Friday, January 8, 2010


Matthew 10:32-33

And Jesus said;

32"Therefore, everyone who acknowledges Me before men and confesses Me [[a]out of a state of oneness with Me], I will also acknowledge him before My Father Who is in heaven and [b]confess [that I am abiding in] him.
    33But whoever denies and disowns Me before men, I also will deny and disown him before My Father Who is in heaven."

  John 10:7-21

Greetings to you on this very cold day.  I hope that this warms you up completely!

Our lives as believers in and followers of the Way that Jesus set forth in Truth for us; is Not some type of 'designer religion or quick fix' to be changed at our will for our purposes.  
There is no  joking and playing around when it comes to God wanting all of us to get on His agenda.
Many people are Praying 'for Jesus to come into their lives and to make them the person that God created them to be.'  Many think they can put on their two cents concerning His Work in them.  Sadly they are very wrong.

Among the many Spiritual changes that are done in our human minds and hearts, God begins to do His Work in us, many run away when they are shown who they are to be; He tells them what and who they need to cut loose from,  He is changing us from relying on the impulses of human nature and ways,  to us living by leaning on and relying on a life of being Spirit led.  I know this is one of the biggest challenges that we face in being saved, born again, washed by His blood and filled with His Holy Spirit.

One of the important New Beginnings that we are to do is to Share our Faith at every opportunity that The Lord provides to us. The person that God wants us to be is a person that knows Faith in Him is Not a private thing.  To have a heart so Full of Love and Faith and Truth from Him And for Him, that you have got to tell somebody How Good He Is!  

Sharing our faith was never meant to be private, but for some it is a feeling of discomfort of making their faith publicly known.  I'm not talking about standing on the street corner with a bull horn, or passing out tracts; but stepping into every opportunity God provides us whether small or large to confess from our hearts Who we love, have trust and faith in.


To shrink back from doing this is to refuse God's control of your life.  It is to follow emotional fears of being looked at differently and treated differently by those who do not Follow and belong to Jesus....and you know....that is alright also..becasue we Are a Good way.

Here are some of the opportunities that the Lord Will provide in your daily life to have a chance to share your Faith with others.  Not running folk down screaming they are going to hell, not judging them for being who they are, not acting So strange that they are fearful of learning about the Lord...NO, none of that...But through the way we live, act, re-act, and speak will others see our Father and want to know about His Son.


This is how we are known as belonging to the Lord....

By our unfailing Trust in Him...

 By our Joy--Fully released, especially in the difficulties that we encounter along The Way...

By our tender and sincere compassion and concern for the weak and the wandering....

By our total acceptance of His Eternal Life

By our immediate and complete obedience to the Leading of His Holy Spirit, Especially when we do Not fully understand why, and when unbelievers say It can't be done!

By the Growth in our Spiritual development--This is proof of inner life which alone can engender it.

By our unflinching, honest adherence to His Truth, which makes Him known more and more to others.

By the way in which we Wait on the Lord after we give Him our issues and concerns--waiting in Joy, in anticipation and assurance that He Is taking care of our needs, and not waiting full of worry, doubt and fearful, or by getting in the way...

By our conduct and speech, ever bearing Witness because of His Spirit dwelling wihtin and round us--Bearing Witness to The Power and The Wonder of His Presence.

Because we are re-learning the definition of what True, Unconditional Love is--

Because we have let go of and continue to let go of living by the conditions, constraints and oppression that human love is governed by....

Because we have tasted the Sweetness of His unconditionaLove for us ...

Because daily we are being changed by His Love, Into His love...And we rejoice in this truth!

Because we know and understand that life with Jesus is not immunity From difficulites--But is Peace in difficulties...

Because our Joy is the Result of Faithfully Trusting and Accepting His Will, especially when it appears to Not be a Joyous direction that He sends us in....

Because He teaches us through our suffering, through our afflictions, through our tests and trials,,,,through our times in His Refiner's fires...burning away all that is not acceptable to Him and will hinder and/or stop His purposes for our lives..

As Paul learned and then shared with all what he had learned, he said, "our light affliction, which is But for a moment, works for us a Far More Exceeding and Eternal weight of Glory."

We are to expect the Lord's rebuffing in us what is not acceptable to Him  until we deeply have learned this Truth.....It is the only way.

JOY Is the daughter of Calm!

Psalms 125:1

 1[a]THOSE WHO trust in, lean on, and confidently hope in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides and stands fast forever.
There are not any Luke Warm Believers in Heaven!

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.


unityfalls said...

Happy New Year. Just wanted to say I've probably been readin for a year and appreciate your blog.

wisdomteachesme said...

and happy new year to you unityfalls.
Thank you for letting me know that you have been and still are enjoying the blog of encouragement.
That is Good to know!

And I appreciate you also.
I hope that you enjoy your day, each and every one of them.

msladyDeborah said...

What a soul refreshing read this has been on a cold midwestern evening. Just what my inner physician ordered. Some good foood for thought.

May you be abundantly blessed throughout this year.

wisdomteachesme said...

my sister Deborah,
it pleases my heart that you have enjoyed the goodness in this meal and the warmth that flows from it!
I thank you for visiting this place of encouragement...
LOLO..Yes It is what my inner doctor ordered for me also!