Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Praise God in the name of Jesus!

Its Holy Week, the Spiritual shifting is increasing, things are popping up outtatheblue!
We are tired, and we need to stop, sit down and with a grateful and thankful heart, soul and spirit Praise Him and Rest!

We all have what we need.

We simply need to Stop, sit and Rest!
Rest means, to literally rest, But it also means to keep our hands, our thoughts, our mouth and our actions off of what we have Given to the Lord to handle for us.
To Rest means you trust Him. That we trust Him enough we stop speaking to the problem, and we begin to praise Him for leading us through and all the while supplying everything we will need.

We Trust Him so we Rest and begin to Praise Him for how far we have come and what He has  already brought us Through!
Today is one of Those Days.

Today is another day to push through using our little human power, or to be carried through by the impetus of His Holy Spirit.

We've been prepared for these kinds of days, weeks, months and Seasons... but you know, sometimes within all that, you have One of Those days!

And as I read my fb news feed, skim through the news paper and catch a snippet of the tv news, during the past few days, all I can do I pray, praise and speak gratefulness for the Lords Shelter.

Today, is just one of those days. As I lift myself up to help another friend, to help one of our daughters. to help my partner, to help a family member, to help a stranger, or an acquaintance, in what ever way I need to be helpful I think to myself, every body is tired, worn and in need of Rest in Your Shelter Lord!
Spiritual warfare is real, and what better time for the enemy to pour it on than here in Holy Week.
Center yourself, keep your mind focused on our Lord and All He has done for us.
Reflect on what you need to learn, what you need to gain and where you need to be changed and delivered from and delivered into.
Focus your time on praying for others. All the while the Lord sees and knows what we go through day after day.

When so many things that happen are out of our control. When people lie about you and to you, when they try to manipulate situations in order to bring you down, instead of understanding that when we Work Together we are more powerful and can be Way more effective. But they are too insecure and uncomfortable with themselves.

When sickness, illness, accidents, violence and death happen, when people blame you for their issues and all you were doing was offering help doing what God told you to do.
When you work with or have daily dealings with fake people, when people are lazy, inept, and have terrible work ethics and refuse to stand in their responsibilities,
When you have the duties of mom, dad, worker, care taker, lover, helper, etc... and it's harder to spread your full attention to each duty.
When you can't find Help from the people you know.
When the deadline is upon you because someone didn't do their part on time, so now they want to rush you.
When the bills are due and you don't have enough, again.
When you are so tired, worn out, tired of being tired....tired of being sick, tired of other peoples drama, tired of folk's repeated mess ups, tired of the inhuman ways that people treat other people.
When it is revealed that some you thought were true friends, are not.
It can all become too much.
BUT, we Know that we can't give up.. no, no, no, we Can't do that!

You need Rest!
We have a spiritual need when we get like this.
We are empty and need to go Rest with our Source!

We have to sit with Him in His shelter, surrendering all of our burdens, being quiet, letting our hearts speak, letting our needs call to Him so that He can Love on us.
His unconditional Love for us is what will keep us Full on our daily spiritual journey.
His Love for us and our Love for Him must be allowed to rise above all of our other emotions and mental responses.

It's one of those kind of days....And I Am So Glad I already have what I need to recover from all of it...
Resting in the Shelter of His Peace and Joy!

I Pray this encourages you, and helps you make it a little further on this day's journey..
Love you Much and I thank the Lord Jesus our Messiah, for All He has done for us!

John 17

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2014 WisdomTeachesme

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