Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Greetings - people Who God Loves!

Know that God loves you and has ordered your steps if you are reading this! You must have called on HIM!
Please know this also,,,I am here for the believers-I am here for the people God has called to be His Leaders!
I did not choose you--God Did.
I am not bringing the 'popular' message/teachings-of the others that have not FULLY obeyed His leading. this is not milk from a bottle. I have real food for your spirit.
I can't change people, I have power to change- we all do-God's power of change is in all of us. You have to have a desire to be changed-if the desire is not there-change will not happen.
Stop making excuses-it kills the desire to change-this is proof that these people are not teachable.

Oh Glory to God! Lord I trust You
You are good- Your love is stronger than anything! Your Word Lives in Me Father so that in the midnight hour-if satan comes I am able to fight the good fight with Your Powerful Word.

How much God loves You. It just flows and everywhere His love flows things and people grow-His Kingdom grows! What are you investing your time, mind and spirit into?
Learn Who You are in God and Who He is in you.

His word is established in your life ! This means the blueprints have been drawn up and all you have to do is give the word to get started!

Please, Confess this with your heart-your mouth
I Am Walking on God's Promises - not my pride!
I am Walking ON God's Promises for my life--NOT MY PRIDE!
I Am Walking BY My Faith ON God's Promises for MY LIFE-NOT MY PRIDE!

(if you know that you are walking on His promises...then you have already stepped out on Your Faith! Amen.)

Lets keep going here-Let us water our gardens-the seeds that God has planted within our hearts and spirits, with His Love-Let us speak His Truth over our lives for this day.

What are you committed to do? Who are you trusting? What are you believing? Do you have His word on your heart-coming out of your mouth as protection?
We speak Your Love so that the angels watching over us have something to work with!
When we call You Lord - You answer!
In ALL times ! Every Time- YOU Answer! Yea Amen

Open up your mouth and confess from your heart.....Water your garden WITH God's Living Water-Not toxic waste.

LORD Of Light-LORD OF Love, May YOU Always Reign!
How we reverence Your name
All nations shall proclaim Your wonderous Name for all times.
Lord You Reign up on Your throne in Heaven.
For You Shall Forever Reign.
how we reverence Your Name!
Up on Your throne You Reign!
Lord Of Light-Lord of Love, how precious is YOUR name
How we love YOU
we adore You
we place no one and nothing above YOU
You are Holy-You are righteous You are wonderful

You are Holy, Precious, Righteous!

What kind of water are you using to Water The Garden that God planted within your heart and spirit?

I can help you stir your spirit up--but you have to learn to Stir Up your spirit so that you will obey what God has divinely ordered for your life! Make up your mind and confess with your heart - with your mouth who you are going to obey!
Let me tell you this, walking by faith does not always feel good!
Know this=it's not about how you feel! It is about obedience to God!

ONE MORE TIME=Living by the Word of God- is not based on how you feel--but by what you know, and believe in and your faith. Your mind is where satan will deposit all his lies and hatred--if you do not know how to speak the power of God Who lives in you= satan will defeat you every time.
It is about spiritual warfare-not natural warfare! Are you fighting against God's growth spurts for your heart, your mind, your wisdom? Allow Him to Grow you with His living waters! All power is already living within you-you have to call upon it and use it! Amen.
I must tell you that if you do not Walk In Your Authority, Using your Faith-On The Promises from God-You will not make it. You will always be scared and full of fear! We were not made to be vessels of fear.

When you walk in your authority, you don't need take it-you already own it.
Just the same with clothing yourself in the armor of God! Put on the Whole armor of God, is what people go around saying all the time. Why are people going around saying, I'm going put on the whole armor of God? Who told them to take it off?
If you put it on last week, last month-last year-

Why would you take it off if you have already put it on? As soon as you take off the Armor of God--beelzle will come right upon you and trick you. This is the Spiritual Armor of God that we cannot see with our eyes-but satan and God can see it on you. And if you take it off, satan can see this and will attack your mind! Are you wearing God's Whole Armor--or the armor of whinning, complaining, selfishness, jealousy, pettiness, and a contrite spirit?

Problems will always be here-waiting on you to turn the corner-Are you prepared for them? Faith is preparation in times of impossibilities and issues that seem to just pop-up.

