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My Purpose,
the more I grow into my Purpose, the More I know about God and myself.  The closer I move to God, the More I strengthen my relationship with my Mother-Father God in the name Of Jesus!

The More I sit with my Lord and Listen and allow God's Love to change me.
The More I pray for and praise God for blessings others, the More God blesses my life.

 The More I mature, understand, and See what my Purpose is all about. I see that it is Much Larger than I am! So I have to Grow and Mature to Fit into It!

The More I learn and accept about myself, the more I am able to be God's Righteous vessel, to be God's Child, to be best friends with Jesus.

 The More I call upon God's Holy Spirit, the More I am led, changed, anointed, used, corrected, made better.

The More I accept what is out of balance, is lacking, is a negative perspective about myself, the more I am able to grow and mature as I allow the Lord to change all that is wrong into Her Good!

These thoughts below are simply notes to myself, that I sometimes post on FB.  Things I have learned and Hear from God's Spirit to Share with Those who are Sojourning This Way as I am also.

 The seasons Have Changed, be aware and stay alert!
The Spiritual and natural Seasons have already Changed.  I Noticed this about 3 weeks ago while we were still in the calendar month of July.

We are within a Spiritual season of Binding and Loosing (Matt 16:19)
Please, Make Sure that you begin Binding and Loosing concerning your own life first, then move outward.

Learn the Red Letters, in them you will be able to Speak Truth and with your faith, trust and love added to our Lord's Truth, You will then have the Power to Move Mountains, Or, see that God Is Your Strength to Get Through, in order to Get out!

They are completely connected to each other and to the Purpose God placed on my life and placed my life within, for Her Glory in the name of Jesus.

I hope you are encouraged, enlighten, and accept God's perspective of of you and Her Purpose for your life.


"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."
―Zora Neale Hurston, from,  Their Eyes Were Watching God

By ignoring the RED FLAGS, many of you will fall into the traps sent to cause problems in your life.
You know you see them!

But something in you (your motives-your plans, your ways, timing and order=Not God's) make you keep certain people, certain thinking, certain actions in your daily living.

Some times, Even though we don't want to Let Go of people, WE REALLY Need to Let them GO!
They either were Not to be there in the First Place, Or they have done what God sent them to do, Or You have done for them what You were to do....
Regardless of which one it is, It is Time to let them Go!

# And You keep wondering Why You are taking More steps Back, then you Are forward!

Many of the changes being made day to day, don't necessarily happen outside of us, but inside of us.
Perspective is always a Key to a Better Life.
A Better Perspective Will give you clarity, assurance, and the ability to See that many of the Things you desire Are already in front of you!

Too many keep Asking God to give them what God has Already Given to them!
Did you glean through the blessings that God Already Gave you?
Did you go beneath the surface of them to see that there is Depth to All the blessings that God gives us?
Did you get what you wanted, the flesh was fed and you pushed the blessings to the side looking for what's next?
Many times changes in our environment, with troubles, or with situations, or other people are not going to happen in the Ways, Timing and Order that we would like.
And trying to manipulate them to happen as we want will only move you further from God's purpose for your life, and will cause stagnation, frustration, and a wrong spirit in your heart.

Right Perspective!
When our thinking, our actions, our words, Change for the Better, When we remember on Purpose that God is in control, And that we need to Surrender completely to God's Divine Love, Corrections, Purposes, Timing and Order, Then will we begin to realize How God has set things to happen, Is The Best for us.

Until you understand that Praising God is the Way to encourage yourself, so that you will get through this part of your journey, you will stay stuck in the midst of the transitions God sent to Move you Further along, to Change you, to Better you, to Create in you a Clean Heart!

# IJN, So Be It!

What a Great Day This Is! Thank You Mother-Father God IJN!
Well now Lord, What have I read so far.....

Clay (us) is being molded by Your Hands into the Vessels You know Best for us,
Your plans God for our lives manifesting and no one knows about, Yet,
Characters being tested to see if they match the words of the mouth...,
You are Still Speaking and Leading us, those with ears and eyes Will see and hear what You do and say,
The children are STILL the Main Point,
We will help others today, however You lead us to do,
Forgiveness is A key to a Better life,
Binding and Loosing is Also a Key and Needs to Be done Often,
Staying Humble is the Best way to stay close to You,
Praise Will move us further along in Your Plans for us,
Love will continue to do Her work that You spoke Her to do,
Faith and Trust have Your Grace to grow and mature them,
Contentment with Your order, timing and way is a must,
You ARE Always With Us,
Every Day Is a Blessed Day, truth be told, too many ignore the blessings You Send Lord, or don't Glean beneath the surface of them, so they miss out,
No Matter What, my Mother-Father God, IJN I Trust You,
Today Is Enough For Me today!
I Hope all of my FB folk Enjoy the Blessings of this day!


