Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Kathleen Battle and Christopher Parkening Performing Live at the 1987 Grammy Awards

To Remember the faith of the centurion is such a filling drink of water for my thirsty soul!

To recognize and recieve Him is to expect Him at all times.

I continually celebrate with Praises the Greatness of God. To always be clothed with Power from The Most High God is to release my ashes for His Beauty!

There are times when 'the encourager' needs to be encouraged.
This morning-today, is such a time for me.
As i sought the Wisdom and Comfort of His Holy Spirit, for His refreshment after a long hard battle, i was reminded of several scriptures that fed my spirit.

Isa. 61:3 / John 10:10-John 1:4-13-John 14:27 and Matt. 8:10-13.

"Beauty For Ashes lynda!" is what i heard in my spirit; "remember the Promises given to you = My Beauty for your Ashes."

And the re-freshening started to kick in, my spirit rose to welcome His full presence around me and within me. How wonderful it is to fully trust In God!

Music is one of God's many gifts to us, and without a doubt is one of my encouraging drinks. Now this is what I call a "power drink!"
As i searched through titles looking for songs that my spirit needed to drink from, I saw Ave Maria. I have several versions and arrangements of this song by different singers and composers.
I created a new playlist and listened to all of them back to back. How I have ALWAYS LOVED this song/prayer-especially the Bach arrangement that Gladys Knight and the Pips sang."The Christmas Album" 1975- (of course you know it's soulful-they also recorded the Schubert arrangement-which is traditional)

Tears started to stream as the fullness and the calling of the different singers voices and the music itself, seemed to pull the frustrations out of my soul; till the tears that flowed were tears of appreciation and love for Mary's faith, courage, obedience and love for our Creator. All that she was made new roots in my whole being.

My tears were a release of my faith in God and His Son Jesus-my tears were full of the Joy and Peace that Jesus Promised that He would leave with us-not of this world does it come, but from the Heavens containing Wisdom beyond understanding. And I recognized and recieved it for what it is- God's unconditionaLove, His comfort, His holding me in His multi-folded Self. And I gladly sat quietly as He spoke His greatness to me-feeding my spirit for i felt empty and so tired from being the encourager-His messenger.

Even the encourager needs Encouragement.
To know when this time comes is important for the growth of the Calling on ones life. To know that the gauge is saying, you are nearing empty, you need to fill up-stop at the next station and be replenished, be restored, be renewed by The only One for me that can, Jesus The Christ. Emmanuel!

And I come to you this day as i do on all the other days, to Encourage you in His Name. To encourage you to exchange your frustrations, anxieties, your hurt, your pain, the chaos and all rejection; with the Joy and Peace that is ours. So that you will recognize and recieve Him when He comes to you.

I encourage you to know that God has BEAUTY FOR YOUR ASHES! Strength for your weaknesses, Love for those that believe they are unlovable. To remind you, to tell you, that He is a very present help for those that have no one to turn to. A comforter for the lonely and broken hearted. He wants to take your ashes and give you His Beauty!

In the midst of our service unto Christ, a Season of Refreshening is upon us-for those that believe-The Lord God, the Creator Himself is Breathing His Life into our lives so that where we are dry, brittle and dead His breath Will revive us! Yea Amen.
And with this Season, the Wisdom of God shall speak to you, teach you and lead you through the mountains and the valleys, across the sandy beaches and through the forests of our unknown journeys that are ahead of us.

When you diligently Serve the Master, you are pursuing the Calling that He has placed on your life. At times we obey even unto near faintness of our bodies and spirits. Know that we are all entitled to come, sit down and partake of all the harvest that He has gathered. To drink and eat of the food that our natural and spiritual bodies crave. The trials of strength and courage will require Great substenance from God's hands and I for one, without hesitation receive all that He knows is best for me.

For those of you with heavy hearts, sleepless nights, frustrated days, bodies that seem not to want to heal, know that the worries of this world cannot steal your Joy and Peace that was imputed into you from The Life of Jesus. Sit, be still and allow God's Season of Life- of transition to carry you to the next level of His deliverance, of His comfort and to the Water that always fills you full.

Allow God To Meet Your Faith!


Jessye Norman, soprano (1990)
'Ave Maria'
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Orchestre de l'Opera de Lyon
Lawrence Foster, conductor


Anonymous said...

"Beauty for Ashes," an excellent, wonderful metaphor. Blessings.

wisdomteachesme said...

i am in agreement with you, 'neon rainbow'.

His Words are a strength for those that seek them.

to you i speak His blessings in and over your life.

i hope this will not be your last time here!
enjoy all the blessings that are for you for this day!