I know that many will not be saved or become believers by the Good Word of God coming through me. I know, as much as it hurts my heart-that many of you will dismiss what comes from God.
And I pray the Lord will show His Self for their benefit. Amen

I am trying to make sure that as many of you as possible will get into the front door of heaven and that your lives will be living witnesses so that many others will get to heaven through you--AND have a great fullfilling life Through Jesus here on earth first. Amen.
Guard YOUR HEART Diligently!

Taking a 10, 15, 20 year journey trying to change God's will for your life will do nothing but make you a late bloomer-you will get there in your older age instead of your younger years. At the end of each day God's Perfect Will--will be made Full and complete! You have to have the desire to want to be changed! No one can do this for you--you have to want to do this!
You do have 'will' to do what you want-but it does not mean you should do everything you feel or will for yourself to do.
so many will dismiss His Word no matter how He sends it because they will listen to their pride, flesh and with their feelings--they will listen to their feelings and not believe and trust in the word of God!
Jesus does come knocking as He said He would. Are you going to answer the door and invite Him into your life--into your heart?

And know this also, the people that will dismiss the full Calling of God--the people that will 'poo-poo' the Word of God, you will not stop His mouthpieces from doing as we have been Called to do!
Did It stop Jesus? Did it stop His followers? NO it did not. It will only stop you from living a great life as Jesus bought for us. It will only stop You from being who you were created to be. My mind is made up! And satan cannot mess with a made up mind! That is the only way he can stop any of us -- through our minds and our feelings.

Oh that you would have the faith and belief of the Centurion! Such faith Jesus said He had not witnessed till He meet the centurion. Praise God!
Oh, that you should have the faith of Mary-of Debra-of Vashti-of Ester-of Ruth!
Encourage yourself in the truth of the Lord. Tell yourself what you know about The goodness of Jesus.

I cannot & will not lower my standards that have been set by the Divine Order of God for my life. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nor am I afraid to speak His Word.

God does say, let the wheat and the tares grow up together and He Will Separate them when the time comes! Thank You Jesus!

People that want a Strong Relationship with God-With Jesus-Not with religion. Iron sharpens Iron. Amen.

So many people speak the power of Gods word over their lives then they turn right around and with the same mouth, they curse the blessings.
What are you thinking with Fear and pride -or- Love and Courage? This is how satan gets to you--through your mind-through your thinking! Think on what you are thinking on!
When you face what you fear--you become fearless! Amen.

People do not want to hear the Truths when God brings them-they want to give God their plans and want Him to honor those. How about you take His plans for your life and honor those First! Amen!

Remember, This is help to see your way through these storms and lies. Iron Sharpens Iron!

Speak God's truths over your life and start walking on your faith in God and let your light shine so others will see how Good our Father is! Amen!

He did not lie to you--He cannot lie. People can and will lie-but God will not and cannot lie to anyone and never will.

If you are seeking to please Him, seeking His truths, if you are answering the call that He placed on your life-then what are you waiting for?
Speak Your faith-Walk in Your faith-TRUST HIM!

Tell Him that He can depend on you--Tell Him, that You love Him and by that You will obey Him and do as He tells you, no matter how strange, crazy sounding or off the wall what He says sounds to your human ears. Listen with your spiritual ears and look with your spiritual eyes.

Even when you have made mistakes-(which we all do) and you have gotten yourself into a hot mess--CALL ON the Name of Jesus so that God can help you! Ask for forgiveness- Recieve His forgivness-His corrections and then get over it and let Him move you on where you need to be! Amen.

YES, the Word of God is a mighty Sword-but if you are not faithfully and with faith, speaking His word over your life-over your situations and issues-over the storms that life throws at us--Then The sword cannot cut anything!

I know that when I put my feet on the floor in the morning-and I start praising God and Jesus before i can fully open my eyes--satan and his demons moan and groan--and say, oh no, here she comes again! Amen!

God loves you-He knows what you can do and when you will be able to do what He has said. This is why we are tried by His fire. Many of you are going into the fire-are within the fire now, and have been moved out of His refinning fire; now what are you going to do? Talk to God, spend quality time with Him so that He Will be able to direct Your Willing heart, and spirit to accomplish all that He has spoken over your life long before you were born.

Know that God is with us--Are you with Him?

Pray-Stand up for yourself-Speak for yourself-Love God!


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Thank you sister for being obedient to His Love