Friday, July 18, 2008


For she said to herself, " If only I may touch His garment, I SHALL be made well. " Matthew 9:19-22; 14:36

Greetings to you my sisters and brothers in Christ- I have come to Praise Him, and Honor Him. Glory, Glory, Glorify Him!
My friends.

With the increase of confusion and chaos that seems to be growing larger and larger from this world, it is a great comfort to live by the Law of The Spirit.

To know that actively listening increases active faith and together with all the other gifts of the Spirit wrapped in God's Love--we are strengthened to trust the leading of His Spirit when we call upon the Wisdom of God to help us. EXPECT HIM! and He Will Show Up!

To Come to Him when He beckons and stretches out His hand -- with the offer for complete healing--LOOK it is right in front of each of us.
With Confidence we must trust that when God maps out our steps, divinely placing them in His Order--we must not hesitate to move or stay.

God loves our sacrifices, but to obey is better.

To be healed of all our wounds, the confidence to know that when you reach and grab His garment you will be healed, is of such a great faith which is always pleasing to our Father and our Brother.

Confidence that Everything that the Holy Spirit IS--IS for us if we just seek Him and allow Him to live completely within us.
How many of you have all that you need to do what God has called you to do--except the confidence that you need to propel you?

You need to ask The Holy Spirit to rain down the latter rain on your life and in your spirit.

I spent my early years living as i chose. And it amounted to some good things, but not Great things. I was unhappy, frustrated and did not like my life much. Things I thought would be here for ever, works that i had done--it all just seemed to always fall apart--dust in the wind. Things had to CHANGE!

I had an issue that needed to be Healed!

I decided to allow God through Jesus to change my heart and mind.
I was given great enlightenment and revelation about God through my brother Jesus and I had to step out of the boat. Walking on the deep waters with my focus on King Jesus! Amen.

I decided not to spend my latter years living by my own wisdom--not to waste the latter part of my life-it was in March of 2002 as I was 39 when I fully gave my life over to God in the name of Jesus. It was a few weeks shy of my 40th birthday.

The Hand of God had already closed every door and window that brought the Oil of His Grace that made my work seamless. My work was hard and frustrating like it had never been.
I stayed at my career of teaching for 4 more years, then in 2006 on a friday the 22 of September - The Spirit of The Lord told me it was time to go home and rest in Him on a different level.

And so I did. To Follow Jesus as He beckoned to me To Come To Him!
To have the confidence to know that God would supply All my need and that of my family.
I Gave it all up for Jesus.

I love that woman with the blood issue. So Great Was Her Faith!
I love all the stories in which the women of God stepped up and took a stand by faith that God would do what He said that He would do. All the teachings of the Bible that tell us about the people (the centurion) with Great Faith are such a balm to my spirit and my soul. Thank You Jesus.

Jesus is a tool in the hand of God. He cannot perform any task or work that He was not designed to perform. He is in God's hand. A hammer cannot jump out of your hand and pound a nail by it's own power. You must hold it and guide it. It cannot hold and guide your hand--it is a tool.

That is How we are in God's hands. Those that stay there long enough are used in a magnificent way. Helping to Build His Kingdom Here on earth as it is in Heaven. amen.

I am a tool in the Hand of God. I will be used for the purposes that He made me for. If I try not to do what I have been purposed to do by God's Will, things fall apart. If I try to do something that God has not purposed, things fall apart.
Truth is Sweet Bread!

We are all tools in the Hand of God-The Master Builder. But some of us are trying to tell God how to use us and when to use us and for how long.

If you are a saw, you cannot hammer a nail!

The lack of confidence is a large gap that can only be filled by The Spirit of God in us. Confidence in God and in yourself is vital to obedience and growth in your relationship through Jesus. The confidence in ourselves that I speak of is not that we can do it alone, but that we can do Everything Through Jesus.
We have got to press through the thoughts that hinder and obscure the Healing that the Holy Spirit has sent to you. EVERYTHING that we each need is already with in us! None of the gifts will work if you do not use them.

We all go through periods of mental confusion and doubts concerning which way our life should go. We are not able to guide ourselves by guessing. When we tire ourselves out from running in place or in circles--tired of going through the same issues and problems over and over---then Will God step in and ask once again, 'Are you ready to give ME everything?'
He is asking us if we have learned our lesson yet.

We should Allow the Holy Spirit of God to heal the confusion, and the chaos in our lives- in our thoughts, in our relationships,and in our heart. We should allow Him to work on some changes in progress, to start some new changes, to complete those changes that we have adapted to and made our own. And then to start some new changes.

Thoughts of fear, guilt, doubt and unbelief will try to convince you that God has not heard your prayers and is not going to help you.
We all have to exercise our Faith with Great Confidence--Actively using EVERYTHING that we have in us to Step when He leads.

I encourage you to REACH and GRAB teh hem of His garment and with thy great faith KNOW that all your issues will be healed. If only you will believe.

Exercise your faith to know that the Great 'I AM' heard you and has answered your prayers. He is our Father--Our God who sees and hears and knows our need. He is not beyond our reach, nor is He unavailable. Reach for Him.
God encourages us to diligently seek Him and He will be found by those who are expecting to see His face.

We all have our specialties and no one should be wasted.

Father in the name of Jesus I offer this humble praise and worship to You, I ask that You let me continue to be a light in a dark night--Lord, Let me continue tospeak of Hope in a hopeless life--May i continue to breath Your praise throughout my days--Let me continue to be that Love that erases fear--Please Lord Let me continue to Live the Faith that pleases You--Lord let me continue to share You everywhere and Father Let me continue to Worship You FOR ALL YOU ARE AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE HALLELUJAH!!

LORD i continually submit my life to You in the name of Jesus....thank You Father for all that You have done in me and for me. I will always be a living witness to what Your Love has done in the name of Jesus, Amen!

"However, we possess this precious treasure [the divine Light of the Gospel] in {frail, human} vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves."
2 Cor 4:7

Yokes Will Be Broken when You call on the Healing of the Holy Spirit!
I know this is true--I've tried Him!

that's what she told herself....

"COME HOLY SPIRIT" - Tramaine Hawkins

Richard Smallwood - "Healing"

"SACRIFICE OF PRAISE" - by Dorothy Norwood


Don said...

How many of you have all that you need to do what God has called you to do--except the confidence that you need to propel you?

Good question, and one that I cannot truly answer. At times I am filled with confidence. Other times I acknowledge that I lack the confidence which, as you stated, is needed to propel me.

When we tire ourselves out from running in place or in circles--tired of going through the same issues and problems over and over---then Will God step in and ask once again, 'Are you ready to give ME everything?'
He is asking us if we have learned our lesson yet.

I couldn't agree with you more...

wisdomteachesme said...

you are welcome felicity. i am blessed that i am a blessing to all that God sends that come.

the times you know that you donot seem to have enough confidence, those are the times that God is waiting on YOu to call on Jesus for strength and to lean even more on Him.

i start every work i am given by His Spirit with = "Lord i have taken on an assignment from You that i cannot possibly do without Jesus by my side- i am calling out now to show my weaknesses in truth so that You will stand in the gaps and make me whole so that i am doing this work not by flesh but by faith in Jesus."

now you may be led to speak different words and in a different order tha tfits what you are to do for HIm. either way - when you call upon Jesus, He will come and provide All that you need to complete what He has sent you to do.

again, i thank you and felicity for sharing your thoughts and the love that lives in your hearts. i am blessed by your praise to God.