Tuesday, January 1, 2008


subtitle: Continuing to live by Faith-
God's Creative Power, Are you using it?
ALL are Welcome to this sight!

When you accept the life that God has spoken for you, you are getting out of the boat.

Please know, that you have accepted the life that God has spoken for you-you are in search of more spiritual growth and all of His knowledge, wisdom, intellignece, strength= all His gifts of His spirit. you are in search of aligning your life up with what He has pre-destined for your life--one accord is always best!

While you are walking on water, i encourage you to continue to accept His changes for your life --to continue to rec' them with a joyful heart and with unconditionaLove-that He knows best for you. accept them knowing that you have found favor with Him or He would not be directing your life!

i just want to speak a great measure of encouragement concerning all that IS to be as He said it would concerning your life. I speak with faith the end results of what is to be--not to pray on the problems.

And, i for one, am highly pleased to witness the work you have taken from God to do-and in the manner that He says is best to accomplish the desired outcomes. as this would not be so, if you were not daily, and consistantly allowing your pride to die.

Many people confuse constantly being in Motion with Making Progress! They are not the same by any degree! Only one leads to accomplishment.

For you to be given a message and to rec' the message concerning How to do what you want to do, is a great honor that a person allows God to have in their life.

For you to continue to allow Him to move you from One Glory to the next Glory of His Divineness, is such an announcement of your faith and trust in Him for your New life.- not just new year.

For you to know that He sent you confirmation concerning the direction that you should take is knowing that He is in the center of your work.

i speak His encouragement over and in your life to stay on the course He has gone ahead and created for you.

Having everyone in agreememnt, on one accord - with Faith-(not flesh)--is the winning move. And it is what will fuel His strategic thinking that must be adpoted and accepted by all that have been called and chosen to take up His Banner of justice and truth, to accomplish all that He has divinely spoken over your life.

To know and accept with humble gratitiude, that it is better to concentrate on the growth and accomplishments of your spiritual life and that they far outweigh any accomplishments within your natural one--is a sign of spiritual maturity!

Every year we hear All this talk about resolutions for the new year--people are speaking the language of satan and also believing it for their lives...

i call them goals, more so I see them as Confessions of my changed heart!

i have found that when i concentrate on my spiritual life, i see more accomplishments that have been completed and i see positive growth-and places that are still "a work in progress".

by not looking at my outer self for accomplishments, but looking to my inner self-i see the way to accomplish much more in my natural environment. i want "things", of course i do--but i want them to come to me in a way that they are permanent or lead to my upgrading to the next level because of 'it'.

but all those 'things' won't make me a better person-so years ago, i accepted that, who i need to become was much more important than anything else-then i learned that my spiritual growth was leading me to natural growth! And it is All God! Thank You Jesus!

for the past week or more i have been going through my spiritual accomplishments and growth and thinking on all the "work-n-progress-areas from 2007, and i'll say my couple of goals for 2008 are =

to coninue to allow all the beginnings-the changes God says need to be done and all that He has started within my mind/spirit/heart- To allow them to continue right along their merry, large, divine path moving me toward the next level of His Glory.

...continuing to live by faith-walking on water. :)

Know that you have Gods favor.

In Jesus's name Yea,Amen!

Joshua 1:9


Attorneymom said...

Great post!!!

wisdomteachesme said...

thanks AM, you know i just want to help those that are seeking and wanting to grow and live in His Completeness!