Of our Lord to Spread it's Miracle Grow

Think about it, give the growth of your emotional & Spiritual lives or the lack of growth where it should be happening, some deep thought. It is time to weed the garden that is your heart.  Allow the Love of God to Add and spread its Miracle Grow!

  Let His Love and Correction do the Work they were designed to do. To Flow into the places Where growth should have already occurred. You know those places where we keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome, but that will Never happen because of the way we keep trying.  

For instance, many people want their faith to grow, but they do not TRUST God when He says for them to do something by Faith.  Well, your faith will not grow unless you Trust Him.  Even after He provides the Way for their Faith & Trust in Him to Grow and they keep rejecting His Divine Opportunities,  they keep praying for Faith in God that Trusts in Him and has Strength, but they do not obey what He tells them to do because they won't trust Him by Faith.
make sense?


   Don't beat yourself up, Just Know, Just Trust by Faith that when these areas in need of growth and love, are encouraged to grow by His Love Living In your heart, Controlled by His Spirit, the love He has for you will develop your life in all areas. 
But you have to Allow His Love to Do what He created it to do.  

When we allow His Love to Live and Grow and Mature within our hearts, flowing through our veins, and our thoughts, flowing from our mouths, balances out our thoughts, then you will be able to look and see, just what you Are able to do and who you were made to really be!
Every day we need to be Open to His Holy Spirit in order to Learn how to do what we do Not know How to do, by doing it. 

He Leads we follow. Deep Calls to Deep, We Have to go deeper in our Spiritual life.That is what He desires us to do, how else will we have understanding of our Lord's True Mission Entrusted to us?

Which Is what many of us have asked Him for-to Know Him in All the Ways He desires me To know Him. His Hand is controlling All in my life--Forward I go unafraid (which Stops Fear at the gate). Such Is His LOVE!

 He desires for us to Share All with Him, He Is our Beloved Friend, We should Share our disappointments not only in others but also in ourselves.

  He wants us to share our progress as well our Happiness, our Joy, our Need for Him concerning EVERYTHING in our lives.
Share our stagnation when it happens, our need for clarity in areas of our Spiritual and emotional lives. And those areas in other people. 

To  Share with Him our Gratefulness that His Grace and Mercy send people into our lives sharing His love on a mission of His Work to come provide the Wisdom that we require. The shoulder we need, the financial help right before they cut the lights off, the encouragement that we need at just the right moment that we Need to Stop fear at the Gate!
And to Guide Us To Be the HELP for others. And obediently we are to go and be that Help in His Love.

With Obedient Faith I know With HIM beside me I could Never doubt that His Work Of Love In & Through me cannot be done.

I Bring Every Thing to my Lord and together in His tender Love we are able to Sift the dross from the Gold of my life.

 Share with Him Everything--He has Shared with Us Everything our Father gave to Him.

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.

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