One more thing.....
Stay within Your Circle!

Your Circle Will intersect with those God has Planned for you to cross paths with. Too many leave their Circles to walk into places not for them! Stay In Your Circle!

Daily Examine Your Circle, many times the enemy will send who he can control and manipulate into our Circles to create drama, issues, problems, stumbling blocks...etc.... The enemy knows how to dress them up so we allow them in, But the Spirit of the Lord will uncover them, through Discernment= KNOW Who You Labor With!

Many times we don't know What All God has placed in our Circles, because we are looking at someone elses Circle. So folk begin to Ask God for things that God has Already given to them! Glean within your Own Circle, I'm sure there are blessings you have missed!!

God Will expand our Circles when The timing and order are proper. Wait for God to do that and Please, don't attempt that on your own.

Remember, pay attention, the Seasons have Changed, We are Already within the Shifting, The Blessings have Already Been Sent, Be Opened, Be Willing, Be Teachable, Know Your Usefulness!

# "Ephphatha" !!


Don't focus on the numbers, keep doing what God is leading you to do.
You are within your life purpose that God spoke for your life!
Leave the numbers in God's hands, He'll send the people, the $, the food, ALL the Help that you need in the order and timing It's all suppose to come!
It's According to your Faith in His Promises!

# Whose outcome do you want? Yours or God's?
# if you have put on the Whole Armor of God, why did you take it off!?


Regardless of How you got where you are, If it is within a trouble, within an issue, within a set of circumstances that you or another created,
Sometimes You Just Gotta Go Through To Get Out!

God will some times Take You Out of the Thing, But some times, God will Leave you In It and allow Your Faith and Trust in Her to Focus on How She Leads you out!

Our perspective Will help us understand, and will Add clarity to our view!
Look for the teachings, the lessons and Learn what you Need to Learn, Change what you Need to Change, And Do what Ever God directs You to Do!

Some Times You Gotta Go Through It, To Get Out Of It!

365 times God spoke, "Do Not Fear, I Am With You!"
# Grace to Believe


You know, If you keep talking about how Blessed your life is, then Why do you counter that truth with lies? Many who Talk all the time about how blessed they are- How much they Love God---Are Not living Like God has blessed them, nor like they Love God.

For Some, you post, "I'm so blessed, I'm this to God, I'm that to God, God is Good all the time, etc..". And that is Great! Yes, Praising God IJN is what we are to do!
Then, some turn around and Post about acting out in anger, complaining about the Job causing you Issues= the SAME job you asked God to give you, spending money at clubs or on material things you don't need, then you talk about not having enough $ to pay your bills or take care of your kids or to do other life essential things.
Some post more about how they Look, than Who they are suppose to reflect! Focused on looks, outer beauty, clothes, etc... Vanity is like cut grass, as soon as the wind comes it all blows away.

Some Post about drinking because that makes your life/day/situation better, Some post about doing what they want to do (not asking God if this is something God sent you to do), and then creating a mess and then you whine and complain about the consequences that COME with YOUR Choices. Then you begin asking folk to pray for you-to pray that God will help you.
Some post about how their friends have done them wrong--God separated you from Many, but you keep including them in your every day life!

Make Up Your Mind, Who you are Serving! God or the world?

Some post, Pray the Lord stays with me....Why? Are you going somewhere God didn't send you?
Nope, I will not agree with that request.
Make the Time to Sit with the Lord, so the Lord is Able to prepare you!
Pick up your Bible, Read and Learn the Red Letters, and Find within the Bible the 365 places where God spoke, "Do Not Fear, I Am With You Always!"
God already Promised to Stay With Us Always, why are you praying for God to do something She already Promised to do?

God has not left your side, YOU Left God's Side!
# Too many are trying to tie their shoes while they are running!

Your future is Now!
What are you waiting for?
You need Healing, You need Correction, You need Love, You need to tell yourself the Truth!
God opens doors, heals, leads, speaks, corrects, provides all these and new beginnings, breakthroughs, Love, mercy and grace, forgiveness, ETC... EVERY DAY!

Why are you listening to someone telling you that all you Need, God is going to do in your future and Not Today!?
That is a LIE!
God Provides All that And More EVERY DAY!
Your Future Beings Today!

# stop eating off every one's plate just because they serve you!
# whose table are you sitting at?
# you can't tie your shoes if you are running!

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007, 2011, 2012, 2013 WisdomTeachesme

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