Thursday, November 20, 2008


...AND I have the audacity to believe! Teach me my LORD so I will learn.

Greetings my friends in the name of our Lord.

After being Divinely Interrupted from what I was working on and re-directed to find the Rev. Dr. Martian Luther King’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech yesterday; Inspiration has settled in to produce for a while.

Dr. King’s words have been echoing in my spirit since being re-introduced to them yesterday. How very true his visionary words are for us today. It is so fitting that I would come across them at such a time as this. To be reminded of what the Lord taught him so that we are able to see His presence in Dr. King’s life and to know that His purposes are still being fulfilled now; is a gift that only the Lord could give.

‘THANKSLIVING’ comes to mind as I offer praise to our Father for His love and calling on Dr. King’s life.

The inspiration is always seeking those that Love and trust in the Father-those who belong to Him-those that have the audacity to have abiding faith in Jesus--ThanksLiving is every day!

I pray that the spiritual seeds that He sows and waters In And through my life to you have fallen in fertile soil and that in the hours, days, weeks, months and years ahead they will produce a crop of goodness worthy of The Lords happiness. This is my hope, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Psalms 32:8 “I Will instruct you and teach you in The Way you Should Go; I Will guide you with My eye.”

I must confess, that I have the Audacity to believe in the Son of God (Matt. 3:17).

This audacity is fueled AND driven by the fullness of my faith AND trust in the Father and Son. Day by day I wait before Him in humbled quiet expectation. With the childlike obedience that He speaks of—that I have Learned (and still learning) to be full of. As a servant waits to hear the voice of her master’s directions and desires, I stand ready. To wait as a lover does who is eager to have revealed the hint of need so to quickly supply it. I wait.
The Lord, my Jesus encourages us-His followers and believers to wait for His orders AND commands. To wait for His guidance AND supply; this is what we are to live day by day—One day at a time. JOY Is our strength!

His desire IS that our lives may be full of the fruit of happiness that rejoices in expectation of what He Will reveal of Himself to us.

Having the audacity to believe in, trust in, to lean on and wait for the guidance from the Father; Is to be filled with Watchful Expectancy.

How could your life be dull and sad when you are full of and expectancy that watches for Him to destroy any and all walls that are before you?

I encourage you to hold tight to your anticipation-born from your faith-of His handling of everything you bring to Him that is blocking your forward movement; your anticipation of His revealing A Way for you where there was no way!
We are taught to stay filled with AND to use His full measure—the supply of His power through the gifts of His Spirit.

**keep praising your way through with thanksliving!**

As we are faced with and confront the walls that block our forward movement for the day, we must remember that our faith together with His Power are the only two essentials necessary to bring down All walls in our path.

**we are getting through the storms!**

We must remember that we have the audacity to believe that Jesus Will Do what He said He would! As we live one day at a time—staying in the Divine boundaries of Today—we will cross paths with the pettiness from man’s heart. This narrow-minded, selfish opposition is always seeking to create weapons, devices, schemes, and plans to stand in our way—to Hold onto us—keeping us from moving in God’s Divine Flow.

Once we have stood in our faith together with the Fathers Power and destroyed the enemy’s walls—any petty hold that still exists—does so to be used by God in order to guide us toward a different direction. Like a warning—a Divine detour-keeping us from making a terrible mistake.

Now is the time to Celebrate with praise and thanksliving--to confess how Good our Father IS! Amen!
Our HOPE is in the LORD! (Matt.6:34)

No matter what each of our futures hold—we Should set and keep our HOPES in Jesus. One thing that I know is that whatever is planning to show up in each tomorrow of my life—I Expect more of God to be there First!

His Joy AND Love await my entering into tomorrow on the wings of my faith—not in the darkness of doubt that follows fears. To enter through fears will blind me and I will not see what I seek-His Face.

My Joy overflows into excitement because I Am expecting My Lord to Be With me at each step I have the audacity to take!
This is the place He desires All His children to reach.

Are you on your way?

I have Learned Not to try and find answers to the many mysteries of the world. It is a day full of productivity when I seek to learn more about Him than seeking worldly things. Answers I seek and answers I had not asked the questions for are supplied; growth is produced-wisdom and understandings are strengthened and knowledge is increased—Always, All my answers are Found In the Creator.

This is true for any child that is seeking His Way.

Jesus has been and still is the Answer through time to all mans’ questions about The Father and His Laws. We are encouraged to push past learning only theology—but to know Him our Lord through an intimate relationship with Him. Jesus Is the Word of the Father—All we need to know about God we know In Jesus. He told us that isf a man/woman knows Him not-then that person knows not God.

We are to leave that heart in the hands that the person has put it in—Till such a time as to need the help of the Father.

ThanksLiving is To Bear fruit that is consistent with the change of heart that God has worked in us! (Matt. 3:8)

Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

"Because He Has inclined His ear to me, Therefore I Will call upon Him as long as I live."
Psalms 116:2

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