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Another day to be grateful for whole health, mind, spirit, heart, emotional and body Healing.

Another day to enjoy beauty that exists.
Another day to press on, being led through challenges, difficulties, attacks, changes, new beginnings, weariness, and work to be focused on Love and Loving, esp in times that challenge us.
Another day to expect the Ways made through that we asked for,
Another day to push back emotions so they do not make us miss our blessings.
Another day full of every blessing we need, to enjoy and Rest in Peace, as the Lord continue to do what He need to allow impatience and worry to try and force any actions and movement from us, His timing and order are Perfect, Just focus on the truth that He has put His best for us with us --what ever you Gave Him, He has it under control, Wait in Joy!
Another day to seek Him, more of Him and less of me...
# grateful and joyful.
# small steps are necessary
# the shaking is still going on, stay balanced and alert.


Being comfortable where God has placed you at this moment, does not mean you are stagnant.
It means you are peacefully content, settled in the movement of maturity and growth, patiently waiting for His Spirit to Move you to where you need to be.
I have heard folk confuse being comfortable where God has put you, with not moving out of a comfort zone. Those are not the same things or places. Ask His Spirit for clarity if you are not sure.
Being comfortable where God has put you means you are not fighting Him, you are not fussing and complaining, trying to force movement or change to happen as you see fit. That will not work anyway. You may get something, but it will not be what God has for you, nor will it be sustainable. 
I don't need to ask, because my need(s) already spoke to Him.
All I need to do is Praise Him, Because He's already Done It!
All I need to do is Expect His outcomes to come to pass, because I trust in and believe Him.
# Resting in Peace.
# joyful, joyful Lord I Adore You!

I am A Keeper of The Vision....
John 17

So grateful to the Lord for the little ones that He has placed in our lives.
Me and Doc love our Godchildren!
Thankful that we can bring them some Joy and Laughs!

# Joyful, Joyful, Lord We Adore You!

The shifting that started a few months ago is still in effect...
I am just going to do what I've been doing, continue to allow the Impetus of His Love to move me where I need to be and to Change me into Who I am to be at this point.
All that rises from the changes being implemented as different, as challenges, as difficulties, He has already made Ways to Move me along, Not to be stunted and stopped by any of them.
To have me Call on new forces and power I have at my side to use. Putting them into Action!

Again, watch out for emotions, they will cause us to be blind to our blessings! Emotions will cause us to see only the dust and mess. Getting caught up in it all and focused on all the wrong things.
How God does what we ask, is not going to be as we imagined, It will always be Better than what we imagined!
The Sifting, and dross being burned off for this point of the journey.....
It's all for Good.

He is unfolding all and making me aware to what He has put into me, that I did not know I had.
Sitting back watching every thing He planned unfold and click together.
A Spirit of Expectancy is wakened within me....and Calm and Her Daughters Joy and Peace will keep me company.
I feel So deeply enveloped in His calm and peace concerning all of this.
I will not have my emotions make me mess up nor miss my answered prayer blessing.
I may vent, I may fuss, but I am not going to act based on my emotions. I've grown and matured to a point where I recognize my blessings in the midst of a nasty evil dust storm created by the enemy!
The Lord has settled the dust, and here we are, in His presence with joyful Praise and Gratefulness as we thankfully expect His Love to carry us through!
Some kind of way, these two situations are connected, I can't see How just now, but I Know they are connected.
How I act with one, will influence the outcome of the other one, and vise versa.

This is a stretching place, a burning off the dross place, it is a place I have never been before with the Lord. But He allowed it all to happen as it has, and because I believe that God knows every thing, I know He knew, and made the necessary modifications that will Bring us to His outcome concerning both these situations.
To God Alone be the Glory in the name of Jesus!
John 17
It takes just as much Faith to Wait on the Lord, as it does to Move when He leads.
Either way the point is to have ears that faithfully hear and obey the Lord.
Those who faithfully Seek Him, will always receive from the Lord.
John 15:14-17
Be Aware and stay Alert, so that you do Not make "next" an idol that you end up serving!
Be Aware and stay Alert, so that you do Not make "your goal" an idol that you end up serving!
Those two and "more" are easy to make an idol out of and begin serving.

Any of these (& a few others), will take you off your path, make you miss what is important for the day, they will make you think they are important, when they are not.
They will take you out of The Resting Place God put you into, and make you think you should hustle, lean on your own understanding and plans...
Be careful, those are not the Ways God moves us.....
Examine yourself, meet with yourself, and allow the Lord to heal your insecurities!
We are not responsible for how other people treat us.....we are responsible for how we React to How other people treat us.
REAL Love will correct you, Love will forgive you, Love will work from a distance, Love will mature you, and grow you......
Don't get all bent out of shape when people reveal who they Really are to you. That Truth is what you asked the Lord for, and when He gives it, folk wanna get mad and upset because He revealed who people really are.
Feel your emotions, look them over, and then shut them down! They will make you Miss what is Important about the situation!
They will make you walk in them and not walk in Faith and Trust.

Who people really are is Not your responsibility!.
Stay focused on You and How you treat people, how you treat yourself.
That is your responsibility.
Use the experience to examine yourself and meet with yourself so that you can be healed of your insecurities!
For the past 3 weeks,
I Keep being reminded about 2 Kings 5, about Joseph and his dream, about the end of Joseph's situation, about walking on water, about putting my foot in the water before the Lord parts it, about being led to calm waters to rest, about walking through the valley of the "shadow" of death, about John 17, about Jesus knew their hearts and did not give himself unto them, about no matter What He says to do, Do That, about praising my way through, about even when every thing looks and sounds wrong, my faith says it's Right, about it's already done!,
About trusting and faith.....
How wonderful this day is!
"Have I then become your enemy by telling the truth to you and dealing sincerely with you?"
If you have the "what about me" insecurities.... it's probably a good thing that you don't try to be a Leader of anything....except maybe a pity party celebrating immaturity.

Thank You for the Seeds Lord.

LOVE is Not What you Say,
LOVE is What You Do!


On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2014 WisdomTeachesme

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